APN/Peace Now In the News - April 17-21, 2020

Jerusalem Post: "Trump admin. already working with nascent gov’t to implement peace plan" April 21, 2020

The Israeli left-wing group Peace Now accused both men of prioritizing a fringe concept that lacked national consensus at a time when all resources should be going to combating the COVID-19 pandemic. It warned that annexation would lead to an apartheid-like state with two different classes of citizens: Israelis and Palestinians.

In a message aimed at Gantz, Peace Now stated: “Don't sell us stories about an emergency government to fight the coronavirus when you are in fact a partner in establishing an annexation government. Anyone who bolsters the far-right now will be responsible in the future if annexation is implemented and Israel's democratic future is imperiled." Read >>

Ha'aretz: "U.S. Jewish Groups Warn of West Bank Annexation in Wake of Netanyahu-Gantz Deal" April 21, 2020

Americans for Peace Now also warned that "The meaning of this agreement is that the Netanyahu-Gantz government, allegedly established to join forces to fight the coronavirus, will be the first in Israel's history to adopt the extremist policy principle of West Bank annexation." Read >>

Time: "Israelis Just Showed the World What a Socially Distant Protest Looks Like" April 20, 2020

"What connects all the groups and causes is the shout out for Israeli democracy that is being harmed these days by Netanyahu and his allies," Shaqued Morag, executive director of the anti-occupation group Peace Now tells TIME.

Morag says she sees Netanyahu’s plan to annex swathes of Palestinian territories—a move President Trump greenlit in January—as the principal threat to Israeli democracy. Read >>

Jewish Journal: "On Israel’s 72nd Birthday, We Must Fight For The Two State Solution" April 17, 2020

By Mark Bilsky, APN Deputy CEO

Israel, we imagined, was no longer a question; it was now and forever an answer. We were evidently mistaken. The question lingers. Read >>

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