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Americans for Peace Now
Americans for Peace Now: December 22, 2016

"I understand what it is to lose a home. After the 1999 elections, without any warning, my family and I were driven out of the [Prime Minister's Residence], just thrown on the street. We had to go to the Sheraton Plaza. It's a terrible feeling."

Prime Minister Netanyahu, to illegal outpost residents of Amona who are getting 1 million shekels per family to move off other people's land.

Hard Questions, Tough Answers with Yossi Alpher


Yossi Alpher is an independent security analyst. Views and positions expressed here are those of the writer, and do not necessarily represent APN's views and policy positions.

December 19, 2016 - US-Israel in the Trump era: Ambassador Friedman and a US embassy in Jerusalem

Q. President-elect Trump has selected David Friedman to be US ambassador to Israel. Friedman and the Trump team assert that the US embassy will soon be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Friedman actively supports the settlements, rejects the two-state solution, and calls J-Street “worse than capos”. A game-changer from hell?

A. Potentially more than one game-changer...

Q. Start with the Friedman appointment.

A. It is sad to note that this is actually the most “lite” of the three issues...

Q. And if the embassy is really moved to Jerusalem and this president makes good on a promise nearly all presidential candidates have made but not kept for decades?

A. ...It is the Arab and broader Muslim worlds that will react angrily and probably violently...

Q. So what should Trump be doing about the embassy?

A. ...Considering how often and unashamedly he zigzags, Trump should have no difficulty in wiggling out of this disastrous commitment.

Q. How do the ambassadorial appointment and the Jerusalem embassy issues factor into the existing divides and conflicts within world Jewry?

A. These two issues are likely to exacerbate the divide in Israel... In America, the Israel-related hawk-dove divide is likely to grow...

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Government Relations

APN Legislative Round-Up: December 8-16, 2016

  1. Bills and Resolutions
  2. AIPAC Touts Accomplishments in 114th Congress
  3. On the Record

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If Not News, Then What? by Rabbi Jonah Rank

Rabbi Rank relates the proliferation of "fake news" to the current Torah portion (Parsha), and how Jewish tradition urges us to speculate not on the origins of evils but the path forward to peace.

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Action Alert

Tell Your Senators: Reject Trump's Dangerous Choice for Ambassador to Israel

David Friedman is a friend of the settlement movement who backs unlimited settlement expansion, has accused President Obama of being an anti-Semite, and says that liberal Zionists are "worse than kapos." Tell your Senators to reject his nomination to be the next US ambassador to Israel.


Ambassador-nominee David Friedman, In His Own Words

See a compilation of quotes from articles and speeches by David Friedman so you can better understand and judge his views, based entirely on his own words.

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APN Audio

APN launches PeaceCast!

PeaceCast is a podcast produced in Washington by APN, exploring issues and trends relating to peace and security for Israel, focusing on Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians and efforts to resolve it. Episodes feature experts, activists, advocates and scholars whose work or passion is Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Go HERE to listen to the premiere episode featuring Elias Zananiri and Talia Sasson, and subscribe to PeaceCast through the podcast app on your smartphone.


Briefing Call

LISTEN to APN's Briefing Call with Senator George Mitchell and Alon Sachar

The authors of A Path to Peace: A Brief History of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations and a Way Forward in the Middle East, discussed their findings, including the imperative of a two-state solution.


Recommended Reading

YNET: "More and more land, less of a state" by Nahum Barnea

The settlement in the territories is the most significant, influential enterprise established in Israel in the past 50 years. On the way, it crushes the foundations of statehood laid by the founding generation.

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