Legislative Round-Up: February 18, 2022

 Produced by the Foundation for Middle East Peace in cooperation with Americans for Peace Now, where the Legislative Round-Up was conceived.

1. Bills, Resolutions, Letters
2. Members of Congress in Israel (and some in the OPT)
3. On the Record

New this week:

1. Bills, Resolutions & Letters

(PROMOTING ARAB NORMALIZATION WITH ISRAEL) HR 2748: On 2/15, Alex Kane in Jewish Currents broke the story that Rep. Bowman (D-NY) sent a letter (text of which was subsequently published by Jewish Insider) to constituents announcing that he is withdrawing his co-sponsorship of HR 2748, a bill “To encourage the normalization of relations with Israel, and for other purposes.” Kane reported:

“New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman plans to withdraw his co-sponsorship of legislation supporting Israel’s normalization agreements with Arab states, and will vote ‘no’ when the bill comes up for consideration in the House of Representatives, according to a letter Bowman sent to his constituents today that was obtained by Jewish Currents….In the letter to constituents, Bowman wrote that, while he originally supported the legislation because he saw it ‘as an opportunity to make progress toward justice and healing in the Middle East as well as a path to a two state solution,’ his recent trip to the region as part of a J Street delegation convinced him otherwise. ‘My experience on the ground and further conversation with constituents led me to see that it is not the right step to fulfill these goals,’ he wrote. ‘Furthermore, I became aware that the deals that this bill supports and seeks to pursue, have included deals at odds with human rights and safety for everyday people in the region.’”

As a reminder, HR 2748 was introduced 3/21 by Schneider (D-IL) and currently has 329 bipartisan cosponsors. It was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, which on 9/30/21 marked up/passed the bill and reported it out of committee (meaning it can be brought to the floor for a vote). It is the companion bill to S. 1061 (which currently has 72 bipartisan cosponsors), and both bills have been actively lobbied by AIPAC since their introduction [For previous reporting on the bill, see the 3/19/21 and 4/23/21 editions of the Round-Up).

Further reading:



(WE PROMISE TO KILL ANY DEAL YOU MAKE WITH IRAN) House GOP letter to Biden: On 2/16/22, Gallagher (R-WI) amd Waltz (R-FL) led a letter, consigned by 163 fellow House Republicans, to President Biden, stating (among other things) that “if you forge an agreement with the Supreme Leader of Iran without formal Congressional approval, it will be temporary and non-binding and will meet the same fate as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).” Also see:

(FIGHT UAE CORRUPTION!) Malinowski/Connolly letter to U.S Treasury DepSec: On 2/16/22, Reps. Malinowski (D-NJ) and Connolly (D-VA) sent a letter to Deputy Secretary of Treasury Wally Adeymo, regarding the US position at the February plenary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), on whether to place the UAE on FATF’s “grey list” – a move that would lead to  increased monitoring.  The letter notes:

“…the UAE has long been a nexus point for illicit finance and has served as a prime destination for kleptocrats and other bad actors to launder the proceeds of illegal activities. We urge the Department of the Treasury to use its influence within FATF to ensure that evidence of this decision be weighed carefully and efforts to uproot illicit financial networks take precedence over other considerations.” [The letter nowhere suggests what those “other considerations” might be, but it seems plausible that the Abraham Accords are part of the U.S. calculation].

The letter concludes:

…we share the common goal of denying kleptocrats, terrorists, human rights abusers, drug traffickers and those plunder natural resources access to global finance. The increased oversight of the efficacy of UAE’s AML/CFT [anti-money laundering/countering financing of terrorism) efforts triggered by grey listing would ensure that the commitments made by the UAE are implemented in a robust manner, thereby getting is one step closer to that goal in this year of action to address illicit finance and advance democracy.”

Also see: Malinowski re-tweet of @KleptoCaucus – “@kleptocaucus’ @RepMalinowski & @GerryConnolly urged @USTreasury to consider UAE’s remaining anti-corruption challenges prior to @FATFNews’ consideration of the country for the global money-laundering “grey list” Link to image

(RE-DESIGNATE HOUTHIS AS FTO) Moulton/Waltz et al letter to Biden: On 2/8/22 (not reported previously in the Round-Up), Reps. Moulton (D-MA) and Waltz (R-FL) led a letter, cosigned by 15 bipartisan House colleagues, to President Biden, uring him to redesignate the Houthis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). The letter asserts, among other things, that “removing the designation was meant to help the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen, but it has done little outside of embolden [sic] the Houthis to escalate their attacks and block reconciliation efforts in the country.” Also see:

(HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN SYRIA) Newman letter to State Dept: On 2/11/22, Rep. Newman (D-IL) tweeted — “I’m leading a letter to the State Department to demand they address the humanitarian crisis in the Rukban settlement in Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrians remain without access to health care, clean water, food or COVID vaccines and tests. We must step in to help NOW.” Tweet includes Link to video of Newman floor statement on the topic, but no copy of the letter.


2. Members of Congress in Israel (and some in the OPT)

This week and next week are major travel weeks for Congress, including travel to Israel and the OPT. Highlights are below.

(a) House speaker Pelosi led a delegation to Israel (and other places) this week.

Press releases announcing the trip: Pelosi (D-CA), Lee (D-CA).

