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Americans for Peace Now
Americans for Peace Now: October 21, 2016

"We are grateful for the efforts of non-governmental organizations both in the US and in Israel, and that includes Peace Now in the US, and B’tselem, which continue to inform us about the fundamental issues that occur on the ground, including the settlements enterprise."

US State Department Spokesperson Edgar Vasquez in a statement to Yedioth Ahronoth.

Hard Questions, Tough Answers with Yossi Alpher


Yossi Alpher is an independent security analyst. Views and positions expressed here are those of the writer, and do not necessarily represent APN's views and policy positions.

October 19, 2016 - The UN, the US and the Palestinian issue

Q. Last week's UN Security Council discussion of the settlements has generated angry criticism from the Netanyahu government. What in particular angered the prime minister?

A. A host of issues...

Q. Hold on. APN's Lara Friedman also testified before the Council on the settlements issue.

A. ...Friedman concentrated on what Peace Now does so well: chronicling the spread of settlements and the damage this does to the prospects for a viable two-state solution...

Q. And at the broadest strategic level, what does the Security Council discussion contribute toward a two-state solution?

A. Friedman was right in arguing before the Council last week that Israel's settlement policies "reflect a deliberate strategy designed to prevent the emergence of a viable, contiguous Palestinian state."...

Q. Last week, leaked US presidential campaign correspondence quoted democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggesting, immediately after Israel’s March 2015 elections, that a "Potemkin" Israeli-Palestinian peace process would be better than none at all. Do you agree?

A. No. The entire Israeli-Palestinian complex has careened so far beyond a peace process that a peace initiative emanating from parties who know it has no chance of success would do more damage than good...

Q. Examples?

A. ...Secretary of State John Kerry's initiative of 2013-2014...Prime Minister Netanyahu's May 2016 initiative to recruit Egyptian support...

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APN in Action

APN's Lara Friedman Addresses the United Nations Security Council on Settlements

APN's director of policy and government relations spoke on Friday, October 14 before the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) at a special session organized to examine the issue of "Illegal Israeli Settlements: An Obstacle to Peace and a Threat to the Two-State Solution."

Go HERE for a transcript of APN's testimony delivered by Lara Friedman.

"Haaretz: Speech Made by Americans for Peace Now at the UN Reflects Love for Israel" by Lara Friedman

We are proud to have spoken at the Security Council, and we will continue to speak out, wherever and whenever we believe it can make a difference, until Israeli policies cease to prioritize settlements over peace, security, democracy and Israel’s place in the community of nations.

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Go HERE for a resource page with links to videos from the UN Security Council and the Press Conference, news coverage, and more.

"Deluded" - Because we dared

In response to APN's measured, fact-based analysis of the damage that West Bank settlements inflict on Israel’s national security, Prime Minister Netanyahu took to Facebook to hurl false accusations and saying that APN was part of a "slander campaign."

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Briefing Call

Listen to the post-UNSC Hearing Briefing Call with APN's Lara Friedman and Israeli legal expert Michael Sfard

These two experts discussed the United National Security Council special session on "Illegal Israeli Settlements: An Obstacle to Peace and a Threat to the Two-State Solution."


APN Response


APN Denounces UNESCO Resolution; Urges UN Agencies to Avoid One-Sided Language on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


APN calls on UNESCO to appropriately amend its resolution, and urges United Nations agencies, when referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to avoid exclusionary and inflammatory language.

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