Peace Now Settlement Watch: Promotion of Plans for 546 Housing Units in The Settlements

News from the Peace Now's (Israel) Settlement Watch:

The Civil Administration's High Planning Committee will discuss today the advancement of plans for 546 new units in settlements.

Plan name Settlement Name Publication Date Planning Stage Number of units Units
410/3/19 Efrat 31/08/16 Discussion for Validation 32
220/10/11 Giva't Ze'ev Agan HaAyalot 31/08/16
Discussion for Validation 20
201/3/12 Beit Arye 31/08/16 Discussion for Validation 30
202/1/1 Ofarim 31/08/16 Discussion for Validation 179 179
119/8 Nofim 31/08/16 Discussion for Depositing 48
401/2/1/4 Har Gilo 31/08/16 Discussion for Depositing 3
125/14/1 Elkana 31/08/16 Discussion for Depositing 234

Peace Now: From January 2016 plans for 2,706 new units in West Bank settlements were promoted (756 of them are retroactive approval of illegal construction). The Netanyahu government continues to plan and build all over the West Bank, while also giving settlers the message that any construction done without planning will be retroactively legalized. Not only that the Netanyahu government does not believe in a two states solution, it is actively trying to kill it by building more and more in the settlements. This policy contradicts the very essential interests of the state of Israel. 

For the full list of plans since January 2016 - click here