Planned new settlement of Givat Eitam, aka E-2

FOTG_E2The Netanyahu government is actively promoting an extraordinarily dangerous and destructive new settlement plan which activists have dubbed “E-2” – a name that reflects the fact that the plan is as dangerous and destructive to the two-state solution as the infamous E-1 project (against which the international community has formed a united front). The E-2 project, which the settlers call Givat Eitam, involves thousands of new units to be built south of Bethlehem, near the settlement of Efrat. Documents recently released by the government in connection with a lawsuit brought by Peace Now show that the Netanyahu government is actively moving ahead with this plan at this time, including working to seize new land on which it can build necessary infrastructure to implement the project (a new major road).



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APN Briefing Call with Peace Now Settlement Watch Director Hagit Ofran(August 25, 2016)
Peace Now report 1/13/16: High Court Rejects Nahla Landowners' Petition Removes Legal Obstacle to Establish a Settlement in E2
Peace Now report January 2015: The new settlement in a-Nahla – a significant threat to the two-state solution
September 2014 report by Peace Now, Kerem Navot, and Combatants for Peace: The New Settlement in E2 (Nahla) - A Significant Threat to the Two States Solution
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State Department briefing 8/16/16: “We’re concerned because these plans, if carried out, would have the effect of isolating Bethlehem from the southern West Bank, and that’s fundamentally…fundamentally incompatible with the pursuit of a two-state solution.”



Jerusalem Post 8/17: ‘Gush Etzion settlement bloc to grow to half-a-million people’
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