Pelosi statements/tweets (most of which include photos; in reverse chronological order):

  • Re: meeting in Ramallah “Our Congressional delegation met with President Mahmoud Abbas & Prime Minister Shtayyeh. We emphasized our unyielding commitment to advancing the safety & security for all living in the region & the need to pursue a just, enduring two-state solution to benefit all generations.” Also see Pelosi press release – Pelosi Statement on Meetings with Palestinian Officials and Civic Society Leaders, USAID Launch Event
  • Re: Launching new USAID initiative in Ramallah COVID-19 has devastated the Palestinian economy. With a new initiative from @USAID, America will help revitalize local Palestinian businesses – fueling innovation & entrepreneurship, creating more jobs and setting up the Palestinian economy for long-term success.”
  • Re: about this delegation: “As threats to democracy grow more alarming and urgent, I am leading a Congressional delegation to Israel, Germany and the United Kingdom to focus on advancing security and stability, economic prosperity and democratic governance around the world.Our first stop will be in Israel, recognizing our shared democratic values and mutual security.  We will meet with the leadership of Israel and leaders in the civic community to discuss the prospects for a two-state solution and regional security…
  • Re: Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Today, our delegation met with Israeli Prime Minister @naftalibennett. We discussed the Congress’ firm commitment to Israel’s security and regional stability, as well as our continued hope for a just, enduring two-state solution for Israel, Palestinians and their neighbors.” Also see Pelosi press release – Pelosi Statement on Bilateral Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
  • Re: Briefing with Jerusalem Expert Danny Seidemann Thank you @DanielSeidemann for briefing our Congressional delegation on key geopolitical issues, neighborhoods and flashpoints in Jerusalem. Your insight was very valuable.” [Retweeted by Khanna (D-CA-17)]
  • Re: Meeting IDF & photo op with Iron Dome Israel’s security is an imperative for America’s security. Today, our delegation viewed Iron Dome – a defensive system that has helped save thousands of lives. Last year, the House with strong bipartisan support proudly passed H.R. 5323 in further support of Iron Dome.” Also see: Mairav Zonszein (ICG) 2/17: Tweet – “Congressional delegation led by Speaker ⁦ @SpeakerPelosi⁩ poses in front of an Iron Dome defense battery in Israel. Pelosi was also reportedly given a comprehensive report on the details surrounding the death of Omar Assad. Photo courtesy ⁦@IDF”; IDF official Twitter account 2/16/22: Tweet – “It was an honor to host @SpeakerPelosi and a congressional delegation today. Speaker Pelosi was briefed by Deputy Chief of the General Staff MG Halevi and presented with the Iron Dome’s life-saving capabilities—an important example of security cooperation.”; Pelosi press release — Pelosi Statement on Meetings with Top Israeli Officials, Visit to Iron Dome
  • Re: Meeting with Israeli President Isaac Hertzog Thank you, President @Isaac_Herzog, for graciously hosting our delegation at The Presidency. It was a privilege to meet with you and to discuss our nations’ continued partnership on Israel’s security and regional stability, COVID, climate and more.”
  • Re: Meeting with Israeli Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid Today, our delegation was honored to meet with @yairlapid, Alternate Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel. We discussed global security concerns & how our nations can further strengthen Israel’s security & regional stability.
  • Re: Visiting the Knesset Our Congressional delegation had the privilege of visiting the Knesset today to reaffirm & strengthen the bonds between our chambers – built on shared democratic values and mutual security interests.”
  • Re: Meeting with Knesset Speaker MK Mickey Levy Today, Speaker @MKMickeyLevy and I spoke at the Israeli Knesset on the crucial and long-standing relationship between the Knesset and the Congress, built on our mutual security, economic interest, common values and commitment to democracy.” [Also see Levy’s Twitter thread (Hebrew & English); Pelosi press release – Transcript of Speaker Pelosi’s Remarks at Press Conference with Knesset Speaker Michael Levy [including: “I have long said, Mr. Speaker, that the greatest political achievement of the 20th Century was the establishment of the State of Israel…”]
  • Re: Visiting the Knesset What an honor it was for our Congressional delegation to be welcomed to the Knesset today and to pay tribute to Israel’s fallen soldiers. In signing the Knesset’s guestbook, I conveyed that the Congress’ support for Israel is eternal and ironclad.”

Media coverage:

Delegation members — including fencing with critics on Twitter:

Ro Khanna (D-CA)

  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/18/2022: In reply to Tweet – “We need to end the checkpoint regime currently in place that restricts Palestinians’ daily movement in the West Bank, while recognizing that there need to be checkpoints maintained at the borders as we work toward a two-state solution.”
  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/17/2022: Retweet of @SpeakerPelosi – “Thank you @DanielSeidemann for briefing our Congressional delegation on key geopolitical issues, neighborhoods and flashpoints in Jerusalem. Your insight was very valuable. Link to image
  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/17/2022: Twitter thread – “Honored to meet w/ President @Isaac_Herzog to discuss our partnership on security, COVID & climate. I look forward to continuing the discussion on how the US can work to advance a negotiated two-state solution so that Israelis & Palestinians can live in dignity with equal rights. I also spoke with President Abbas. Economic empowerment is no substitute for self determination and a two state solution with respect for equal rights. But President Abbas was very excited about collaborating with Silicon Valley to create jobs and opportunity for young Palestinians. I will help open doors. Additionally, I met with an Israeli company that has a global platform and employs over 100 Palestinians and works with Palestinian entrepreneurs in Ramallah who are selling products to Intel in my district and creating jobs for Palestinian youth. These are embers of hope.
  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Met with Palestinian students in Ramallah, including one from Gaza who joined virtually. They emphasized the need for freedom of movement, more youth voice in their politics, fewer check points, and more investment in education and jobs in both the West Bank and Gaza. Link to image
  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/17/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@ArielElyseGold Also have on this trip raised issue of evictions in Sheikh Jarrah, human rights in Wadi Foquin. Pushed for end of new settlements and lifting of blockade in Gaza.
  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/16/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@SunjeevBery @RepBarbaraLee @RepRoKhanna @SpeakerPelosi @amnesty We have raised the issue multiple times of settlements, Wadi Foquin, the Gaza blockade, and Sheik Jarrah. We need to engage and build a broad coalition to move the needle for peace and human rights.” [Replying to the first tweet in @sunjeevBery’s Twitter thread: “I’m really disappointed by @RepBarbaraLee and @RepRoKhanna’s decisions to join this trip.@SpeakerPelosi’s propaganda trip comes just two weeks after @Amnesty released a report describing Israel’s system of #apartheid. I find @RepRoKhanna’s praise of Israeli tech particularly disturbing. #Israel’s tech sector is deeply involved in surveillance of Palestinians, as well as helping other governments spy on journalists and human rights advocates worldwide. ‘Lee and Khanna are enabling a political culture of impunity in which Israeli policymakers continue to strengthen Israeli #apartheid while basking in the glow of US politicians’ adulation.’ My thoughts on @RoKhanna @RepBarbaraLee @SpeakerPelosi’s trip: Pelosi calls Israel’s creation the 20th century’s ‘greatest political achievement’ (Middle East Eye)” Khanna reply to 3rd part of that thread — @SunjeevBery I call for an Internet Bill of Rights and have spoken out clearly against surveillance. One can celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation while calling for greater inclusion and strong guardrails.
  • Jacob Magid/Times of Israel 2/15/22: Tweet – “Before landing in Israel hours ago, @RoKhanna spoke w/ @TimesofIsrael about how he looks to Israel for inspiration for his vision to expand tech & innovation to marginalized US populations; discussed where he sees the Democratic Party heading on Israel” Linked to article, Silicon Valley lawmaker seeking to spread the wealth looks to Israel for inspiration
  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/15/2022: Tweet – “I raised concerns over the evictions of Palestinians from Wadi Foquin & Sheikh Jarrah with @USAmbIsrael who understands the human rights implications of these cases. Thank you @RepBarbaraLee for your leadership on this issue to respect the rights and dignity of Palestinians.” Retweeted by Lee (D-CA-13)
  • Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/15/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@YonahLieberman @JacobMagid @TimesofIsrael I support a two state solution and also strict enforcement of Leahy and Arms Export control to ensure none of our aid is used in a way that violates human rights. I also have joined letters on Wadi Foquin and speaking out against forced evictions without due process.

