APN/Peace Now in the News - June 7-14, 2019

Forward: "David Friedman Is A Joke. He Should Be Fired." by APN's Ori Nir (June 12, 2019)

Last week, an Israeli armed with nothing but an avocado robbed two banks in the southern city of Beer Sheva. He told the terrified tellers he was holding a hand grenade...

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JTA: "David Friedman gave Netanyahu half a nod for West Bank annexation. What happens next?" (June 11, 2019)

APN's Debra Shushan: "U.S. Ambassador Friedman's green-lighting of annexation, which Prime Minister Netanyahu will find difficult to resist, will be the ruin of the Zionist dream of Israel as a democratic national home for the Jewish people."

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The Jerusalem Post (JTA): "AIPAC, J Street Support Restoring Israel-Palestine Peace Dialogue Funding (June 7, 2019)

The bill announced Wednesday has drawn support from groups that are often at odds over peace policy, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which generally aligns with the Israeli government on security issues, and J Street and Americans for Peace Now, which have frequently criticized the Netanyahu government's and Trump administration's approaches to the conflict.

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