Legislative Round-Up: February 11, 2022

 Produced by the Foundation for Middle East Peace in cooperation with Americans for Peace Now, where the Legislative Round-Up was conceived.

1. Bills, Resolutions, Letters

2. Hearings & Markups (& Briefings)
3. On the Record

New this week:

1. Bills, Resolutions & Letters

(KEEPING THE GOVT OPEN VS EXTRA $1 BILL FOR ISRAEL) HR 6617: On 2/8, the House passed, by a vote of 272-162, HR 6617, the “Further Additional Extending Government Funding Act – a stopgap funding bill (that in effect continues current funding levels for a limited period) necessary to keep the government from shutting down (due to Congress’s failure to pass FY22 appropriations bill). Notably, only one Democrat — Gottheimer (D-NJ) voted against the bill, apparently making good on his threat expressed to Jewish Insider  in early December 2021 that: “if [supplemental Iron Dome funding] is not in the next [continuing resolution], I’m not voting for it”. [Covered in the 12/3/21 edition of the Round-Up].

(THUMBS DOWN ON ARMS SALES TO EGYPT) S. J. Res. 35 and S. J. Res. 36: Introduced 2/7/22 by Paul (R-KY and no-cosponsors, two separate joint resolutions, each “providing for congressional disapproval of the proposed foreign military sale to the Government of Egypt of certain defense articles and services.” Both referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. Also see:

(SUSPEND FOR 2 YEARS US MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS RESPONSIBLE FOR SAUDI AIRSTRIKES) HR 6601:  Introduced 2/4/22 by Malinowski (D-NJ) and 6 cosponsors (all Democrats), “to provide for the prohibition on issuance of licenses authorizing exports of certain defense services to Saudi Arabia, and for other purposes,” aka, the “Saudi Arabia Legitimate Self Defense Act.  Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Also see:

(REGIONAL NUCLEAR FUEL BANK) S. Res. 511: Introduced 2/10/22 by Menendez (D-NJ) and Graham (R-SC), A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that establishing a regional nuclear fuel bank would assist international efforts to avoid a destabilizing arms race in the Middle East and would promote the peaceful use of nuclear power.” Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. For more see the Menendez-Graham’s 6/3/21 joint op-ed in the Washington Post, The way forward on containing Iran’s nuclear ambitions [Excerpt: “We believe there is a way to achieve a compromise that will find support among the countries of the region, meet Iran’s stated goal for peaceful nuclear power and avoid an arms race in the Middle East. We believe that countries that desire a peaceful, responsible nuclear power program to provide electricity and jobs to their people should be able to do so safely. As a concrete step toward this end, we suggest — building on a proposal made by various countries in the past — the creation of a regional nuclear fuel bank.’”], and also see the 6/12/21 related piece by the New York Times’ editorial board, One Way Forward on Iran: A Nuclear-Weapons-Free Persian Gulf [excerpt: If civilian nuclear power was the only reason Iran and its neighbors needed nuclear fuel, it would be far cheaper and safer to purchase it from a commercial consortium or to get it from a regional fuel bank, as Senators Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham recently noted in an opinion essay in The Washington Post.]

(NEW YEMEN WAR POWERS RESOLUTION) H. Res. XXX: On 2/7/22, Reps. Jayapal (D-WA) and DeFazio (D-OR) published an op-ed in the Nation entitled, Why We Intend to Pass a New Yemen War Powers Resolution (as of this writing, not yet introduced). Also see:


(GIVE US A VETO ON IRAN DEAL OR ELSE) Cruz et al letter to Biden: On 2/7, Sen. Cruz (R-TX) led a letter, co-signed by 32 Senate Republicans, warning/threatening the President that if he moves forward with any nuclear deal with Iran without first giving the Senate the opportunity to veto it, they will take every possible action to destroy that deal. The letter states: “We write to call attention to a range of obligations that your administration is statutorily mandated to fulfill in relation to Congressional oversight over any such agreement, and to ensure that your officials know we are committed to providing availability, assistance, and resources so you can fully meet these mandates. We also write to emphasize that we are committed to using the full range of options and leverage available to United States Senators to ensure that you meet those obligations, and that the implementation of any agreement will be severely if not terminally hampered if you do not.” Also see:

(BIDEN ADMIN MUST SPEED UP INVESTIGATING CLAIMS OF CAMPUS ANTISEMITISM) Lieu et al letter to Dept of Education: On 2/4/22 Rep. Lieu (D-CA) led a letter, cosigned by 39 House colleagues (bipartisan) urging the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights Assistant Secretary Catherine Lhamon to address delays in processing Title VI complaints relating to antisemitism (among other things). NOTE: Under Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Combating Anti-semitism – which remains in force today — Title VI protections with respect to antisemitism are grounded in the IHRA definition of antisemitism, according to which arguably any meaningful criticism of Israel/Zionism can be labeled antisemitic. That Executive Order opened the door for a wave of Title VI complaints based on arguments that statements and activism on campus related to Israel/Palestine constituted antisemitism. Also see:

(IRAN ENVOY MUST TESTIFY IN HFAC) Tenney et al letter to State Dept: On 2/4/22, Rep. Tenney (R-NY) led a letter, cosigned by 8 fellow Republican House members, to request that Robert Malley, U.S. Special Envoy for Iran, appear before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs for the first time to provide an update on negotiations with the regime in Iran…” The letter goes on to state, “Such a hearing is especially timely at this moment given recent news that the U.S. negotiating team under Malley’s leadership is in complete disarray” and “it is time for Mr. Malley to appear before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs to answer important questions. Why are Department officials being forced off the negotiating team? What is the Administration’s current posture on sanctions relief to Iran? Why are key sanctions on Iran’s energy sector not being fully enforced? What is the status of Iran’s nuclear program and increasing uranium enrichment? The American people deserve answers.”  Also see:

  • Tenney press release 2/4/22
  • Tenney Tweet 02/04/2022: “It’s concerning enough that one of the Iranian regime’s biggest American apologists is leading our negotiating team. It’s even worse that he hasn’t testified publicly in front of Congress. Today I led a letter calling on @USEnvoyIran to testify!” [and also Tenney tweet & Tenney tweet
  • GOP Demands Biden Iran Envoy Testify Before Congress (Free Beacon 2/4/22)
  • Tenney tweet  2/8/22 (after Malley’s appearance in closed SFRC hearing – see Section 2, below, for details) — “I continue to call for @USEnvoyIran to testify PUBLICLY before @HouseForeignGOP to answer the American people’s questions and explain why sanctions are not being fully enforced on Iran. My statement: Link to image

(FOCUS ON IRANIAN BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT) Wilson et al letter to Biden: On 2/1/22 (not previously reported in the Round-Up), Rep. Wilson (R-SC) led a letter to President Biden, cosigned by 5 fellow House Republicans, expressing concern “about the evolving ballistic missile capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the lack of a clear U.S. strategy to counter and devalue these long-range strike systems.” The letter urges Biden to “maintain sanctions on all sectors of the Iranian economy that support or contribute to its ballistic missile program as well as the long-range strike capabilities of the IRGC and its regional partners and proxies” and asks for written answers – within 30 days – to three [very poorly drafted] questions: 1) What is your administration doing to both enforce sanctions not just on Iranian defense entities but on sectors of the Iranian economy supportive of its ballistic missile programs? 2) what is administration doing to take advantage of regional peace agreements like the Abraham Accords and foster cooperation between states that Iran threatens wit these systems? 3) Does the U.S. have adequate air and missile defenses in the CENTCOM AOR to deal with the Iranian missile threat and defend all troops and U.S. positions?” Also see Tweet from Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/04/2022 — “Iran’s ballistic missile program is proceeding ahead at an alarming rate, yet the Biden administration wants to re-enter a failed deal and reduce the pressure on Iran. Read more about my letter today on this issue in @NRO. Lawmakers Ask Biden to Take Iran Ballistic Threat Seriously: ‘Homeland in Range’ | National Review