Ted Deutch (D-FL)

  • Deutch (D-FL-22) 02/18/2022: Tweet – “Proud to stand with my colleagues in support of Israel’s security. The US House stood with our ally in support of Iron Dome and other lifesaving technologies. Link to quoted tweet
  • Deutch (D-FL-22) 02/18/2022: Tweet – “Always a pleasure to spend time with my friend Foreign Minister & Alternate PM @YairLapid discussing critical issues facing the US and Israel & expanding Israel’s relations in the region. Link to image
  • Deutch (D-FL-22) 02/18/2022: Tweet – “Great to see Minister of Transportation & Labor Leader @meravmichaeli to discuss issues critical to Israel’s democracy, preserving a two state solution and improving quality of life for all Israelis. Link to image
  • Deutch (D-FL-22) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “Honored to join @SpeakerPelosi in Israel to affirm the deep bond between the US and Israel, our commitment to Israel’s lasting security, & peace and prosperity in the region. Link to quoted tweet

Other (related) tweets)

  • Swalwell (D-CA-15) 02/16/2022: Retweet of @SovernNation – “With #UkraineInvasion perhaps imminent, @SpeakerPelosi heads this week to Israel, Germany & UK “to focus on security, economy & governance,” joined in delegation by Californians @RepSwalwell, @RepBarbaraLee, @RepRoKhanna, @RepAdamSchiff & 9 other House Democrats”
  • Smith (D-WA-9) 02/15/2022: Tweet – “At this crucial moment, I’m proud to be joining @SpeakerPelosi and the Congressional delegation to Germany, where @VP Harris will also be meeting with U.S. allies from across Europe. Link to quoted tweet

(b) Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was also in Israel this week


Israeli officials welcoming/embracing/celebrating Graham:

(c) Another GOP Delegation (not much info)

Letlow (R-LA-5) 02/18/2022: Tweet – Later today, I’ll be traveling to Israel with a delegation of colleagues. I look forward to meeting with Israeli leaders to discuss strategic partnerships, the ongoing peace process, and important political and economic developments in the Middle East. Letlow Will Travel to Israel with Congressional Delegation | Representative Julia Letlow” — sponsored by the American Israel Educational Foundation (AIEF) [which describes itself as “the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC, America’s pro-Israel lobby]


3.On the Record



Jewish Insider 2/17: Rep. Kathleen Rice’s retirement sets up Democratic primary sprint

Jewish Insider 2/17: Mike Gibbons likes his chances – The Cleveland businessman and GOP Senate candidate has recently seen his poll numbers spike with three months until the primary

Jewish Insider 2/16: Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey announces challenge to Rashida Tlaib [“Sarpolus [a local political consultant who ran Conyers’ 2012 reelection campaign] added said that the calculus of the Detroit-area Jewish community — which has a poor relationship with Tlaib, who is one of the House’s most outspoken critics of Israel and has been accused of antisemitism — over whether to get involved in this race could be key. National pro-Israel groups have also not yet announced plans to invest in the race. Major Jewish donors, Sarpolus noted, have thrown their support behind Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI) in her primary matchup against Rep. Andy Levin (D-MI) the 11th District, and may decide to focus their attention on that race, the open seat in the 10th District and statewide races instead of making large investments in a longshot race against Tlaib.”]

Jewish Insider 2/15: From semper fi to union steward, Gil Villegas eyes Capitol Hill [“Villegas has garnered the support of a number of pro-Israel political organizations. Last month, the longtime union organizer was endorsed by Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI) and also won the support of CityPAC, a local political action committee of Chicago professionals that supports pro-Israel candidates around the country.”]

Jewish Insider 2/15: Suraj Patel hopes third time’s a charm in NY-12 House primary [“…Patel said he anticipated that Jewish voters in the district would be energized by his candidacy. ‘There’s a real thirst for people to find next-generation candidates who are also supportive of the U.S.-Israel relationship,’ he told JI. ‘I think that there’s an understanding in this district, and a fear, that bipartisan support for that relationship may begin to dwindle if we don’t have the next generation of Democrats, at least some, being on the side of that relationship.’”]

