Peace Now rally against the "Jewish State" bill in Jerusalem

bullhornThousands of Israelis turned out Saturday night for a large rally in Jerusalem, organized by Peace Now, to protest the “Jewish State” bill and other anti-democratic initiatives of the Israeli government. The rally was held opposite the Prime Minister’s residence. The keynote speakers were former Shin Bet director Carmi Gillon, former minister of education Yossi Sarid, and Israel’s leading rapper, Shaanan Streett, the soloist of popular hip-hop band Hadag Nachash.



Here, Carmi Gillon speaks out against the "bunch of pyromaniacs and egomaniacs" who are heading towards Israel's destruction, and concludes, "If Yossi Sarid tells me, a centrist, that in order to fight this fascism, I have to shift further to the left, then I'll shift further to the Left." (With English subtitles)


Here, Shaanan Streett reads a poem that he has written especially for the rally. Watch him reading his protest poem (with English subtitles) here.

 View photos from the rally here.