(DON’T ALLOW TURKEY TO BUY F-16s & UPGRADES) Pallone et al letter to SecState/SecDef: On 2/4, Rep. Pallone (R-NY) led a letter, cosigned by 52 House colleagues (bipartisan) addressed to SecState Blinken aand SecDef Austin, urging them to “reject the recent Turkish proposal to purchase Block 70 F-16s and mechanical upgrades from the United States to modernize its air force.” The letter argues that approving the proposal “would reward President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for ignoring both Turkey’s alliance commitments to the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the vast human rights abuses his regime continues to commit at home and abroad.” Also see: Pallone press release and Twitter thread  [re-tweeted by Malliotakis (R-NY-11)]


2. Hearings & Markups (& Briefings)

February  16: The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (aka, the Helsinki Commission) will hold a hearing entitled, “CONFLICT OF INTEREST? Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Turkey. Scheduled panelists (so far) are: Soner Cagaptay, WINEP; and Deniz Yuksel, Amnesty International. As a reminder, the Helsinki Commission is composed of 21 Commissioners, all but three of whom are members of Congress — bipartisan delegations of 9 from the Senate and 9 from the House.

February 9: The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing entitled, ‘Targeted Killing’ and the Rule of Law: The Legal and Human Costs of 20 Years of U.S. Drone Strikes. Witnesses were: Hina Shams, ACLU (testimony); Radhya al-Mutawakel, Mwatana for Human Rights, Sana’a, Yemen (testimony); Stephen Pomper, International Crisis Group (testimony); John Jumper, US Air Force General (Retired) and Chief of Staff (testimony); and Nathan Sales, Former Ambassador-At-Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism (testimony). Opening statement of ranking member Grassley (R-IA) is here; hearing video is here.

February 9: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a CLOSED briefing entitled, Iran: Update on Vienna Discussions. The briefers were: Rob Malley (State Department Special Envoy for Iran); Brett McGurk (Deputy Assistant to the President and Middle East and North Africa Coordinator on the NSC); and an unnamed briefer from the Office of the Director for National Intelligence. Also see: ‘Significant gaps’ remain between U.S. and Iran, senators say following classified briefing (Jewish Insider); ‘Sobering and shocking’: Lawmakers pessimistic about new Iran nuke deal (Politico)

February 8: The House Foreign Affairs Committee reportedly received a CLOSED briefing from State Department Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley (appearing virtually, from Vienna), to update them on developments [note: in contrast to the SFRC’s virtual meeting with Malley on 2/9. there is nothing on the HFAC website about this briefing]. Also see: GOP Demands Biden Iran Envoy Testify Before Congress (Free Beacon); Biden’s Iran Envoy To Give Classified Briefing to Congress After GOP Pressure (Free Beacon); Classified Iran Nuclear Deal Brief Leaves ‘More Questions Than Answers,’ GOP Lawmaker Says (Free Beacon); Biden Iran envoy called to House panel for classified briefing on Iran talks (Washington Examiner); press release from Tenney (R-NY) [excerpt: “While the American people and our allies around the world are demanding answers about this Administration’s plans to hold the Iranian regime accountable, they continue to dodge the important questions and refuse to give answers publicly. This closed-door classified briefing is a start, but it is not enough. Special Envoy Malley works for the American people, and he should answer to them as well.”]

February 8: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing to consider a slate of presidential nominees, including the nomination of Deborah Lipstadt as Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. Lipstadt’s testimony is here. Hearing video is here (Lipstadt is up first). Notably, during the hearing Lipstadt weighed in the IHRA definition of antisemitism — seeming to go far enough in terms of legitimizing the definition to disappoint critics of the definition, but not far enough in terms of delegitimizing all criticism of Israel to entirely please backers of the definition. She also was given the opportunity to denounce the recent Amnesty International report on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians (an opportunity she leaned into). As reported by Times of Israel [which also published the same reporting under the headline Lipstadt tells Senate hearing not all criticism of Israel is antisemitic]:

“Asked by Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen if she considers criticism of Israel to be antisemitic, Lipstadt said that she does not. ‘I don’t think any rational-minded person would think that criticism of Israeli policies is antisemitic,’ she said. However, Lipstadt acknowledged that in some instances, criticism of Israel does ‘cross the line’ into antisemitism. She pointed to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of antisemitism as a ‘helpful tool.’ The classification provides a number of examples for when Israel criticism does cross that line, such as when Israel’s policies are compared to those of the Nazis. The definition has become more controversial in recent years though, with progressive, pro-Israel groups arguing that it is being used to stifle legitimate criticism of Israel. Lipstadt urged practicing caution with the matter, saying ‘a lot depends on the context’ and that ‘it’s important to be nuanced’ because ‘if you call everything antisemitism, when you have a real active antisemitism, people aren’t paying attention.’ Asked by Rubio [R-FL] about the recent Amnesty International report accusing Israel of practicing apartheid, Lipstadt said she found the determination to be ‘ahistorical and unhistorical.’”

Also see:

February 8: The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing to consider the nomination of Lt. Gen. Michael Kurilla as Commander of CENTCOM. The hearing covered (among other things), Israel, Yemen/Houthis/Iran, ISIS in Syria, and more [including Republicans denouncing any return to the JCPOA — see, for example, ranking member Inhofe (R-OK)’s opening statement). Video is here. Kurilla’s written APQ (Advance Policy Questions) is here. Chairman Reed (D-RI)’s opening statement is here. Also see:

EXTRA CREDIT: Last week, on February 2, the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing entitled, The Dynamic Terrorism Landscape and What it Means for America. Witnesses included the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL (video is here). In the rush of business last week, there was no time to go through the entire hearing and transcribe key portions that relate to Israel and free speech critical of Israel. With apologies for the delay, those key excerpts (with time stamps noting where they appear in the video) are as follows:

Greenblatt attacking Amnesty International and equating it to pro-Iran propaganda outlets (33:38)

“…at ADL we’re also troubled by the rise of hateful anti-Israel forces that demonize the only Jewish state in the world. From pro-Iranian outlets spreading slanderous lies on social media to self-described activist groups targeting Jews in public places. To NGOs like Amnesty International issuing reports making wild, incendiary accusations against the Jewish state – accusing it of apartheid or genocide, deeming it illegitimate.”

Greenblatt equating critics of Israel to Al Qaida and ISIS,  and suggesting they should not be permitted to work in government (1:24:25):

“If we talk about Al Qaida, if we talk about ISIS, if we talk about some of the horrific anti-Israel people out there who say the Jewish state is committing genocide…Mr. Congressman I don’t think they belong as interns in your office or any public office for that matter…That kind of extremism should have no place.”

Greenblatt suggesting that criticism of Israel causes attacks against Jews and therefore the criticism is illegitimate – as opposed to just the attacks, which are clear illegitimate & antisemitic (2:47:59):

“..whether you demonize the Jewish people or the Jewish state it leads to violence. We saw that happen last May, Mr. Congressman when wild, unhinged claims about the state of Israel led Jews to being beaten up in broad daylight in midtown Manhattan. In Los Angeles – all over the United States…”

In exchange with Gotthemimer (D-NJ), Greenblatt asserting categorically that Amnesty’s report will “spawn” threats against Jews, and suggesting that “showing up as human rights advocates” to criticize Israel is Amnesty Intl’s “brilliant disguise” (3:13:17):

Gottheimer: “…as you mentioned in your opening remarks amnesty international released a completely biased and wrong report calling israel an apartheid state. We know that Amnesty International fails to recognize the Arab party and the governing coalition or Arab Israelis serving in the military, amongst, many other realities of civil society in Israel, and of the impact of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. In fact, this is the 208th report the group has issued about Israel since the 1970s. They had only 40 reports on North Korea and 61 on Venezuela. Can you please talk about how this report may lead to a rise in antisemitism and an increase in terror attacks against the Jewish people, and what you think is driving Amnesty International to take such an aggressive stance?