Jewish Insider 2/14: AOC heckled by pro-Palestinian protestors at two Austin events

Jewish News Syndicate 2/14: Rep. Jake Auchincloss: Democrats are ‘big tent party’ that in its totality is pro-Israel

Democratic Majority for Israel 2/12: Tweet – “Thank you @RepShontelBrown, @RepTedDeutch, @RepElaineLuria, @RepJoshG, and @RepRitchie for helping us mark our three year anniversary.  We are grateful for your work to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship and advance the Democratic agenda.” (with video of each of these members singing DMFI’s praises, supporting Israel, supporting US-Israel relations, calling for Democratic support for Israel, etc…)

Jewish News Syndicate 2/11: Morgan Ortagus mixes foreign-policy know-how, pro-Trump conservatism in bid to flip Tennessee district red [“Something that I’m particularly worried about in Congress when you talk about bipartisan issues is the waning support from the Democratic Party for the State of Israel. It’s downright scary, some of the comments that come out of some members of Congress. And so, we need more Jewish members of Congress, and that’s exactly why I’m running.”]


Jewish Insider 2/18/22: Menendez says he’s ‘not comfortable’ with Senate’s lack of focus on Iran

Jewish News Syndicate 2/17/22: Bipartisan concern grows over Iran nuclear deal emerging in Vienna

Reuters 2/17/22: Analysis: U.S. Congress may squawk over a new Iran deal but is unlikely to block it

Jewish News Syndicate 2/11: As Iran talks near end, congressional support for re-entering nuclear deal remains unclear


Times of Israel 2/17/22: Congresswoman: Trump envoy’s memoir presents ‘libelous’ account of our meeting

Washington Times 2/16/22: U.S. needs to deliver on its promise to fund Israel’s Iron Dome

Politico 2/16: Can a 37-Year-Old Model-Turned-Politician Win Back Democratic Support for Israel?

Washington Times 2/15/22: Congress overdue to help fund Israel’s Iron Dome [by staff of JINSA the Heritage Foundation]

Jewish Insider 2/14: AOC bemoans ‘cancel culture’ that fired Marc Lamont Hill for ‘from the river to the sea’ comments


Members on the Record

Israel – Palestine

Tlaib (D-MI-13) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Leave the Salem family alone. Apartheid govt of Israel expelling them from their home is a war crime under intl law. It’s also a violation of US law that states no money can be given to a country that commits a systematic pattern of human rights violations. #SaveSheikhJarrah Link to quoted tweetFatima Salem is nearly 70 years old, but instead of spending time with her grandchildren, she is spending her days fighting to keep the only place she’s ever called home. Listen to part 1 of our interview with Fatima. #SaveSheikhJarrah #SaveJerusalem (Link to twitter.com)

Nadler (D-NY-10) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “I am appalled and dismayed by this act of anti-Semitic cowardice targeting an Israeli restaurant on the UWS. Hate and anti-semitism have no place in our city or our nation. Anti-Semitic Hate Speech Scrawled On New UWS Israeli Restaurant… | patch.com

Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “I urge the administration to take a strong stance in support of our ally Israel against this sham Commission of Inquiry against Israel at the so-called Human Rights Council. US State Department official addresses return to UN Human Rights Council… | jpost.com

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 02/16/2022: Retweet of @RJC – “Thank you Congresswoman @NMalliotakis for joining @RJC NY today! Great conversation on supporting our law enforcement, strengthening the US-Israel relationship, combatting Iran, and fighting against radical Democrat policies. We are proud to support you for re-election. #NY11 Link to image

McCollum (D-MN-4) 02/16/2022: Retweet of @bethavemiller – Tell Congress: Support the Palestinian Children & Families Act!… | jvpaction.org

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/17/2022: Retweet of @jonathans_tobin – “Liberals were outraged about conservatives forming a congressional Torah Values Caucus. But is it any different than Jews advancing #liberalism under the banner of #Judaism? I explain in @JNS_org. Is there any harm in a non-Jewish congressional Torah Values Caucus?… | tinyurl.com

Castro (D-TX-20) 02/16/2022: Retweet of @ianbremmer – “israel is blocking us transfer of iron dome missile defense system to ukraine (has to be approved by both countries) because they don’t want to antagonize russia. one of closest us allies…least aligned with americans on a core national security issue.”

Lamborn (R-CO-5) 02/15/2022: Tweet – “@IsraeliPM Bennett’s historic visit to Bahrain marks another positive step forward in the relationship between these two neighbors. Together with the UAE, Israel and Bahrain are making meaningful progress to fortify their regional security and deter Iran Israeli prime minister makes historic visit to Bahrain, seeking to fortify Gulf coalition against Iran… | washingtonpost.com

Zeldin (R-NY-1) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “American strength was on full display when we partnered with our nation’s great ally Israel to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. American weakness is now on full display as we surrender away to adversaries Embassy after Embassy from Kabul to Kyiv. Link to quoted tweet

McCollum (D-MN-4) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Palestinian-Americans and Muslim-Americans to work for human rights and freedom. @AJPaction’s endorsement is a powerful validation of our shared commitment to building a better future for all Palestinians. Link to quoted tweet

Miller (R-IL-15) 02/12/2022: Tweet – “Trump signed historic peace agreements in the Middle East. Biden has had to evacuate 2 US embassies in 7 months. Remember when the media said the “experts” are back in charge?”

