APN In The News: October 13 -October 19

San Diego Jewish World: "U.S. to combine embassy and consulate in Jerusalem" (10/16/18)

The move was promptly condemned by Americans for Peace Now in a press release suggesting that it will undermine efforts to achieve a two-state solution.

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Jerusalem Post: "Gov't to approve budget for first Jewish building in Hebron in 16 years" (10/13/18)

Peace Now said that: “The government continues to waste public funds on construction for a hallucinatory settlement in the heart of a Palestinian population. Hebron is the settlement that does the most harm to Israel’s good name. Instead of evacuating it, the government has caved in to extremists. It is trying with force to complicate matters for Israel and distance us from peace.”

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Ma'an News Agency: "Lieberman to approve 31 settlement housing units in Hebron City" (10/12/18)

The NGO settlement watchdog, Peace Now, and the Hebron municipality have issued an appeal to the Israeli Civil Administration against the plan. In response to Leiberman's announcement, Peace Now said that "nothing harms Israel’s reputation as much as construction projects for Israeli settlers in Hebron City. Instead of evacuating them, the government surrenders to extremists and seems intent on forcing us away from peace."

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