Attending the 2016 APN Study Tour

Ofran_Group_HebronI am excited to attend my third study tour with Americans for Peace Now this November 2016. 

Each time I attend with the study group I not only learn more about this ever so difficult conflict that the world has to fully understand, but sadly how many still do not realize the consequences if we do not achieve a peaceful two state solution between the Israeli and Palestinian people.  The possibilities are still very real, but the window is closing if we cannot have an clear dialogue of what is at stake for everyone involved, Jew, Muslim and Christian alike.


The study tour has given me a great opportunity to meet so many amazing, yet diverse groups of people who want to understand and share the same goal for this ever so complex part of the world. Israel along with Palestine is an amazing place to visit, my most favorite in the world without question.  When I arrive I am excited of what I will see, learn and experience as each time is a new experience as if I have never been there before.  It is a privilege to meet the people who are the heart and soul of the peace movement and run Peace Now in Tel Aviv.  


These are difficult times for the people of Israel when it comes to security concerns, and the Palestinian people whose future often looks bleak.  The study tour gives a rare insight to what is happening through a dinner or lunch conversation with people you would not have a chance to meet, or at places a tourist may not attend on their own. The meetings and conversations are well coordinated with those who share the same peaceful and non violent views as we do in our group. 

If you have the time and want to invest in a worthwhile cause with an amazing group of people who want to make humanity that much better for all, please join us this November.  If you have any personal questions about the experience itself from someone who has been twice before on this study tour, reach out to me and I would be happy to discuss it with you!


David Edelman

Photos - Top Right: Our group during a tour in Hebron; Above Left:  Me with Orly Halpern, Israeli journalist and APN News Nosh editor; Bottom Right: US Ambassador Dan Shapiro, APN Chairman Jim Klutznick, and APN Founder and Tour Leader Professor Mark Rosenblum

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