Greenblatt: “…I almost don’t want to dignify it with time today. The problem is that when you make wild aspersions and groundless accusations against the Jewish state, it has an immediate knock-on effect against the Jewish people. To release this report – six months, again, after Jews are being beaten and brutalized in broad daylight not by people wearing MAGA hats and not by people espousing white supremacy but by people coming from anti-Israel rallies, is shocking. A report which doesn’t call into question, you know, other countries around the world which have Christian principles or Muslim principles — it is only the Jewish state that they seem to call out. And it would be interesting — I didn’t know it was a 280th report, but what I do know is I will be dealing with the cyber bullying targeting Jewish activists online. I will be dealing with the Jewish kids on college campuses who are afraid to identify as being Israeli or having any role or even showing up at Hillels because of fear of being bullying [sic] and intimidation by anti-Israel types. And I think it’s frightening. You know, so, I think it’s a terrible report it’s going to cause — I promise you I predict it — I’ll be back on this committee talking about threats against Jews spawned by this kind of [indecipherable]. And last, let me just say —I say this to someone, Representative Gttheimer, who believes in a two-state solution, who believes we need dignity and equality for Palestinians — but if you think demonizing and delegitimizing the only Jewish state in the world is the way you’re going to achieve it — like, the folks from Amnesty are as far from reality as you could imagine. It may be Amnesty International but it’s like reality somewhere else because I don’t understand how they make sense of it. And look, there will be no surrender to these people. They may be in their glory days with all this hateful rhetoric but I think the brilliant disguise of them showing up as human rights advocates will not work for the majority of, uh, you know, good thinking of Americans [sic] who realize what they’re doing.

3.On the Record


Jewish Insider 2/11/22: Morgan Ortagus [former Trump Admin State Dept Spox] brings foreign policy to the ballot in Nashville [incl support for Trump’s “two-state ”plan & a congressional veto over any agreement with Iran]

The Nation 2/11/22: Nina Turner Is Still Mad As Hell, and Running for Congress (Again) [“…Following criticism by ‘the Squad’ of Israel’s May 10 air strikes on Gaza, Turner was asked by pro-Israel groups to disavow those House members who spoke out. When she did not, Democratic Majority for Israel—a right-wing Democratic PAC that had already endorsed Brown—ratcheted up its opposition to her candidacy and began spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat Turner, even publishing mailers that lied about her policy positions.”]

The New Arab (op-ed by Mitchell Plitnick 2/10/22: Make no mistake, US support for Israel’s land grab is bipartisan

Jerusalem Post 2/10/22: Israel won’t battle Biden over US return to UNESCO

Haaretz 2/10/22: Democrats Clash as Iran Talks Enter Crunch Time

Jewish Insider 2/10/22: Pelosi set for Israel trip later this month

JINSA 2/9/22: Iran nuclear deal will be a tough sell in Congress

DAWN 2/9: U.S. Congress: Don’t Meet with Ed Royce – or Any Other Lobbyist Representing Abusive Middle East Governments [also see: DAWN 2/7: Ed Royce: Former Chair of House Foreign Affairs Committee, Now Agent for Egyptian Dictatorship]

Jewish News Syndicate 2/9/22: Nimble [Evangelical, pro-Greater Israel] pro-Israel organization key to US-Israel missile-defense funding

The Forward 2/9/22: Congressman appears to refer to U.S. Jews as Israeli citizens, asks rabbis to pledge Jewish loyalty to police

Jewish Insider 2/9/22: Donna Edwards steps back into the fray

Washington Post 2/8/22: The Trailer: Coming soon to a Democratic primary fight: Israel

FoxNews 2/8/22: Tlaib has paid out $170,000 to firm of anti-Israel activist who supports defunding the police [also see: Jewish News Syndicate 2/9/22: Tlaib paid $170,000 to firm run by activist who accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing]

Haaretz 2/7/22: An Ethics Scandal That’s All About Israel-Palestine Is Rocking Washington

Jewish Insider 2/7/22: Early poll shows Levin and Stevens tied in primary matchup

Jewish Insider 2/6/22: DSA Austin says it will no longer help candidate who opposes BDS

Al Jazeera 2/5/22: Amnesty report on Israeli ‘apartheid’ garners bipartisan US fury


Israel – Palestine (Amnesty Int’l Apartheid Report)

Coons (D-DE) 02/08/2022: Twitter thread – “Great to see @DeborahLipstadt finally get her hearing today to be the next Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. Dr. Lipstadt truly understands how the rising attacks on Jews in America and around the world fit into the history of violence against the Jewish people. Today, she called out Amnesty International’s Israel report: “Branding Israel as an apartheid state is more than historically inaccurate–I believe it’s part of a larger effort to delegitimize the Jewish state.” I respect a lot of Amnesty’s work, but I completely agree with her.”

Banks (R-IN-3) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Thank you @RepJimBanks for your principled leadership and moral clarity in rightfully condemning @amnesty’s outrageous slander on our democratic ally Israel. Link to quoted tweet

Tlaib (D-MI-13) 02/05/2022: Tweet – “Apartheid. Link to quoted tweet”. Re-tweeted by Omar (D-MN-5)

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/05/2022: Retweet of @democracynow – “An Amnesty International report calls on the Israeli government to dismantle its brutal system of apartheid that dispossesses Palestinians and deprives them of basic human rights, says Paul O’Brien of @amnestyusa. Link to video

Crist (D-FL-13) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “Amnesty International recently called Israel an “apartheid state” — a characterization we cannot condone or support. In the wake of anti-Semitic attacks in Florida, and across our county, I reject this latest attack and stand firmly with our Jewish community.

Norcross (D-NJ-1) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “My statement on the recent report on Israel by Amnesty International: Link to image


Death of American-Palestinian in West Bank

Pocan (D-WI-2) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “We need answers to why a US citizen died at an Israeli military checkpoint. Link to quoted tweet

Pocan (D-WI-2) 02/04/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@sagemoser @repmarkpocan US citizen from Milwaukee…. Link to reply @sagemoser @repmarkpocan Or both”


Israel – Palestine (General)

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @mehdirhasan – “Me: “Is it antisemitic to say things like ‘Jews control the media, Jews control Congress, Jews have divided loyalties?’” Trump’s Ambassador to Israel:”Sure.” Me: “So when Donald Trump says that, doesn’t that make him antisemitic?” Watch the full exchange: Link to video

Womack (R-AR-3) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “With growing turmoil in the Middle East, it’s crucial the US-Israel relationship is strong and security-focused. Specific defense capabilities vital to American troops and the Iron Dome system are produced in Arkansas. Appreciated insight into this state work from @RAFAELdefense. Link to image

Scott (R-FL) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “ICYMI: Florida is so proud of our Jewish communities and we’ll never tolerate hate. In the face of evil, anti-Semitic attacks, we stand strongly with the Jewish people and our ally, Israel. Read more in my op-ed for @MiamiHerald: We must stand with the Jewish community against anti-Semitic acts | Opinion

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @jdforward – “Rep. Clay Higgins (R – LA) appeared to refer to American Jews as citizens of Israel Tuesday during a hearing in which he also asked a pair of rabbis whose communities had suffered from antisemitism to offer “reassurance” that Jews support law enforcement. Congressman appears to refer to U.S. Jews as Israeli citizens, asks rabbis to pledge Jewish loyalty to police… | forward.com

