Action Alert! Ensure Israel Complies with Existing US Human Rights Laws

Israel is at an inflection point.

Over the last twelve weeks, Israelis have taken to the streets protesting Netanyahu’s attack on the Judiciary. In his compromise with Ben Gvir, Netanayahu has announced a delay in the process, but we know that the fight for Israel’s democracy did not begin with the judiciary nor will it end there. The source of this poison is and always has been the Occupation.

The Occupation has nurtured and fomented these illiberal and oppressive tendencies among Israel’s right wing. It is no surprise that these antidemocratic practices are spreading beyond the Occupied Territories.

While the protests against domestic reforms have been making the top headlines, this far right government has continued to further entrench the Occupation. The march towards annexation has accelerated, with the government further intensifying Israel's systematic violation of Palestinian rights, inciting and committing violence against Palestinians and ramping up settlement announcements despite ongoing promises made to the United States. Just last week, Israel broke yet another agreement with the United States on settlements –this time by rescinding a 2005 law reflecting a commitment made to President Bush.

It’s clear that the United States can no longer sit back and rely on diplomatic promises from Prime Minister Netanyahu. At a minimum, we must take steps to ensure that our aid is not being used to violate human rights.

That is why we are supporting Congressman Jamaal Bowman’s new letter calling on the administration to determine whether US-origin defense articles have been used in violation of existing US laws and to ensure that all future foreign assistance to Israel is not used in support of gross violations of human rights. 

Congress must act. This administration must act. 

Click here to ask your member of Congress to sign on to this important letter. You can see the letter here.