APN Statement on Terrorism Surge in Israel

Americans for Peace Now (APN) is horrified and outraged by the series of terrorist attacks in Israel during the past few weeks, including the shooting attack in Tel Aviv today which left two people dead, and at least eight others injured.

APN strongly condemns these attacks. We stand with the people of Israel. Our hearts are with the families that have lost loved ones in the attacks of the past few weeks, and we wish a full and rapid recovery to those who were injured.

We call upon Israeli and Palestinian security authorities to do their utmost to prevent further attacks.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders bear a heavy responsibility. They must put an end to inflammatory actions and rhetoric that would further intensify the bloodshed. They must fight terrorism and incitement, and work to prevent further escalation.

We urge the Biden administration along with international and regional stakeholders, to encourage Israeli and Palestinian leaders to reengage in peace negotiations leading to a just resolution of the conflict – the only way to end the perpetual bloodletting between Israelis and Palestinians.