Jordan (R-OH-4) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “The FBI recently obtained new spyware that can track your phone’s location, monitor your messages, photos, calls, and videos. Can you imagine if Peter Strzok had this technology? FBI confirms it bought spyware from Israel’s NSO Group… | abcnews.go.com” [also on GETTR]

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @mikepompeo – “#StandWithIsrael”

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @JasonMBrodsky – “#BREAKING: #Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urged President Biden during a phone call on Sunday not to return to the #Iran JCPOA. Biden told him it’s still unclear if there will be a deal. 1/2 1 big thing: Inside the Biden-Bennett call on Iran… | axios.com #axiosfromtelaviv”

Deutch (D-FL-22) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Thanks @USAmbUN Thomas-Greenfield for hosting an excellent breakfast conversation about the role of US leadership at the UN to counter Russian aggression, confront Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons, combat anti-Israel bias, & reform the Human Rights Council. Lots to do together. Link to image

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @CUFI – “‘Israel and the United States are bound by common values.’ @JohnCornyn”

Fitzpatrick (R-PA-1) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Join me today at 4 PM on the @aipac app! I discuss my path from the FBI to the halls of Congress, the shared threats facing America and Israel, and the importance of bipartisanship. Click here to join the event: Join me on the AIPAC App… | app.aipac.org   Link to image

Hartzler (R-MO-4) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Sad — but not surprising. We need leaders in Washington who support Israel and our heroic police officers. I will always #BackTheBlue and America’s greatest ally. Rep. Tlaib’s campaign pays $170K to anti-Israel, anti-police…… | nypost.com

Long (R-MO-7) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @HananyaNaftali – “Israeli taxi driver nearly murdered after he entered Palestinian city of Nablus to fix his car. But Palestinians are free to enter Israeli cities and know that nothing will happen to them. This is the REAL apartheid!!! RETWEET THIS Link to video

Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @BreeNewsome – “Some of the most intense censorship in this country is around people who speak up for Palestinian rights. If y’all care so much about free speech, put your thumbs to work on that.”

Burchett (R-TN-2) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Tlaib has paid out $170,000 to firm of anti-Israel activist who supports defunding the police Tlaib has paid out $170,000 to firm of anti-Israel activist who supports defunding the police… | yahoo.com

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/07/2022: Retweet of @rafaelshimunov – “An incredible update from @AbbyMartin on her winning lawsuit against having to sign a pro Israel pledge targeting her free speech and how the Israel lobby and Georgia politicians responded. Link to quoted tweet

Greene (R-GA-14) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “.@Ilhan and @RepRashida you both cosponsored the #GlobalRespectAct. Did you realize your bill will lead to sanctions on your friends in Hamas? Link to image

Cruz (R-TX) 02/06/2022: Tweet – “I get that hippy Israel-hating ice cream makers from Vermont are not military strategists, but this opening sentence is truly imbecilic. If history teaches anything, it’s that NOT preparing for war makes war all but inevitable. But, I’m sure Neville Chamberlain liked vanilla. Link to quoted tweet

Rice (D-NY-4) 02/05/2022: Tweet – “Emergency funding for Iron Dome is supported by President Biden and a bipartisan group of over 400 Representatives. Congress must fully fund this lifesaving system. #FundIronDome”

Deutch (D-FL-22) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “Pleased to see the #MEPPA board announced today. There is so much work to be done & I am eager to support @USAID ‘s work to build people-to-people ties between Israelis & Palestinians. Link to quoted tweet



Scott (R-FL) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “This is great news and is a direct result of the historic Abraham Accords brokered by President Trump. Link to quoted tweet

Inhofe (R-OK) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “The Israeli-Bahraini security cooperation agreement is yet another achievement of the Abraham Accords. We should continue supporting closer coordination among our friends. Instead the Biden admin is offering massive sanctions relief to our adversary Iran. Israel defence minister signs security agreement with Bahrain… | reuters.com

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “It is positive news that #Israel & #Bahrain made historic security agreement to advance collaboration on intelligence & military exercises & strengthen ties between defense industries. This is a step toward regional peace in the face of Iranian hostility. Israel defence minister visits U.S. Navy base in Bahrain… | reut.rs

Bacon (R-NE-2) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @manuelrajunov – “These ties between Israel and the Arab world would’ve never been possible without the steadfast support and unbreakable partnership between the US and Israel and Congress is at the forefront of that truth. Thanks for your continued championship! Link to quoted tweet

Burchett (R-TN-2) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “I applaud Israel and Bahrain for taking serious steps toward achieving peace in the Middle East. By signing a security cooperation agreement, these nations can strengthen their defenses against bad actors and work on bringing stability to the region. Israel defence minister visits U.S. Navy base in Bahrain… | reuters.com

Burgess (R-TX-26) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “A year after the signing of the #AbrahamAccords, Israel and Bahrain have signed a historic security and defense agreement. This is a great step towards maintaining peace and stability in the region.”

Grassley (R-IA) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “Israel & Bahrain signed historic memorandum on security cooperation.  Abraham Accords still paying dividends More countries shld join! Thx to Pres Trump for this initiative”

Cassidy (R-LA) 02/05/2022: Tweet – “Applauding the new security agreement between our allies Israel and Bahrain. This is how peace in the region advances. Israel defence minister visits U.S. Navy base in Bahrain… | reuters.com

Rodgers (R-WA-5) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “America must never shy away from supporting the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. The Abraham Accords Caucus is an important step towards promoting and achieving peace in the Mideast. Why the New Congressional Abraham Accords Caucus Matters… | newsmax.com

Rubio (R-FL) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “Encouraging to see #Israel deepen its relationship with #Bahrain by agreeing to further security cooperation. The #AbrahamAccords continue to advance security and stability in the Middle East. More nations must stand with Israel and lend their support to this democratic ally. Link to quoted tweet



Steube (R-FL-17) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Yet another serious misstep in Biden’s foreign affairs policy. The Biden/Putin deal dramatically scales back UN pressure on the Syrian regime and their chemical weapons program. Talk about collusion! Inside the U.S.-Russia Deal that Eases Pressure on Assad… | foreignpolicy.com [also on GETTR]

Bice (R-OK-5) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Biden’s lax immigration laws at the border have spurred migrants from countries as far away as Turkey, Russia, and Syria, just to name a few. Over the past year, this crisis has only grown, but Biden still refuses to reinstate common-sense border policies. Biden’s border crisis goes global with more apprehensions from faraway countries… | fxn.ws

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Remember Russia collusion? Biden is now colluding with Putin at the UN to let Assad off the hook for using chemical weapons. Unbelievable. Link to quoted tweet

Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Grateful to convene the @RepublicanStudy National Security Task force to meet with @MatthewZais @MatthewZweig1 @joel_rayburn to discuss Iran, Iraq & Syria. Congress must do everything we can to counter Iran & its proxies in the region, including the Assad regime & the Badr Corps. Link to image

Young (R-AK-0) 02/06/2022: Retweet of @AKNativeNews – “Congressman Don Young Issues Statement Following Elimination of ISIS Leader Congressman Don Young Issues Statement Following Elimination of ISIS Leader – Alaska Native News

Costa (D-CA-16) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “This week our brave service members took out the leader of ISIS in northwestern Syria. We owe a debt of gratitude to our special forces who keep us safe. We remain committed to working with our allies to end terrorism and the threats to our citizens. ISIS leader dies during U.S. special forces raid in Syria, Biden says… | nbcnews.com



Blackburn (R-TN) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “First, they attempted to implement illegal COVID vaccine mandates. Now, they think they can bypass Congress, and make a deal that allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Has the Biden administration read the Constitution lately?”

