APN Weekly Update - Settlement Watch on E-2 and Amona, remembering Menachem Brinker, Study Tour and more

Americans for Peace Now
Americans for Peace Now: August 17, 2016

"I have always felt a deep attachment to Judea and Samaria because of the Bible. But at some point, we began to understand that while fighting for the land, we were losing the people . . . Rabbi Amital would tell us that the people take precedence over the land, and I have always embraced that legacy."

Rabbi Benny Lau, from Ha'aretz: "This Orthodox Israeli Rabbi Is an Ultra-liberal and Not Ashamed of It"

Hard Questions, Tough Answers with Yossi Alpher


Yossi Alpher is an independent Israeli security analyst. Views and positions expressed here are those of the writer, and do not necessarily represent APN's views and policy positions.

August 15, 2016 - North of Israel: Turkey, Russia, Aleppo

Q. What's the significance of last week’s rapprochement in St. Petersburg between Russia's Putin and Turkey's Erdogan? Are the Czar and the Sultan back together again?

A. ...Russia's relations with Turkey were frozen for more than half a year after Turkish Air Force planes downed a Russian combat aircraft over Syria...

Q. Where does this Byzantine labyrinth leave the US? Europe? Israel?

A. Turkey remains in NATO, however unhappy the two are with one another...

Q. Apropos Erdogan, Putin and Netanyahu, are we witnessing the evolution of regional leadership toward a kind of democratic-autocratic model? Even Egypt's Sisi fits the mold.

A. It is certainly tempting to speculate about this...

Q. How did Putin and Russia become so central to the Middle East drama?

A. Russia has been making inroads into the Middle East ever since, in 2013, Putin exploited the Obama administration’s quandary regarding a response to Syria's use of chemical weapons and stepped in to mediate their removal...

Q. Much of the Russian-Turkish dynamic appears currently to focus on the battle for Aleppo in northern Syria. Last week, 15 Syrian doctors in Aleppo wrote to President Obama begging him to intervene. Why is this city so important?

A. Before Syria fell apart, Aleppo was its economic capital...

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Settlement Watch

Land Expropriation Advanced for "E-2" - a New Settlement on JNF Lands

Peace Now has warned that the construction project referred to as E-2 "would have a devastating impact on the two-state solution."

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Peace Now in Jerusalem Post: Continued work on the project "demonstrates the true path" of Prime Minister Netanyahu's government.

APN to Obama: Act to Reverse Israeli Government Taking Over Palestinian Land for West Bank Settlement

APN calls on the Obama administration to weigh in and reverse the Israeli government's decision to rebuild Amona, a West Bank outpost built in violation of Israeli law. Peace Now: "In order to compensate a small group of settlers who stole private Palestinian lands, the Israeli government itself is now stealing private lands as well."

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APN Israel Study Tour

APN 2016 Israel Study Tour - Registration Closing Soon

Several special elements will be part of this specific trip, including travel days to the north and south of Israel, and to the West Bank.

Go HERE for more about this unique experience and how to sign up, and HERE for the Study Tour Schedule.

Contact us at IsraelTour@peacenow.org or 202-408-9898 with any questions.

Menachem Brinker, 1935-2016

Professor Menachem Brinker was a prominent political activist after the Six Day war who co-founded Israel's Peace Now movement. He helped chart the organization's path for many years, in parallel to his academic pursuits which included his receiving the Israel Prize in Hebrew Literature.

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