APN In The News: Nov 3-Nov 9

PeaceCast: "Bridge over Blood - Friendship between Israelis and Gazans" (11/9/18)

This episode features a conversation with Ose Oyamendan, a documentary filmmaker whose film A Bridge Over Blood documents efforts by Israeli peace activists in southern Israel and Palestinian activists in the Gaza Strip to build bridges of understanding and friendship to advance peace.

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APN Congratulations and Resources for the 116th Congress (11/7/18)

APN congratulates the legislators elected yesterday to the House of Representatives and the Senate. In particular, we welcome new members of Congress. As they prepare to come to Washington, we encourage them to deepen their understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We invite them to use APN as a resource for enhancing their efforts on Capitol Hill to advance peace between Israel, the Palestinians, and the Arab world.

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Trump's New Iran Sanctions Isolate US and Increase Risk of War (11/5/18)

APN opposes the Trump administration's decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran, a step that jeopardizes both American and Israeli security and is likely to embolden Iran's hardliners.

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