APN In The News: September 15-21

Times of Israel: "Angry' Abbas condemns violence after deadly terror attack" (9/17/18)

Abbas tells former Israeli lawmakers that ‘everyone loses from violence,’ hours after Israeli Ari Fuld killed in West Bank stabbing...He told Israeli peace activists [the Peace Now delegation] in a meeting in Ramallah two weeks ago that he supports Israel’s security, underlining that the Palestinian and the Israeli security forces work together “on a daily basis” and that he and his people “do anything possible so that no Israeli gets hurt...”

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Jerusalem Post: "Housing starts in settlements up by 187% in second quarter" (9/10/18)

"The government of Netanyahu continues to destroy the chances for peace and a two-state solution by building in settlements,” said left-wing group Peace Now in response to the data. “Unfortunately, we see that since the Trump administration, there is an increase in approvals in construction and now we start to see it on the ground.

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