Blackburn (R-TN) 02/11/2022: Tweet – “We must not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.”

Cardin (D-MD) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @JDBalartMSNBC – “’Iran openly violated the terms of the nuclear agreement and we’re now in a worse position,’ @SenatorCardin states. @jdbalart @MSNBC Link to video

Green (R-TN-7) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “Our adversaries are seeing just how much Joe Biden will let them get away with. Wise up, Mr. President! Link to quoted tweet

Hagedorn (R-MN-1) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @LibertyIranian – “On this #ThrowbackThursday, we want to say thank you again to @RepHagedorn for leading the charge on H.Res. 800 in November 2020 that ultimately garnered the support of 41 House Republicans! Why isn’t @HouseForeign taking up this important bill? H.Res.800 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): Recognizing the two-year anniversary of the November 2019 massacre by the Islamic Republic of Iran and condemning the human rights violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran.   Link to image

Kelly (R-PA-16) 02/11/2022: Tweet – “Our nation needs a robust foreign policy that protects both ourselves and our allies. Whether it’s China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, or others, we should take their advancements seriously. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Levin (D-MI-9) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @WinWithoutWar – “Thank you, @RepAndyLevin, for advocating for diplomacy! The #IranDeal WORKED, and the US must do everything it can to return to it ASAP. Link to quoted tweet

Meeks (D-NY-5) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “Today, Chairman @RepGregoryMeeks joined @MSNBC’s Chuck Todd to discuss the urgent challenges faced by the United States in Ukraine and Iran Link to video

Moore (R-UT-1) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @OrgIAC – “Tomorrow: Over 50 Bipartisan Members of Congress Will Address @OrgIAC Briefing on #Iran, on the anniversary of the 1979 revolution for freedom & a Democratic Republic. @HouseForeign @SpeakerPelosi @GOPLeader @VOAIran @SecBlinken #IranProtests Link to video

Murphy (D-CT) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “Re “longer and stronger” – the Administration has consistently said is that we should first restart the nuclear deal so that we can then work to enact a “longer and stronger” deal on the nuclear program and Iran’s other malevolent behavior. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “FYI. My piece today in Time Magazine. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @TIMEPolitics – “Trump’s Iran failures left Biden with no choice but to make a deal, Senator @ChrisMurphyCT writes for TIME Trump’s Iran Failures Left Biden With No Choice But to Make a Deal… | time.com

Murphy (D-CT) 02/11/2022: Retweet of @carlbildt – “There will be a heated debate in the  if there is success in restoring the nuclear deal with. Here knowledgeable @ChrisMurphyCT gives a rather devastating indictment of the failed Trump policies on  and the nuclear deal. Link to video

Risch (R-ID) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “As Iranian proxies continue to attack U.S. forces & interests, the Biden Admin is pursuing a return to a flawed nuclear deal that fails to fully address #Iran’s malign activities. Any deal must be comprehensive. ‘Longer and stronger’ should be more than just a catchphrase.

Murphy (D-CT) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “Umm…I was expressing shock at the ongoing and accumulating cost to global security by President Trump’s decision to ignore his entire national security cabinet and tear up the the nuclear deal. Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @Bryan_E_Leib – “Great to be in studio yesterday with @JohnFBachman & @BiancaDLGarza at @newsmax! The world is a much safer place with #QasemSoleimani gone. Thank you President Trump for taking the bold action to weaken the Iranian Regime by eliminating their # 1 terrorist.  Link to video

Steube (R-FL-17) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “Biden’s administration continues to take the wrong approach towards the Iranian regime. They’ve provided Iran a pathway to increased nuclear stockpiles which reportedly now have the ability to strike our U.S. bases abroad. Iran debuts a new ‘Khaibar-buster’ missile that can reportedly strike Israel and U.S. bases in the Middle East… | theblaze.com” [Also on GETTR]

Crenshaw (R-TX-2) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “As the administration trips over itself to appease Iran, the Iranian’s are unveiling missiles capable of targeting anywhere in the region. Our maximum pressure policy from the Trump administration worked. Appeasement doesn’t. Link to quoted tweet

Deutch (D-FL-22) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Insightful meeting yesterday w/ UK Minister @JamesCleverly where we discussed countering Russian aggression, ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran, and supporting our Gulf partners under terror threat. We remain committed to the special and enduring US-UK relationship. Link to image

Doggett (D-TX-35) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Honored to be endorsed by the Council for a Livable World. I led the effort in the House to oppose President George W. Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq, opposed the surge of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and worked with President Obama in supporting the Iran nuclear agreement. Link to image

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Not only does this Administration want to enter a nuclear deal with this regime, but they want to give them billions of dollars in the process. Link to quoted tweet

Grassley (R-IA) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Talked w Charles Payne on Fox News abt Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine, not repeating history w another bad Iran Deal & how Supreme Court vacancy should be filled w someone who interprets law & doesn’t think their job is to make law fr the bench Link to image

Issa (R-CA-50) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Biden thinks he can trust Iran. He’s wrong.” [Also on GETTR]

Levin (D-MI-9) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “As a member of @HouseForeign, I’ve been clear that we need to reverse the harmful Trump admin Iran policies. We know that the Iran nuclear deal worked. It is the best option as we move towards building peace, constraining Iran’s nuclear capabilities & empowering Iranians.

Miller-Meeks (R-IA-2) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “How myopic can an administration and POTUS be? Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @votevets – “No more wars of choice. We support @POTUS Biden’s negotiations to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. VoteVets Joins Coalition Letter Backing Re-entering Iran Nuclear Deal – VoteVets

Murphy (D-CT) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @RStatecraft – “NEW: Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT delivers impassioned speech in support of the #IranDeal, noting that Trump’s “maximum pressure” has been tried and it failed, via @nick_clevelands Senator Murphy: ‘Max pressure’ on Iran has been tried, and failed – Responsible Statecraft | responsiblestatecraft.org

Scott (R-FL) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Re-joining the failed Iran deal would be disastrous for our national security & our allies, like Israel. The more dangerous Iran becomes, the more Joe Biden wants to appease. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @jstreetdotorg – “The Iran deal worked. Trump’s maximum pressure campaign was an absolute failure. Period. Link to quoted tweet

Johnson (R-WI) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration made a dangerous decision to restart nuclear negotiations with Iran. If we continue down this path, we will see increased aggression toward our ally, Israel, and increased danger to Americans. Giving Iran a free pass is a DANGEROUS choice.

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Couldn’t have said it better myself! We shouldn’t be making concessions to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. End the talks. Link to quoted tweet

Waltz (R-FL-6) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @TND – “RUSSIA-UKRAINE TENSIONS ‘The rest of the world is watching: Xi, the Iranians, the North Korean and others are watching if we abandon yet another ally as we abandoned our allies in Afghanistan.’ – @michaelgwaltz Russia-Ukraine diplomacy talks ‘exposed cracks in the NATO alliance,’ said Rep. Waltz… | thenationaldesk.com   Link to video

Roy (R-TX-21) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Meanwhile, in Russia,China, Iran, North Korea…. US Army releases its Climate Strategy | Article | The United States Army

Womack (R-AR-3) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “The Biden Admin’s recent policy efforts have included HHS grants to fund free crack pipes for the sake of equity, clearing the release of terrorist & 9/11 conspirator Mohammed al-Qahtani from Guantanamo, removing sanctions against Iran, and more. How do these things help America? Link to quoted tweet

Gonzalez (D-TX-15) 02/08/2022: Twitter thread – “We went into JCPOA negotiations in good faith, and time and time again Iran has ignored our agreement and expanded their nuclear capabilities. We can’t let this fall by the wayside and ignore the rapidly escalating threat that Iran poses. (1/3) We have recognized Iran’s right to civilian nuclear power, but they continue to develop nuclear weapon capabilities and now stand to fully develop their program to the detriment of our national security. (2/3) .@Potus and our allies need to multilaterally extend and strengthen provisions in the JCPOA, ratify the additional protocol, strengthen sanctions, and develop strategies to scale back Iran’s nuclear capabilities. (3/3)

Hagerty (R-TN) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Biden is giving mixed signals at a terrible time. He’s relieving sanctions on Russia’s work on Iran’s nuclear program while also promising sanctions on Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine. Biden risks more foreign policy failure if he doesn’t show strength. US grants sanctions relief to Iran as nuke talks in balance… | apnews.com

Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Returning to the Iran deal is our best path forward to rein in Iran’s nuclear program and secure a diplomatic solution. Congress should do everything to support @POTUS & @USEnvoyIran working to get this done.

