Press Release: APN Commends Congress for Giving Iran Diplomacy a Chance to Work; Applauds Activists for their Engagement

Ameicans for Peace Now (APN) today issued the following statement: "As Congress goes into its winter recess, we commend those members of Congress who stood firm and rejected efforts, both in the House and Senate, to pursue legislative initiatives that would undermine the interim agreement with Iran and threaten the chances of reaching a permanent agreement with Iran - an agreement that offers the best chance to resolve U.S. and international concerns about Iran's nuclear program and nuclear ambitions.

"For years, APN has argued, correctly, that sanctions, even when coupled with the threat of military action, cannot resolve these concerns; resolute diplomacy is the key. We applaud President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and their partners in the international community for pursuing exactly this kind of diplomacy. We believe that anyone who cares about Israel and U.S. national interests must do everything possible to support it and ensure that it has every chance for success. 

"Finally, in recent months APN has challenged its supporters and activists, over and over, to take action on the issue of Iran.  In each case, APN activists took up the challenge, generating thousands of calls and emails to members of the House and Senate - timely interventions that conveyed a clear message: Americans who care about Israel want Congress to give Iran diplomacy a chance.  The results of such activism were clear when almost one-third of the House signed the letter - contributing to the momentum that led to last month's talks with Iran in Geneva.  They were likewise clear when, as talks in Geneva went forward, key Senators resisted efforts to force through additional sanctions legislation that would certainly have destroyed these talks. And the results of such activism were on display again this week when, members of both the House and Senate ultimately resisted heavy pressure to pursue legislation that would certainly have killed this agreement.

"These results demonstrate the power that pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans have in the political process. Each call and email reminded members of Congress that they have large and engaged constituencies that want them to support diplomacy to resolve the Iran nuclear issue. Likewise, these actions helped members of Congress understand that the loudest, most bellicose voices on the issue of Iran do not, in fact, represent all American Jews or the true pro-Israel position, even if they claim to do so. APN applauds our activists across the nation and thanks them for their efforts."

Americans for Peace Now is the sister organization of Shalom Achshav, Israel's preeminent peace movement. APN's mission is to educate and persuade the American public and its leadership to support and adopt policies that will lead to comprehensive, durable, Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab peace, based on a two-state solution, guaranteeing both peoples security, and consistent with U.S. national interests.