Our Next Generation Speaks Out

Like many of our friends, today’s college students, we have come of age in a time when antisemitism is a real and growing problem, including on college campuses. But as much as antisemitism on campus concerns us, there is another related problem that is far more prevalent -- the weaponization of antisemitism. 

This tactic is used to shut down not only critics and criticism of the occupation and other Israeli policies, but also those who acknowledge the Palestinian narrative in most any way. Antisemitism is real, but opposing the occupation and supporting the establishment  of a Palestinian state is not it. Those on the right, both in the political sphere and in our own community, who use the accusation of antisemitism as a weapon are doing terrible damage not only to the Israel-Palestine discourse, but to a whole generation of Jews who are walking away from this issue.

But we will not walk away. We will not give in to the bullying of the right wing. We both care about Israel, and care deeply about its democracy and its future. Our recent internships at Americans for Peace Now have strengthened our conviction that one can and should speak up when the Israeli government’s policies violate our values and jeopardize the prospects of future peace for Israel and Palestine.

APN embodies this notion, which is why we want to ask you to consider supporting APN this year. 


We know what antisemitism is, whether it’s manifested in anti-Jewish hate speech, swastikas spray painted on Jewish institutions, or physical violence targeting Jews. And we also know what it’s not. It’s not, as groups like the ZOA, AIPAC, and unfortunately too many so-called “mainstream” Jewish groups would have you believe, deciding to not sell ice cream in the Occupied Territories. It’s not advocating for the reopening of an East Jerusalem Consulate to serve Palestinians or calling for US aid to only be used to support American policy goals and values.  

When the Treasurer of the state of Arizona calls us antisemites for eating a pint Cherry Garcia, she is not doing so out of concern for Israel’s future or out of love for the Jewish people. She's doing so because she believes she can use our lives and our safety to score cheap political points. 

Although there are those who still pretend otherwise, people our age know that we are long past the point of Israel-Palestine becoming a partisan issue. Now there are people out there doing the same with antisemitism. Congressional resolutions, state level anti-boycott laws, and an endless torrent of organizational statements and social media posts are all hammering the same message. If you dare to speak out against the occupation, if you dare to criticize when Palestinians are evicted from their homes, or if you teach the very real history of the Palestinian people, you will be called an antisemite. Let’s be real. This is a campaign to silence us.


But here we are, speaking up. And APN helped us learn how to do so. We care about Israel and oppose the occupation. And are working to end it. Our convictions do not make us antisemites. In fact, we are the opposite. Our belief in the prospect of peace for Israel and Palestine, our belief in the humanity and dignity of all parties to the conflict, and our desire to see Israel do better, are rooted in our love for Israel and our Jewish values.

We know that you, like us, care deeply about peace and about the future, our future and the future of young Israelis and Palestinians. 


We take the future seriously. It is why we chose to intern with APN and why we came out of our internships even more determined to work to achieve and secure the future we believe in. 

We are grateful that you believe in our vision, APN’s vision, and we urge you to support APN to help make it happen. 

We look forward to a new year that will hopefully bring us closer to peace


Kate Sosland                                   Zach Harris

Barnard ‘24                                     Brown ‘22