APN Presents: Upside-Down Love with Sari Bashi

Sari Bashi, an Israeli human rights lawyer and the co-founder of Gisha, recently published a Hebrew-language book, “Maqluba: Upside-Down Love,” about her relationship with her partner, a Palestinian professor from Gaza. The book is a personal and political memoir: a romance, a historical record, a political critique, and an adventure story of navigating Israeli checkpoints.

Bashi, who writes the popular Umm Forat blog, has won critical acclaim for her book and is working on an English translation. She will share what it's like to speak Hebrew to her kids in supermarkets in Ramallah, how she answers her daughter's questions about the soldiers who don't let her father cross checkpoints, and what one family's story can tell us about the control that the Israeli authorities exercise over Palestinians.

Sari Bashi was our guest on an APN webinar on Thursday, December 9th, at 12:30 pm EST.

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