PAST ACTION: Tell Your Senator to Vote Against the Confirmation of Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo

Update: this action, now closed, ran in May 2018. 

Yesterday, President Trump announced his choice of former Republican Congressman and current CIA director Mike Pompeo to be his nominee for Secretary of State. This is a potentially catastrophic decision that could lead the U.S. to war against Iran and threaten Israel’s national security.

Pompeo is an ultra-hawk on Iran and fierce critic of the Iran nuclear deal. After Trump was elected in November 2016, Pompeo tweeted, "I look forward to rolling back this disastrous deal with the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism." He has used his post as CIA Director to push for the demise of the agreement, and we expect him to continue to do so as Secretary of State. This is despite the continued support for the deal from numerous U.S. and Israeli security figures.

Pompeo also has a history of expressing disturbing anti-Muslim views, including insinuating in 2015 that former President Obama favored Islam and jihadist radicals over Christianity and the United States. Alongside statements that have accused American Muslims of being a fifth column, Pompeo’s close relationship with Islamophobic organizations like ACT for American and the Center for Security Policy demonstrate that his dangerous anti-Muslim bias runs deep.

Mike Pompeo must not become the next U.S. Secretary of State. Take action now to demand that your senators vote against his confirmation.