Shalom Achshav Bravely Takes a Stand

Dear Friend of APN,

On Tuesday (4/9/2024), our friends at Shalom Achshav  – Peace Now – did something remarkable. They stood up and loudly and clearly voiced their support for President Biden’s efforts,  for an end to the war, and for a better, fairer, and more peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians.

For the first time in a long time, President Biden, Congress, and most Jewish leaders and organizations are re-focused on the two-state solution as a way to ensure a future for Israelis and Palestinians based on peace and security.

But sadly, the government of Israel is not. 

Our partners at Shalom Achshav are stepping up and demanding that Israeli and American leaders alike acknowledge that this aimless and endless war cannot be allowed to become our new reality. Even as Israelis still deal with the traumas of the war and the hostages still absent from their homes and families, so too must they look to the future. And they need to be honest about how to make it a better one.  

I hope you will make a gift and join us in supporting Shalom Achshav’s new campaign to put the two-state solution back at the center of Israeli discourse and, more importantly, action.

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Just as the aftermath of the 1973 Yom Kippur war eventually brought about the Camp David peace with Egypt, the misery of the current war must expand both the scope of post-war diplomacy and the public’s understanding of Israel’s interests. At a time when Israelis are traumatized by the horrors of October 7, reminding them of the possibility of a permanent resolution of the conflict is both brave and important.

The Shalom Achshav campaign will take many forms – digital engagement, field work and protest, policy development, billboards, media placement, advocacy, social media influencers – essentially creating a non-stop drumbeat around the dire need for a two-state solution.

As you know, at APN we have never stopped calling for a two-state solution to the conflict. And while the right in both the US and Israel continue to endorse endless occupation and perpetual conflict, President Biden, leaders in Congress, and the vast majority of the American Jewish community understands that the continual cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians must be broken. We are often asked by partners and allies here in the US, “where are the Israeli voices for peace?” Here is the answer. Shalom Achshav is doing the work. We are supporting them, and I hope that you will too.

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We hope to raise $100,000 to directly support the placement of Shalom Achshav’s campaign billboards throughout Israel. With your help, we can bring the message of two-states and hope to millions of Israelis and their leaders. 

Please make a gift today to APN to help us support Shalom Achshav’s campaign. By expanding the discourse around two-states, they are leading the charge for what a better tomorrow will look like for Israelis and Palestinians alike. 

We’ve never needed the peace movement’s voice more than we do today. Thank you for your partnership and support. 



PS: Please make your gift directly to APN, and we will make sure that every dollar raised from this campaign will be sent directly to Shalom Achshav to support this critical effort.

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