Recording- Reading Between the Headlines with Anat Saragusti

“The media” has come to mean many different things– broadcasters, social media, a euphemistic descriptor for spreaders of misinformation, or simply the news. But in the haze of war in Gaza and protests in the U.S., the media has itself become a source of polarization and debate. To analyze why coverage seems to slant one way or another politically, how nationalism and government disinformation find their way into the newsroom, and how journalists source their reports, we spoke with one of Israel’s foremost media experts.

Anat Saragusti is perhaps best-known for her work as a print and broadcast journalist and her documentary photography. In addition to her work running Press Freedom for the Union of Journalists in Israel, she worked as a reporter for Channel 2, the first and leading commercial TV station in Israel, and is among the founders of Ta Ha'Itonaiyot (a group of leading Israeli women with media orientation) and Merkaz Media Nashim (Gender Media Center). She is also a dedicated advocate for peacebuilding work and human rights activism.

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