Breaking News! Guess Who We Aren’t Honoring at our Gala

Dear Friend of APN,

The day after the former President of the United States was subpoenaed by the January 6th committee, his name appeared in bold on an email from the Zionist Organization of America. Were they finally condemning him for his incitement of violence and efforts to end American democracy?


They’re grabbing the moment by the horns (what did you think I was going to write?) and honoring the twice impeached and many times disgraced former President. And it’s not just any honor. They are bestowing upon him a prize they save for those who they claim to be the truest lovers of Israel – their Theodor Herzl Medallion. 

What bad luck for them that the very next day the former President put out yet another statement addressing “the Jews”:


This, my friends, is straight out of the fascist playbook.

And the ZOA only doubled down on their belief that Trump is the best thing to ever happen to Israel, and hence to American Jews. After all, he moved the Embassy to Jerusalem (and sold the Ambassador’s residence to Sheldon Adelson), recognized the annexation of the Golan Heights, and reversed decades-long bipartisan US policy that kept our taxpayer dollars from going over the Green Line. So while Trump claims, and apparently ZOA agrees, that “No President has done more for Israel than I have” I say this: no President has been worse for Israel, for American Jews, and for all of America, than Trump. He shouldn’t be honored, he should be indicted.

 But this isn’t about the ZOA. They are entitled to their views, however wrong they may be. 

This is about us. We will not sit here quietly while Trump threatens our community and our country.

We need to stop pretending that we have slight policy disagreements, that there are “good people on both sides”.  We need to stop nodding when talking heads say that if only we could reach across the aisle, we could find common cause.

We can no longer act as if there are two sides equally committed to democracy and the rule of law in our country, or to peace for Israel and Palestine. On the side where you and I sit, this is indeed our tenet, our loyalty to the founding precepts of our country, no matter how flawed.

On the other side lies the violence we have seen erupt in the face of democracy. There is hatred, adherence to white supremacy, and so much antisemitism.

Both the United States and Israel are at delicate, even treacherous, points in our history. There are those seeking power in both countries who do so not with a vision of shared prosperity and a better future, but to line their own pockets, to protect their own interests, and (because we’re being honest here) keep themselves out of prison.

For decades we have worked to bring together Israelis and Palestinians in the quest for a more peaceful future. We continue to believe in the prospect of that better future.  And we also believe in the power of the US-Israel relationship, and our government’s ability – and responsibility – to support and nurture a brighter future for Israel and Palestine.

But we don’t believe in tyranny. We don’t believe in violence and insurrection. And we don’t honor those who clearly do. Instead, we speak. We take action. We push for policies that bring us toward the light, toward that better future. And thankfully, we are not alone. We do this together, and we need you now.

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Hadar Susskind, President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now


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