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @DrShushan – “Mehdi: “Do you think Israel controls Congress?” Friedman: “Regrettably, no…” Call me old-fashioned, but I think it’s appalling that a former president and his former ambassador believe a foreign country did and/or should control a branch of the US government. Link to quoted tweet

Cohen (D-TN) 02/11/2022: extension of remarks- Commending Israel-Bahrain Security Cooperation Agreement



Hill (R-AR-2) 02/15/2022: Tweet – “Today marks the 5-year anniversary of Majd Kamalmaz’s disappearance in Syria. @RepTedDeutch and I, co-chairs of the Bipartisan Task Force on American Hostages and Americans Wrongfully Detained Abroad, released the following statement, linked below: RELEASE: Reps. Hill & Deutch on 5-year Anniversary of Majd Kamalmaz’s Disappearance in Syria… | hill.house.gov



Babin (R-TX-36) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Reentering the Iran Nuclear Deal would be disastrous for America and our allies. Iran cannot be trusted. Biden clearly has no interest in ensuring our long-term security. Biden administration waives sanctions on Iranian civilian nuclear activities as deal talks hang in balance… | foxnews.com

Banks (R-IN-3) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Biden wants to give terrorists access to $7b in ransom money via his new, weaker “Iran Deal.” Obama’s “pallets of cash” only totaled $1.7b. Letting the Taliban take Afghanistan, “minor incursion,” now this… hard to imagine a weaker president! EXCLUSIVE Iran nuclear deal draft puts prisoners, enrichment, cash first, oil comes later -diplomats… | reuters.com

Cassidy (R-LA) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “.@POTUS must remember this Iran deal is a treaty and must be submitted to the Senate. He should not make the same mistake Obama made. EXCLUSIVE Iran nuclear deal draft puts prisoners, enrichment, cash first, oil comes later -diplomats… | reuters.com

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “via @NYTimes ⁦@SenatorMenendez⁩ is right. Iran Nuclear Deal Inches Toward Revival but Faces Critics in U.S. – The New York Times

Cruz (R-TX) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “President Biden and Biden-Harris officials are feverishly appeasing Russia, China, and Iran—and those countries are then allying together to collectively undermine American interests. How Biden Officials Broke Promises to Enforce Iran Sanctions… | freebeacon.com

Cruz (R-TX) 02/17/2022: Retweet of @Kredo0 – “SCOOP: Top Biden Admin Officials Intentionally Misled Congress on Iran Sanctions Enforcement — In sworn written testimony seen by @FreeBeacon, officials vowed to enforce sanctions. One year later, evidence shows they lied How Biden Officials Broke Promises to Enforce Iran Sanctions | freebeacon.com

Cruz (R-TX) 02/18/2022: Tweet – “If You Give Iran a Nuke, episode 111 of #Verdict is out now on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify!…”

Cruz (R-TX) 02/18/2022: Tweet – “John Kerry is the customer of the year for Chinese concentration camps. #Verdict If You Give Iran a Nuke | Ep. 111   Link to video

Green (R-TN-7) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Nearly 6 million man-hours spent on woke priorities while Russia, Iran, and China pose real threats. Is President Biden set on destroying America’s military readiness? Biden’s ‘woke’ agenda costs military 6 million man-hours, Republicans say | Fox News

Kennedy (R-LA) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Russia is not acting alone. The new Axis of Evil includes China and Iran, and they’re using Ukraine to test the Biden admin to see whether or not the U.S. means business. Link to video

Hagedorn (R-MN-1) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “Over 50 House members have called for a free and democratic Iran on the anniversary of the 1979 revolution. America must stand unified against tyrannical regimes and support those who have the courage to stand against oppression. Dozens of Dems, GOP lawmakers call for a democratic Iran on anniversary of 1979 revolution… | foxnews.com

Steube (R-FL-17) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “We must not turn our backs on the Iranian people as they push to destabilize and delegitimize this corrupt regime. My hope for the Iranian people is that they continue to mobilize for a free Iran. Dozens of Dems, GOP lawmakers call for a democratic Iran on anniversary of 1979 revolution… | foxnews.com” Also on GETTR

Biggs (R-AZ-5) 02/16/2022: Retweet of @LibertyIranian – “.@RepAndyBiggsAZ to @Bryan_E_Leib: “In Iran, the leadership does not share our values but I do think the citizens desire to have prosperity, freedom and fulfill their destiny.” “If you’re (Biden) going to engage in diplomacy, you don’t engage from a position of weakness.” Link to video

Blackburn (R-TN) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Joe Biden is pushing for a new nuclear deal with Iran that will help a terrorist regime develop weapons of mass destruction.”

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/16/2022: Retweet of @Norman_Roule – “Tehran’s consistent response to U.S. diplomacy over the past year has been to reject engagement, pocket compromises, seek to cripple the non-nuclear sanctions regime, & reshape the international topography to sustain the regime & its regional activities. Iran calls for US ‘political statement’ on commitment to nuclear deal… | ft.com

Cruz (R-TX) 02/16/2022: Retweet of @SenatorHagerty – “This is a disaster. A Senate-confirmed U.S. official should be negotiating this matter. JCPOA absurdly obligates Congress to **repeal** Iran sanctions laws by October 2023. Any JCPOA-related agreement that lacks the Senate’s advice & consent won’t last. Link to quoted tweet

Donalds (R-FL-19) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “Biden’s weak Foreign Policy agenda: Refuse to place sanctions on Iran | Arm terrorists with nuclear weapons | Re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal | Empower our enemies | Abandon our allies Biden’s inability to strongly lead our nation will be disastrous for the United States.”

Green (R-TN-7) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “President Biden has failed to enforce previous sanctions on Iran. This weakness is giving Tehran the necessary resources to complete its nuclear program.”

Hagerty (R-TN) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “Iran regime foreign minister @AmirAbdollahian & @IRIMFA_EN shld know any agreement for the U.S. to rejoin JCPOA that lacks the Senate’s advice & consent under the Constitution–i.e., yes votes from 2/3 of Senators–will never last. Just like the last time. Iran calls for US ‘political statement’ on commitment to nuclear deal… | ft.com

Inhofe (R-OK) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “If the Biden admin reenters the flawed Iran deal, Iran will receive many billions $ in sanctions relief, which it will spend to support its terrorist proxies. Our world will be less, not more, safe. Listen to General Kurilla on this Link to video

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Ben, the world was a hot mess on your watch – Benghazi, Bergdahl, ISIS, Iran-backed terrorism, Syria, Crimea, South China Sea…you may want to stick to writing novels. Link to quoted tweet

Carter (R-GA-1) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “Once again @POTUS displays weakness on the world stage, easing sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program as it’s just “weeks” away from the capacity to create nuclear weapons

Carter (R-GA-1) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “We should be doubling down, not easing, restrictions on the terrorist state of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. How does ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ think displays of weakness on the world stage make Americans or our allies safer? U.S. restores sanctions waiver to Iran with nuclear talks in final phase… | reuters.com

Cramer (R-ND) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “This new international policy of appeasement to dictators and thugs, rather than a demonstration of strength, has become a license to people like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Iran, and the Taliban.

