APN's Lara Friedman at HaaretzQ

Lara-at_HaaretzQ319x355At a TED-styleStyle session, APN"s Lara Friedman spoke on the question  “What do WE (Israelis) need from the relationship with YOU (American Jews)”?


HaaretzQ: with New Israel Fund is a conference, but it is more than a conference. It is an opportunity to ask and discuss the most pressing questions around Israel today and engage in a new IsraeliAmerican discussion about the future. HaaretzQ hosted a broad range of innovative and engaging sessions led by senior Haaretz journalists with a wide array of speakers from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Europe and the U.S. as well as keynote remarks, panel discussions, and Ted-style sessions, where today’s top leaders will offer new ideas to pressing questions in short talks and round-table discussions.