APN In the News: August 04-August 10

Ha'aretz Analysis: In Show of Renewed Activism, Arab Israelis to Protest Nation-state Law on Saturday (8/10/18)

...On Thursday, all the organizations, movements and political parties involved, including Meretz and Peace Now, issued a joint call to come out and protest.

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Israel i24 News: The Spin Room featuring APN's Debra Shushan (8/8/18)

Debra Shushan was a panelist (for the third week in a row!) on the Israel i24 news debate program "The Spin Room". View a short clip of her talking about Israeli democracy and the Nation State law, as well as the entire program.

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Times of Israel: "Donors: Do you know what you’re paying for?" by Elana Kravitz, APN Intern (8/2/18)

When you crusade with the claim that Israel does no wrong, you drive students into the arms of the BDS movement.

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