APN Board member Jo-Ann Mort in Haaretz - Shattering a Jewish American myth: Jerusalem is no Disneyland

Most American Jewish tour groups are shown a historical-religious theme park version of a nominally 'united' Jerusalem - in which the Arabic-speaking, Palestinian east of the city and its grievances is simply invisible.

Imagine this is your city.

Imagine that one of its neighborhoods is Shuafat, a walled-off refugee camp with 80,000 people and no legal order or adequate city services, where zealots who recognize the rule of a Supreme Being not a Supreme Court judge, take actions that are daily heightening tensions in the city and new tenants take over the top floor of a home under the veil of darkness and proclaim that they are "Judaizing" the street of an overwhelmingly Arab neighborhood, throwing out the belongings of the family who is living there and camping on the top floor with their children, and their guns.

Welcome to Jerusalem, yes, Jerusalem.

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