Markey (D-MA) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Tonight @SenJeffMerkley and I released a joint statement of support for President Biden’s diplomatic efforts to restore restraints and monitoring on Iran’s nuclear activities. Link to image

Menendez (D-NJ) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @PostLive – “On Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 3:00 p.m. ET- Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair @SenatorMenendez joins @CapehartJ to discuss possible sanctions the Senate may impose on Russia, the threat posed by China and concerns over Iran’s nuclear program. Register- 117th Congress: Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)… | ow.ly   Link to image

Merkley (D-OR) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “My statement with @SenMarkey on President Biden’s diplomatic efforts to restore restraints and monitoring on Iran’s nuclear activities Link to image

Murphy (D-CT) 02/08/2022: Floor statement – JCPOA

Murphy (D-CT) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “I’m heading to the Senate floor in about 20 minutes to explain why it’s so important for the United States and Iran to reconstruct a diplomatic agreement that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

Murphy (D-CT) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @AndrewDesiderio – “Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT on the Senate floor making the case for a return to the Iran nuclear deal. Last week, @SenatorMenendez made the opposite case. The Foreign Relations Committee will get a classified briefing from Malley & McGurk tomorrow on the status of the Vienna talks. Link to image

Murphy (D-CT) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “President Trump gave us the gift of being able to test the theory of the nuclear deal’s opponents, who said no deal was better than the JCPOA, and it turned out the strategy pushed by the deal’s critics was a spectacular failure. Link to video

Panetta (D-CA-20) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “A productive meeting with UK Ambassador @KarenPierceUK and UK North American Minister @JamesCleverly about trade, Iran, and Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. Our commitment to diplomacy and NATO are crucial to contain and confront aggressors and autocrats. Link to image

Thune (R-SD) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “Rejoining the failed Iran Nuclear Deal & removing/lessening sanctions will only help fund Iran’s malign nuclear agenda and terrorist orgs. If Pres. Biden evades the requirement for Senate approval, he’ll have sold out U.S. & Israeli security on a bad deal. U.S. Republican senators vow to thwart any Iran deal if Biden skips congressional review… | reuters.com

Cheney (R-WY-0) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon is a clear and present danger. Returning to the failed JCPOA or seeking an even weaker deal would be a disaster. Opinion | Rushing to a Weaker Iran Deal

Ernst (R-IA) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration must not bend to the demands of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.    Do not lift sanctions.  Do not rejoin the failed Iran Nuclear Deal. Opinion | Rushing to a Weaker Iran Deal

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “ Putin watched the failure in Afghanistan. – Xi Jinping is watching the Ukrainian Border. – Now, Biden wants to give billions to the Iranian regime. Our adversaries are more emboldened than they’ve been in years.”

Herrell (R-NM-2) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @LibertyIranian – “.@RichardGrenell: Big Tech Hypocritical for Allowing Iran Regime on Platforms “The Regime continues to have a variety of social media accounts spewing misinformation, violence, antisemitism, and homophobia” said Grenell. @newsmax @Bryan_E_Leib Ric Grenell: Big Tech Hypocritical for Allowing Iran Regime on Platforms | Newsmax.com

Houlahan (D-PA-6) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “This morning, I attended a classified @houseforeign briefing on our efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. With threats from malicious actors escalating around the world, taking proactive steps to limit nuclear proliferation is essential.”

Menendez (D-NJ) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @PostLive – “On Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 3:00 p.m. ET- Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair @SenatorMenendez joins @CapehartJ to discuss possible sanctions the Senate may impose on Russia, the threat posed by China and concerns over Iran’s nuclear program. Register- 117th Congress: Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)… | ow.ly   Link to image

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “We should have left the negotiating table with Iran a long time ago.

Markey (D-MA) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “President Biden is right to seek a return to the Iran Nuclear Deal. It is our best path forward to avoid a war with Iran and an Iranian nuclear weapon. Link to video

Murphy (D-CT) 02/07/2022: Retweet of @alexbward – “Genuine Q: What Iran deal would critics of the current model accept? If the answer is, essentially, “the wholesale change of Iran’s natsec policy and stance,” then what’s the evidence something like that is possible? Not partisan, but fact is we know deal worked; MP hasn’t yet.”

Van Drew (R-NJ-2) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “Big Tech allows the Iranian Regime to spread antisemitism, misinformation, hate, and violence on their platforms. This is yet another example of the hypocrisy and lack of awareness from Big Tech. Link to quoted tweet

Hagerty (R-TN) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “Biden’s refused to take action against the sharp rise in Iranian oil exports since he took office. My colleagues & I wrote to him demanding he enforce mandatory sanctions against the growing fleet of oil tankers selling Iranian oil & entities purchasing it.Enforce sanctions on Iranian oil tankers – Senate Republicans to Biden – The Jerusalem Post

Blackburn (R-TN) 02/06/2022: Tweet – “Does the Biden administration think no one is watching as they allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons?” Re-tweeted by Long (R-MO-7)

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/07/2022: Retweet of @james_t_quinn – “.@NikkiHaley stmt on this report: “Biden is giving Iran a win for absolutely nothing in return…to get into Iran’s good graces. The Ayatollahs know Biden will do anything to keep them at the table and they are taking full advantage of us in the process.” US grants sanctions relief to Iran as nuke talks in balance… | apnews.com

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “All signs point to a new U.S.-Iran nuclear deal that is worse than the first one. Opinion | Rushing to a Weaker Iran Deal via @WSJOpinion

Fallon (R-TX-4) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “Big Tech is removing members of Congress from their platforms, but allowing the largest state sponsor of terrorism to run wild. The hypocrisy is laughable. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “When Iran hawks this week come after Biden, remind them that for four years Trump implemented the Iran policy they wanted and it was a total dumpster fire. Iran’s breakout time to a nuclear weapon is now 2 months.

Rogers (R-AL-3) 02/07/2022: Retweet of @HASCRepublicans – “The Biden Administration is preparing to give billions of dollars in sanctions relief to a terrorist regime to re-enter a deal that will pave the way to an Iranian nuclear weapon. We’ve seen this movie before and it doesn’t stop Iran from working towards a nuclear weapon. Link to quoted tweet

Roy (R-TX-21) 02/06/2022: Retweet of @LibertyIranian – “We are calling on President Biden to reverse the @TheJusticeDept decision to delay their trial against alleged Iranian spy Kaveh Afrasiabi. We will be sending a letter to President Biden demanding this. Join us! Sign the Petition Urging President Biden’s DOJ to Convict Afrasiabi   Link to video

Womack (R-AR-3) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “Biden Admin foreign policy: Sanctions waivers for Iran as their nuclear arsenal grows | Bungling Afghanistan withdrawal | Greenlighting Putin pipeline as threats against Ukraine rise | Failing to hold China accountable for covid origins and actions towards Taiwan & Hong Kong”

McCaul (R-TX-10) 02/05/2022: Twitter thread – “LR @RepMcCaul “I am deeply concerned these waivers show the admin is preparing to cut a nuclear deal w/Iran that would be worse than the original JCPOA. We already know Iran will enter any new deal closer to amassing enough fuel for a nuclear weapon than it was under the JCPOA. Link to quoted tweet “I urge the administration not to agree to another bad nuclear deal. And I remind them that if they reach any nuclear deal with Iran, it will be subject to review by Congress under the law – and my colleagues and I will closely scrutinize the terms. “Another bad deal is worse for our national security than no deal.””