Cruz (R-TX) 02/15/2022: Retweet of @JimInhofe – “Translation: The Biden admin is ready to give away the farm to reenter the failed Iran nuclear deal, and even those who support reentering the deal can’t believe what @USEnvoyIran is willing to concede. Link to image

Diaz-Balart (R-FL-25) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Admin is apparently resuming Obama’s bad Iran Deal and projecting weakness with unilateral concessions to the mullahs in Iran. The terrorist state of Iran must never be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon, and relaxing sanctions only makes it more likely that it will.”

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “This Administration has made concession after concession with Iran. And now, we are going to make it far easier for the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Hagerty (R-TN) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “This is a disaster. A Senate-confirmed U.S. official should be negotiating this matter. JCPOA absurdly obligates Congress to **repeal** Iran sanctions laws by October 2023. Any JCPOA-related agreement that lacks the Senate’s advice & consent won’t last. Link to quoted tweet

Inhofe (R-OK) 02/15/2022: Twitter thread – “Translation: The Biden admin is ready to give away the farm to reenter the failed Iran nuclear deal, and even those who support reentering the deal can’t believe what @USEnvoyIran is willing to concede. Link to image Last year I urged the admin to forget the JCPOA & instead pursue a deal that was comprehensive, permanent, inclusive and transparent. This would have enjoyed bipartisan support. But @USEnvoyIran preferred an approach that divided & destroyed his own team. U.S. Senator for Oklahoma… | inhofe.senate.gov

Murphy (D-CT) 02/15/2022: Tweet – “Explain to me how five years of “maximum pressure” on Iran has worked out? Iran’s nuclear program is more advanced. Iran’s support to terrorists has increased. Iran’s government is more hardline. Iran’s regional provocation is more dangerous. Why would we want more of this?

Palmer (R-AL-6) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “And President Biden has made it easier for Iran to build its nuclear weapon potential by not imposing sanctions and bending over backwards to bring back the disastrous nuclear deal. He keeps showing weakness on the world stage and our enemies are watching. Iran ‘weeks’ from having enough material for nuclear bomb… | politico.com

Rubio (R-FL) 02/15/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Administration is so desperate for a “nuclear deal” with Iran that it is allowing Tehran’s anti-American militias access to U.S. funds. Crazy and dangerous. Pentagon Report: Iraq’s Security Forces Overrun by Iranian-Backed Militants – Washington Free Beacon

Scott (R-SC) 02/15/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration’s dangerous negotiations with Iran threaten the safety of all Americans and our allies.

AIPAC 2/14/21: Tweet – “Join us Thursday at 2:30 pm ET for a live conversation with @SenatorMenendez on the AIPAC app…” Linked to 2/2/22 Tweet from AIPAC quoting Menendez “calling on the Biden administration and our international partners to exert more pressure on Iran to counter its nuclear program, its missile program, and its dangerous behavior around the Middle East, including attacks on American personnel and assets.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “China has the world’s largest navy & is conducting drills w/adversaries. Meanwhile a continuing resolution hurts @USNavy readiness by creating a $1B shortfall in ops & maintenance funds and delays new sub production. Our #Sailors deserve better #NoMoreCRs FDD | China, Russia, and Iran Hold Trilateral Naval Drill

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “The Iranian regime is “in a hurry” to secure a good deal. This should be sounding alarm bells. #Iran is the world’s #1 sponsor of terror & human rights abuser. Lifting sanctions and clearing a path to a nuclear Iran is dangerously naïve. #MaxPressure Now Iran ‘is in a hurry’ to revive nuclear deal if its interests secured -foreign minister | Reuters

Blackburn (R-TN) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “President Biden wants to enter the U.S. into a new Iran nuclear deal without consent from Congress. It must be submitted to Congress as a treaty for proper advice and consent, which I have long advocated for in the Senate.”

Murphy (D-CT) 02/14/2022: Retweet of @Livableworld – “An agreement by Iran to significantly expand its breakout time and allow all the inspections to resume would make the world a safer place,” says Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT in @TIME. Trump’s Iran Failures Left Biden With No Choice But to Make a Deal… | ow.ly

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “Rep. Waltz met with Crown Prince of Iran, @pahlavireza, & @NUFDIran. Link to image

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “Honored to meet with strong democracy advocate and Crown Prince of Iran, @pahlavireza, and @NUFDIran to talk about the current regime, the Iranian people & their futures. Link to quoted tweet

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/15/2022: Retweet of @BBCYaldaHakim – “On the #UkraineCrisis, Rep @michaelgwaltz tells me “Why does this matter to the American people? China is watching, North Korea is watching, Iran is watching and if we abandon yet another ally in the wake of abandoning one in #Afghanistan, you will see us enter an era of chaos” Link to video

Scott (R-FL) 02/12/2022: Tweet – “Iran cannot be trusted & is a dangerous threat to America & Israel. This week, I joined @SenTedCruz & our colleagues to make clear that we will block any deal @POTUS strikes with the Iranian regime that is not first approved by Congress. Link to quoted tweet

Hagerty (R-TN) 02/13/2022: Tweet – “My colleagues & I are committed to using the full range of options & leverage available to U.S. Senators to block implementation of any Iran Deal not submitted to Congress for approval by the Biden Administration. Cruz, Senate Republicans threaten to block any Iran nuclear agreement not submitted to Congress | Fox News

