Action Alert- Don't Let House Republicans Play Politics With Human Lives

As the Israel-Hamas war continues, the associated humanitarian crisis is deepening in Israel and in Gaza.

In response, President Biden made a much needed supplemental funding request that includes $14.3 billion in security assistance to Israel as well as $9.15 billion for humanitarian needs across Gaza, Israel, and Ukraine. If passed, this humanitarian assistance would be a lifeline to millions of people.

Unfortunately, instead of supporting this proposal, House Republicans are playing politics by proposing a bill that cynically offers military assistance to Israel but excludes the desperately needed global humanitarian aid, while also requiring the assistance to be offset by hyper-partisan cuts to IRS funding.

In the wake of the Hamas atrocities and the Hezbollah attacks, Israelis living near the Gaza strip and in the north of the country have been displaced and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is untenable, with severe shortages of water, food, medicine, sanitation supplies, and fuel threatening the lives of its residents.

At the same time, House Republicans are advancing the Orwellien-named “Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act.” This bill is a thinly veiled attempt to delegitimize the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) at a time when the organization serves as a frontline responder to the crisis in Gaza.

Instead of supporting Israelis and Palestinians who are in need of crucial humanitarian assistance, House Republicans have chosen to play politics with human lives and Israel’s security.

CLICK HERE to contact your Representative to urge them to VOTE NO on the Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act and NO on the House GOP supplemental funding bill, and instead to push for a comprehensive supplemental funding package that encompasses the entirety of President Biden’s request.