PAST ACTION: Tell Congress to Halt the Push to War Against Iran

Update: this action, now closed, ran in May 2019.  

The Trump administration, at the direction of National Security Advisor John Bolton, is ramping up its provocations against Iran and moving the United States perilously close to an unnecessary war. This crescendo comes one year after Trump’s decision to put the US in violation of the Iran nuclear deal.

Tell Congress to take a stand against an unauthorized war of choice against Iran.

It is incumbent upon Congress to constrain the President by invoking its Constitutional power of the purse and its sole authority to declare war. To propel Congress to act, we must make clear that the American people – Jewish Americans included – oppose a catastrophic war of choice against Iran.

Tell your members of Congress to co-sponsor The Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act, which will block funding for an unauthorized war against Iran, and additional legislation making it crystal clear that Congress has not authorized war against Iran. Further, ask your members of Congress to speak up and tell Trump that if he wants war, he must seek authorization from Congress.

Don’t want a repeat of the 2003 Iraq war? Tell Congress to prevent Bolton from propelling the US into an unauthorized war of choice against Iran. 

The text of the Senate bill is here, and the House bill is here.


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