Cruz (R-TX) 02/05/2022: Twitter thread – “At a time when Iran is targeting the United States and our allies across the Middle East, the Biden administration is dismantling sanctions to allow them to build up their nuclear program. 1/x Along with unfreezing billions of dollars and looking the other way at Iranian sanctions-busting, restoring civil nuclear waivers for Iran is just one more step the Biden administration is taking toward reviving a weaker version of the catastrophic Obama-Iran nuclear deal. 2/x President Biden and his officials are also declaring for themselves the ability to ignore requirements written into law mandating that Congress has the opportunity to review and reject their reckless concessions to Iran. 3/x This attempt to usurp power from Congress will be met with a sustained and aggressive response. 4/x The Ayatollah exploits these civil nuclear waivers to build up Iran’s nuclear program with the express intention of eventually developing nuclear weapons to inflict destruction on America and our allies. When he chants ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America,’ he means it. 5/x President Trump rightly ended these waivers, and now the Biden administration is resurrecting them. It’s unconscionable, and we need to end these waivers once and for all. 6/x”

Long (R-MO-7) 02/05/2022: Retweet of @mikepompeo – “Biden lifting sanctions on Iran. Iran giving nothing in return. Ayatollah seeing weakness. Israel more at risk. This looks like desperation and Americans will pay the price.”

Sherrill (D-NJ-11) 02/04/2022: Twitter thread – “This week’s Senate floor debate further illustrates the need for US efforts to ensure Iran does not have a path to developing nuclear weapons. Iran is one of the largest state sponsors of terrorism, has created insecurity throughout the Middle East, and presents an existential threat to Israel. I remain committed to ensuring the US takes appropriate diplomatic action to prevent a nuclear Iran.”

Cornyn (R-TX) 02/05/2022: Retweet of @Norman_Roule – “Iran remains the only simultaneously strategic, lethal, & urgent threat to U.S. & partner interests. Threats to global shipping lanes & energy supplies; support for terrorists & militias; & role in missile & drone attacks warrant this statement. Link to quoted tweet

Cruz (R-TX) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “President Biden and Biden-Harris officials are lying to journalists and the American people. They informed Congress that they are dismantling sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, and allowing Russia and China to help the Ayatollah build up his nuclear weapons program. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “The only upside of Trump’s disastrous “maximum pressure” Iran policy was that it definitively proved that unilateral sanctions make things worse, not better. Iran got stronger and their behavior got more dangerous after we left the deal.”

Murphy (D-CT) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “When the Iran deal was in place, Iranian proxies in Iraq weren’t shooting at U.S. troops. In fact, for a while they were fighting side by side against ISIS. As soon as we left the deal, the rockets started. Our soldiers were targets. One narrowly missed killing 100 of our guys.

Murphy (D-CT) 02/05/2022: Tweet – “There is nothing about the last four years that tells us America or the world is safer with no nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran. Once Trump ended the deal, Iran began shooting at our troops, sped up nuclear research, and increased support for dangerous regional proxies.”

Nehls (R-TX-22) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “Democrats are pro-Iran. Republicans are pro-America.”

Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/04/2022: Retweet of @james_t_quinn – “New: A group of House lawmakers asked President Biden to focus on Iran’s ballistic-missile capabilities, warning that he’s failed to respond to a number of worrying new developments in the country’s missile program. @NRO Lawmakers Ask Biden to Take Iran Ballistic Threat Seriously: ‘Homeland in Range’ | National Review

Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/04/2022: Twitter thread – “It is unthinkable that the Biden administration restored sanctions waivers relating to the Iranian regime’s civilian nuclear activities. This opens the door for Putin and the CCP to do business with Iran with impunity, further advancing Tehran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon (1/3) capable of striking the US and our allies. Additionally, a deal that does not address the regime’s advancing ballistic missile program and support of terrorist proxies is no deal at all. The (2/3) Iranian regime is not capable of negotiating in good faith. Endless concessions will have devastating outcomes. (3/3)”


Saudi Arabia/Yemen/UAE/Houthis

Murphy (D-CT) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @AnnelleSheline – “@ChrisMurphyCT: “[The terrorist designation would] shut down commercial food imports to Yemen. That is nothing that any member of Congress wants on their conscience & something I hope the administration doesn’t want either.” @AkbarSAhmed for @HuffPost The Hawks, Lobbyists And Dictator Who Are Pushing Joe Biden To Spark A Historic Famine In Yemen… | huffpost.com

Risch (R-ID) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “I share concerns about the desperate humanitarian conditions in #Yemen. @PowerUSAID should target aid to those in need while @SecBlinken works with our partners to confront obstructionism by the #Houthis.

Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @democracynow – “The U.S. has failed Yemeni civilians, says Congressmember @RoKhanna. “We could ground the Saudi air force to a halt tomorrow if we stop supplying them with tires and parts. Instead, we continue to authorize arms sales to the Saudis.” Link to video

Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/10/2022: Retweet of @democracynow – “Rep. Ro Khanna: The U.S. Could End the Yemen War Tomorrow. It’s Time to Stop Arming the Saudis Rep. Ro Khanna: The U.S. Could End the Yemen War Tomorrow. It’s Time to Stop Arming the Saudis… | democracynow.org

Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “.@POTUS was right to revoke Trump’s deadly designation and should not reverse course. This FTO will not stop the Houthis’ horrendous attacks, but it would worsen an already horrific humanitarian crisis, and more Yemeni children could go hungry. Link to quoted tweet

Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @USProgressives – “This would absolutely be the wrong move, and only bring further suffering to the Yemeni people. Congress has given the Biden administration the roadmap for here: withdraw U.S. participation in Saudi Arabia’s war and end weapons sales. They only need to follow it. Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/09/2022: Retweet of @USProgressives – “This would absolutely be the wrong move, and only bring further suffering to the Yemeni people. Congress has given the Biden administration the roadmap for here: withdraw U.S. participation in Saudi Arabia’s war and end weapons sales. They only need to follow it. Link to quoted tweet

DeFazio (D-OR-4) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @shireen818 – “My latest on #Yemen: Biden has merely rebranded the brutal war against Yemen. Via @BusinessInsider Biden Has Merely Rebranded the Brutal War Against Yemen | businessinsider.com

Loudermilk (R-GA-11) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “What Biden and his supporters don’t understand is that shutting down oil/gas production in the U.S. doesn’t help the environment. It makes the env. worse bc it requires us to import oil from countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia, which only care about profits, not the envr.” [Also on GETTR]

Wittman (R-VA-1) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “I am astounded by the reported plans of the Biden Administration to release al-Qahtani, an intended 9/11 hijacker, back into Saudi Arabia. I agree with @RepMikeRogersAL – this decision by President Biden is incredibly dangerous and completely unacceptable. Link to quoted tweet

Omar (D-MN-5) 02/07/2022: Retweet of @tparsi – “McKenzie says Iran is morally responsible for Houthi attacks conducted with Iranian weapons. I agree. Logically then, the US is also morally responsible for the 10,000s killed with US weapons, since the US sells +$60bn of weapons to the UAE and Saudi. U.S. looks to build on security guarantees to UAE after Houthi missile attacks… | washingtonpost.com

