APN Weekly Update - Alpher on Israel Fires, "Grand Land Robbery", we still need your help, and more

Americans for Peace Now
Americans for Peace Now: November 30, 2016

"From our point of view, above all saving lives is what leads us, and so we decided to come. Our motivation is very high, and we're happy to give help and human assistance."

Suhail Abed, a firefighter from Qalqilya, Palestine, who helped Israeli firefighters put out flames in Haifa and outside Jerusalem. (Photo from Yoav Zitun of IDF officer and Palestinian firefighter working together)

Hard Questions, Tough Answers with Yossi Alpher


Yossi Alpher is an independent security analyst. Views and positions expressed here are those of the writer, and do not necessarily represent APN's views and policy positions.

November 28, 2016 - Forest fires raise strategic issues; so does Golan clash with ISIS

Q. Israel has just emerged from a traumatic week of battling massive forest fires. What have we learned?

A. The fires...posed strategic dilemmas in no fewer than five issue areas...

Q. Let’s take the first three together. Climate change, population growth and forestation are obviously related. Certainly climate change as a national security issue is hardly unique to Israel.

A. ...The past week witnessed days and nights of exceptionally dry winds coming from the deserts to Israel’s east...

Q. Pyro-terrorism?

A. Out of 110 separate fires reported, 17 were deemed to have been the result of deliberate arson...

Q. That brings us to the state of Israel’s emergency services.

A. This wave of fires provided an excellent test of emergency services readiness. Uniquely in Israel, the issue is important not only in view of the danger of forest fires, tsunamis and earthquakes...

Q. What is the strategic significance of all this regional and international aid?

A. All in all, it is positive. That the PA, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey came to Israel’s aid reflects a genuine concern on their part that should be reciprocated by the Netanyahu government...

Q. On Sunday an IDF force clashed with an ISIS force on the Golan. How significant is this?

A. ...The days ahead will tell us whether we just witnessed a dramatic new development...

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Settlement Watch

Peace Now exposes "The Grand Land Robbery" of The Regulation Bill

Map shows Settlements and Illegal Outposts with structures on private Palestinian land in the northern West Bank: Red = Settlements; Yellow = Outposts; Blue = Settlements that have Seizure Orders

If passed, the "Regulation Bill" will retroactively legalize scores of illegal outposts and thousands of settlement structures in the West Bank.

Go HERE to see the key findings, and a link to the full Peace Now report.

APN in Action

APN's Lara Friedman in The Times of Israel: "Illiberal Support for Israel: Antithetical to Jewish Values and Israel's Interests"

We must fight for our Jewish and American values and apply them consistently, both with the respect to what is happening in the United States and what is happening in Israel.

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APN's Debra DeLee: "Fight the Darkness"

APN President and CEO Debra DeLee reflected on her exciting week on APN’s annual Israel study tour. While including some commiseration about leaders with little respect for democracy and the media, who prefer demagoguery and spin over the truth, it also included meeting with an Israeli peace activist living by the Gaza border, Peace Now's inspiring cadre of young leaders, a visit to a bilingual Hebrew-Arab School, and other hopeful experiences.

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Peace Now's Anat Ben Nun in Newsweek: "With the Election of Donald Trump, the Two-State Solution Is at Stake"

When it comes to Trump’s settlement policy, I argue that instinctual assumptions of reckless Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank during his presidency may be misleading. Unfortunately, the likely alternative also contains substantial risks for the two-state solution.

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New APN Israel Security Validator Ad

Yuval Diskin's military and intelligence career culminated with his being director of Israel's Shin Bet security service. "The Palestinians will never accept the status quo of the Israeli occupation...real security can only be achieved through peace."

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