Hagerty (R-TN) 02/13/2022: Tweet – “Tennessee Senators Blackburn and Hagerty Join Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Sending Letter to President Biden Regarding Iran Nuclear Deal | @TheTNStar Link to tennesseestar.com

Miller-Meeks (R-IA-2) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “With record high inflation costing average person $276 more per month, violent crime in Dem cities increasing, border crises w fentanyl pouring in, botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Iran close to a nuclear weapon and Russia and China emboldened, why wouldn’t they? Link to quoted tweet

Steube (R-FL-17) 02/14/2022: Twitter thread – “The DoD’s Inspector General report proves what we’ve known for too long—Iraq’s federal police and MOI have been infiltrated by Iranian-backed militias. President Trump’s NSC warned of this exact scenario and made efforts to cut off funding. With this report in hand, it’s time Congress finally take action to defund any U.S. support going to Iraq’s MOI and federal police forces. Our U.S. taxpayer dollars have no place in the hands of the Iranian regime. Pentagon Report: Iraq’s Security Forces Overrun by Iranian-Backed Militants – Washington Free Beacon”. Also on GETTR

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “.@RepDonBacon: For over 40 years, the Iranian people fought for fundamental freedoms. They rejected a monarchic dictatorship & religious autocracy. #IranProtests #WeStand4FreeIran @Mike_Pence @SpeakerPelosi @GOPLeader @SecBlinken OIAC… | twitter.com

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE), Members of the House Armed Services at OIA… Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE), Members of the House Armed Services at OIAC Congressional Briefing…. | youtu.be via @YouTube @RepDonBacon #WeStand4FreeIran”

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/11/2022: Twitter thread – “7.5% inflation & continuing resolution mean our military loses $4-6B PER MONTH! This loss of buying power hurts US military strength than any adversary can. Russia, China, Iran & North Korea all see weakness. It’s time to pass a budget! #NoMoreCRs How inflation makes the US military poorer overnight | American Enterprise Institute – AEI   Link to reply @goaliedad93 Socialist countries see most poverty.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “Thanks to our dear Congressman @RepDonBacon for addressing our event today. #WeStand4FreeIran Link to quoted tweet

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “.@RepDonBacon: We should always be fighting for a republic, non nuclear, and secular #Iran. @HouseForeign @SpeakerPelosi @GOPLeader @marctshort #ProsecuteRaisiNOW for #1988Massacre #WeStand4FreeIran OIAC… | twitter.com

Cardin (D-MD) 02/11/2022: Twitter thread – “There is no question that Iran today is closer to a nuclear weapon because former Pres. Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. THREAD. Link to quoted tweet In 2015, under the Iran nuclear deal, the US estimated that it would take Iran approx. 12 months to produce enough nuclear fuel for a bomb. Today, because former Pres. Trump withdrew from the agreement in 2018, it is estimated to take only a month to produce enough nuclear fuel for a bomb. Tehran has enriched higher quality uranium and restricted international inspectors’ access to the nuclear facilities. It will be hard to bring Iran back to the 2015 restrictions, but that needs to be our objective. We also need Iran to cease other malign activities, like their ballistic missile program, human rights violations and support of terrorism. Those issues need to be on the table.

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/12/2022: Retweet of @Norman_Roule – “Tehran’s sanctions challenge is that its support for terrorism, militias, hostage-taking, human rights violations, & missile/drone proliferation guarantees future sanctions. Iran’s goal: Ensure JCPOA economic benefits are sufficient to overcome this reality. (1/3)

DelBene (D-WA-1) 02/11/2022: Twitter thread – “It’s entirely unacceptable that the @CBP has not issued a public apology after the wrongful January 2020 detention of Iranian Americans at the Peace Arch border crossing. 19077,U.S. lawmakers have yet to receive CBP apology for Iranian-American detention, DelBene says… | thenorthernlight.com I continue to demand a formal apology & for structural reforms that will help ensure an incident like this does not happen again.

Doggett (D-TX-35) 02/11/2022: Tweet – “Please to have earned the endorsement of Council for @Livableworld, striving to create a world more at peace. Link to quoted tweet

Duckworth (D-IL) 02/11/2022: Tweet – “In the years since Trump abandoned the JCPOA, the threat of Iran developing a nuclear weapon has increased, not decreased. In order to truly advance US security interests, we should do everything we can to find a viable diplomatic solution that prevents an Iranian nuclear weapon.

Emmer (R-MN-6) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “.@RepTomEmmer: The U.S. House of Reps has condemned the state-sponsored terrorism that has plagued #Iran for decades & expressing support for the Iranian people’s desire for a democratic, nonnuclear republic. #WeStand4FreeIran #HRes118 @GOPLeader OIAC… | twitter.com

Hill (R-AR-2) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “#WeStand4FreeIran @RepFrenchHill: I’m proud to support & cosponsor legislation in support of the Iranian people. #HRes118 expresses support for the people of #Iran, who are engaged in legitimate & peaceful protests against the current regime. @GOPLeader OIAC… | twitter.com

Kelly (R-PA-16) 02/11/2022: Tweet – “The often-used quote “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is once again appropriate when assessing Russia’s threats against Ukraine. China also continues to threaten Taiwan. Our nation and the “Free World” must show strength against these global bullies. Link to quoted tweet

Moore (R-UT-1) 02/12/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “Thanks Hon. @RepBlakeMoore for your support for a #FreeIran. Others, please watch Rep. Moore’s message here: OIAC Organization of Iranian American Communities… | youtube.com   Link to quoted tweet

Moore (R-UT-1) 02/12/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “.@RepBlakeMoore: I was proud to co-sponsor the bipartisan #HRes118, legislation condemning #Iran’s state-sponsored terrorism & expressing support for the Iranian people’s desire for a democratic, secular, non-nuclear Iran #WeStand4FreeIran @HouseForeign OIAC… | twitter.com

