Press Release: With Trump’s Election, We Recommit to Israeli-Palestinian Peace

As Israelis and Palestinians struggle to make sense of this week’s presidential election results, so are we, Americans who support Israeli-Palestinian peace, anxiously wondering about the fate of our mission under President-elect Donald Trump.

The American people have spoken. We at APN obviously acknowledge the results. We doubt, however, that by electing Trump, the people have spoken about their desired foreign policy priorities. Candidate Trump did not clearly indicate such priorities. His foreign policy agenda was sparse and ambiguous, often confused. What will President Trump’s foreign policy be? What will his Middle East Policy be?

For us, these questions are not something to passively ponder. They are a call to action, a moment to recommit to what we hold so dearly: A secure Israel, a Jewish state that is a strong democracy, which lives side by side, in peace, with a sovereign Palestinian state.

As we observe Washington’s new political landscape, we acknowledge that advancing an Israeli-Palestinian peace agenda, based on a two-state solution, will be difficult.

We also know that we always work with all national elected officials – regardless of their party affiliation or worldview – to bring about the peace and security that Israelis and Palestinians need and deserve, a two-state solution that has long been and continues to be one of America’s chief national security objectives. 

Change can bring about opportunities. We must do our upmost to turn this development into an opportunity for advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace.