Three Years at APN

Dear Friend of APN,

Today marks my third anniversary as President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now. These three years have seen a change in government here in the United States and “The Change Government” (and a few others) in Israel. We’ve seen threats of annexation, promises of peace that turned out to be the signing of trade deals, and tragically, a great deal of violence and death.

But we’ve also seen almost 5 months of protests, with hundreds of thousands of Israelis taking to the streets in opposition to Netanyahu’s judicial coup. The protest movement, for all its imperfections, is a sign of hope.

We at Americans for Peace Now have taken that hope, that willingness to stand up and speak out, and brought it here to the United States. Starting in January we organized and mobilized to speak out against this government of fascists, felons, and fundamentalists. You joined us and together we made your voices heard-- whether at the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, at the Consulate in New York City, in front of the White House, or when Bezalel Smotrich came to town.



Of course it’s not only about the in-person protests. Our voices are heard in Congress, in State Houses and at the State Department, and in the White House. And guess what? There are people who not only hear you, they are listening. 

More and more leaders in our community and our country are understanding that there must be change. There is hope for a better future for Israelis and Palestinians. Hope for peace. Hope for justice. Hope for equality and prosperity. And our job is to take those grains of hope and nurture them until they ripen into action and results.

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But we can’t do it alone. We don’t do it alone. We do it with your allyship, together, as a movement of people seeking peace and justice. So today, as I reflect on my three years at APN, I want to thank you for being partners in this movement that we are building. I promise you that I will keep nurturing that hope and fighting for a better future.