Roy (R-TX-21) 02/12/2022: Tweet – “Putin on the march, #ChinaVirus, Iran close to nuclear capability, Cartels killing thousands of Americans (with China’s help)… and THIS is what our military brass is focused on? FIRE THEM. FIRE THEM ALL. Army Has Plan to Deal with ‘Global Disruptions’ from ‘Climate Change’ | breitbart.com

Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/11/2022: Tweet – “On this anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, it is critical that the United States stand with Iranians who have endured abuse, torture, & repression by the regime while standing for a free and democratic Iran. We will not forget their sacrifices. #FreeIran”

Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/11/2022: extension of remarks – Iran Unveils Missile



Paul (R-KY) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “When Canada became Egypt . . . ruled by emergency edict that allows prohibition of public assembly, travel, and the commandeering of private companies without your day in court. Trudeau’s power grab is unconstitutional | Opinion

Merkley (D-OR) 02/15/2022: Retweet of @CECCgov – “Writer #EhtemOmer was given a 20 year sentence for sending money to his nephew in #Egypt, as #Uyghurs and others with family living outside China were often targeted for detention. Local authorities burned his books because they contained “separatist content.” #OlympicPrisoner Link to image

Paul (R-KY) 02/14/2022: Retweet of @RStatecraft – “’The United States cannot proudly affirm human rights to be at the center of our foreign policy, while it arms a regime at war with its own people,’ @RandPaul writes. Why I want to kill the $2.5 billion Egyptian arms deal – Responsible Statecraft… | responsiblestatecraft.org

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/11/2022: Twitter thread – “Agree with Barry Amundson, whose brother was killed in the tragic 9/11 terror attack: “I fear that the end result of seizing this money will be to cause further harm to innocent Afghans who have already suffered greatly.” That’s exactly what will happen. Spurning Demand by the Taliban, Biden Moves to Split $7 Billion in Frozen Afghan Funds… | nytimes.com There wasn’t a single Afghan among the hijackers. Meanwhile, we are giving BILLIONS of dollars to the govts of Saudi Arabia & Egypt who have direct ties to the 9/11 terrorists. Even if this weren’t the case, punishing millions of starving ppl for these crimes is unconscionable.

Paul (R-KY) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @RStatecraft – “.@RandPaul on why we shouldn’t sell weapons to Egypt: Among other horrors, Egyptian security forces engage in extrajudicial killings, torture, as well as harsh crackdowns on anyone who wishes to practice the right to freedom of speech. Why I want to kill the $2.5 billion Egyptian arms deal – Responsible Statecraft… | responsiblestatecraft.org


Saudi Arabia

Bice (R-OK-5) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “How about supporting American energy production, @POTUS ? Sad this administration wants to support foreign countries instead of the USA! Link to quoted tweet

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Here’s an idea…restart construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline!! Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 02/18/2022: Retweet of @MikeNeedham – “I will not be rooting for @PhilMickelson in the Bonesaw Invitational or any other tournament if he joins the Saudi golf tour. Ditto anybody else who goes. What a wretched thing to say. Link to image

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Begging the Saudis to pump more oil….after killing Keystone and 11,000 American jobs. Seriously? Link to quoted tweet

Markey (D-MA) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “Our global addiction to oil and natural gas—from Russia, from Saudi Arabia—keeps our world locked into dangerous cycles of conflict and corruption. But we have a way out. We can build a pathway to a more prosperous, more peaceful clean energy future. Ed Markey… | twitter.com

Miller-Meeks (R-IA-2) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “But at least he doesn’t send out mean tweets. Link to quoted tweet

Hartzler (R-MO-4) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “What an utterly ridiculous and anti-American statement. “At this point, the United States of America is the Saudi Arabia of White supremacist ideology.” Link to quoted tweet

DeFazio (D-OR-4) 02/14/2022: Tweet – “It’s time to end unauthorized U.S. involvement in the horrific war in Yemen. If the administration will not act, Congress must force them to. Cc: @RepJayapal Link to quoted tweet

Jayapal (D-WA-7) 02/14/2022: Retweet of @RepPeterDeFazio – “It’s time to end unauthorized U.S. involvement in the horrific war in Yemen. If the administration will not act, Congress must force them to. Cc: @RepJayapal Link to quoted tweet

DeFazio (D-OR-4) 02/14/2022: Retweet of @USProgressives – “’While the US may not be able to unilaterally end all fighting, we can stop supporting Saudi Arabia’s brutal campaign in Yemen and exert leverage to compel them to lift their blockade. It will save countless civilian lives.’ – @RepJayapal, @RepPeterDeFazio Why We Intend to Pass a New Yemen War Powers Resolution… | thenation.com” Also re-tweeted by Jayapal (D-WA-7)



McCarthy (R-CA-23) 02/17/2022: Retweet of @AdamShawNY – “More than 1,500 Turkish migrants have been encountered at the southern border since the beginning of October — already more than the entirety of FY 2021. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 02/17/2022: Twitter thread – “Glad to see @EnesFreedom again & applaud his advocacy for human rights in Turkey, Xinjiang & worldwide. Enes’ sacrifices inspire our efforts as we work to confront injustice, combat democratic backsliding, & free those wrongfully jailed in Turkey & elsewhere. Link to image Your work continues to exemplify the best of the U.S.’ values & potential.  We are privileged to have you as an American citizen & the @NBA would be lucky to have you as a player.”

Fischer (R-NE) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “.@EnesFreedom has such a moving story. Thank you for continuing to expose human rights violations in China, Turkey, and around the world. It was an honor meeting you today. Also, I’m happy you were able to meet #FredFischer! Link to image

Thune (R-SD) 02/16/2022: Tweet – “.@EnesFreedom stopped by this morning. I commend his passion & gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S. & his commitment to demanding attention to Turkey’s record on human rights and China’s Uyghur genocide. A powerful message on and off the court. Link to image”  Retweeted by Cassidy (R-LA)


Middle East – General

Murphy (D-CT) 02/17/2022: Tweet – “This is true. But it has also been true about Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan. The U.S. loses its moral authority when we turn our back on refugees. Link to quoted tweet