McCarthy (R-CA-23) 02/07/2022: Retweet of @HASCRepublicans – “According to press reports, the Biden-Harris Administration now plans to release al-Qahtani from Guantánamo Bay to Saudi Arabia. Letting a 9/11 hijacker walk free is an appalling capitulation to the far-left. ROGERS APPALLED BY REPORTS THAT BIDEN ADMIN WILL LET 9/11 HIJACKER WALK FREE… | republicans-armedservices.house.gov   Link to image

Rogers (R-AL-3) 02/07/2022: Retweet of @HASCRepublicans – “According to press reports, the Biden-Harris Administration now plans to release al-Qahtani from Guantánamo Bay to Saudi Arabia. Letting a 9/11 hijacker walk free is an appalling capitulation to the far-left. ROGERS APPALLED BY REPORTS THAT BIDEN ADMIN WILL LET 9/11 HIJACKER WALK FREE… | republicans-armedservices.house.gov   Link to image

Stefanik (R-NY-21) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “Joe Biden continues to show weakness on the world stage. This time, by planning to release a co-conspirator in the 9/11 hijacking. This is turning a blind eye to the horror the 9/11 hijackers reaped on the world, and especially New Yorkers. Stefanik Slams Biden’s Plans to Release 9/11 Hijacker to Saudi Arabia… | stefanik.house.gov

Shaheen (D-NH) 02/05/2022: Tweet – “This week, the Senate unanimously passed my bipartisan resolution supporting democracy in Belarus & condemning Lukashenka’s transnational repression. I’m pleased @StateDept is putting Lukashenka on alert that there will be consequences for violence against political dissidents. Link to quoted tweet

DeFazio (D-OR-4) 02/04/2022: Twitter thread – “Today marks one year since Pres Biden pledged to end US support for so-called “offensive” operations in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. But a year later, the US continues to directly support this war. Link to quoted tweet The conflict has only escalated & the humanitarian crisis continues. It’s time to end unauthorized US involvement now.

Khanna (D-CA-17) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “@KateKizer: Until leadership in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi—and their benefactors in DC & London—stop pursuing a military solution, the Houthis will continue doing the one thing they are skilled at: waging war with millions paying the price. The U.S. Is Wrong on Yemen. Again…. | foreignpolicy.com

Malinowski (D-NJ-7) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “Tom spoke with @mehdirhasan on the need to end US maintenance contracts on Saudi jets. “If we’re going to stop offensive support. We’ve got to stop what happens to be maybe the least sexy, but most important, offensive support that we’re providing.” Link to video

Tuberville (R-AL) 02/05/2022: Tweet – “Former Auburn golfer @jovanrebula is making a run at the Saudi International and is paired up with Mickelson tomorrow!#WarEagle Link to image

Welch (D-VT-0) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “One year ago today, we pledged to end the war in Yemen. We cannot forget our commitment to ending this humanitarian crisis and relieving the suffering of the Yemeni people. We need to act. Biden ending US support for Saudi-led offensive in Yemen… | apnews.com



Fortenberry (R-NE-1) 02/08/2022: Tweet – “I lived in #Egypt as a young person. As Co-Chair of the Friends of Egypt Caucus in Congress, this is an exciting and meaningful development in the society of our important partner. Breaking: Sisi appoints first-ever Christian Supreme Constitutional Court’s president – Politics – Egypt



Sessions (R-TX-17) 02/08/2022: Retweet of @TurkishEmbassy – “Congressman @PeteSessions and his staff attended dinner hosted by Ambassador @HMuratMercan. They underlined the importance of strategic cooperation, and their commitment to working together to further strengthen the relationship between our nations. Link to image

Pallone (D-NJ-6) 02/04/2022: Twitter thread – “Our special forces, on the order of @POTUS, removed the leader of ISIS as the terrorist group was ramping up deadly actions in the region. I commend the President for taking decisive action to neutralize this growing terrorist threat. Link to quoted tweet This is the second ISIS leader found hiding in areas that Turkish-backed extremists control with at least one Turkish military base nearby. Turkey continues to support violent extremist groups that use terrorists to destabilize the region.”

Wilson (R-SC-2) 02/04/2022: Twitter thread – “As a co-chair of the Caucus on US-Turkey Relations and Turkish Americans, I commend President Recep Erdogan on the signing of a free-trade agreement and expanded manufacturing of Bayraktar TB2 drones with Ukraine, as well as his statements affirming Ukraine’s sovereignty (1/2) during his visit. Turkey is a valued member of NATO, and NATO supports Ukrainian independence. This was an important signal to Putin that there is no appetite for his continued aggression as NATO has been unified in its rebuke of Putin’s actions. (2/2)”



Meeks (D-NY-5) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “CM @RepGregoryMeeks: President Saied dissolving Tunisia’s Supreme Judicial Council is another step backward for what was a developing democracy. Rule by decree must end, judicial independence be restored, parliament unfrozen & politicized detentions cease immediately. Link to quoted tweet

Risch (R-ID) 02/07/2022: Tweet – “I’m concerned by President Saied’s attempt to disband #Tunisia’s Superior Council of the Judiciary. This is just the latest in a series of anti-democratic moves by Saied. The U.S. remains committed to working w/ the Tunisian people to support a free & independent judiciary.”

Murphy (D-CT) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “Good piece by @joshrogin on Tunisia. In it, I express my belief that it’s time for America to take a firmer line on the dangerous disappearance of democracy there. I was in Tunis last fall and had a long meeting with President Saied. Link to quoted tweet

Schweikert (R-AZ-6) 02/04/2022: Twitter thread – “This morning I spoke with the Tunisian ambassador about the current situation in #Tunisia. Respect for democratic institutions, transparency and the voice of civil society remains important during the upcoming actions this year. The U.S. continues to stand with the Tunisian people and their aspirations for a strong, democratic Tunisia.


Other – Middle East

Feinstein (D-CA) 02/10/2022: Tweet – “The American people deserve to know more about the U.S drone program and its effects around the world. I strongly believe that greater transparency is required and we need to reinstate an annual report regarding the number of strikes and civilian deaths. Link to video

Graham (R-SC) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “You’ve got a witness that can’t answer the question: ‘Would Al Qaeda and ISIS strike the American people if they could?’ Of course they would. ‘If They Could Kill Us All, They Would’: Lindsey Graham Torches Dems Trying to End Drone Program | townhall.com

Durbin (D-IL) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “In the fearful months after 9/11, we strayed from our values—including conducting lethal strikes in unprecedented ways. Now, as we grapple with modern challenges, we must ensure that the policies governing our response are grounded in the rule of law and respect for human rights. Link to quoted tweet

Graham (R-SC) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “About to question the witnesses on the legality of drone strikes against terror targets in the Senate Judiciary Committee. WATCH: ‘Targeted Killing’ and the Rule of Law: The Legal and Human Costs of 20 Years of U.S. Drone Strikes… | judiciary.senate.gov

Graham (R-SC) 02/09/2022: Tweet – “Graham: Do you believe if al-Qaeda and ISIS had the ability they would strike America today or tomorrow if they could? Witness: The reason I’m having a hard time answering that with a ‘Yes or No’ answer is.. Graham: That’s all I need to know. WATCH: Graham Questions Witnesses On Terrorism Threats In Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing… | youtu.be

Crist (D-FL-13) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “US dealt a serious blow to ISIS by taking al-Qurayshi off the battlefield. Thank you to our military personnel and intelligence community for your bravery and patriotism to fight terrorists and keep Florida families safe. Grateful to @POTUS for leadership ordering the strike. 

Murphy (D-CT) 02/04/2022: Tweet – “Who are these “American proponents of abandoning the Persian Gulf” I keep hearing about? Link to quoted tweet