Congressman Pocan Leads 40 Dems Demanding Condemnation of Israeli Demolitions

In an effort that APN supported, Representative Pocan led a letter of 40 Democrats to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanding condemnation of the Israeli government’s demolition of 76 structures in a Palestinian Bedouin community, displacing 73 people including 41 children.

Congressman Pocan: "Demolishing Palestinian homes, in occupied territory, by the Israeli government is a violation of international law and must be condemned by the United States government... There is no excuse for the de facto annexation of Palestinian land..."

Go HERE to read the letter to Secretary of State Pompeo.

Photo L: The belongings of 73 people who were forcibly displaced by Israeli forces stand in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank. Photograph: United Nations /  R: Congressman Mark Pocan