8 years ago, APN approached me while I was on maternity leave...

My name is Orly Halpern and I edit and write News Nosh, the daily review in English of the Hebrew media.

As a journalist who has reported on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for many years, I know how helpful being able to read the local media is, the news items, the Op-Eds and the analysis, in order to get a fuller picture of what is happening on the ground and to get a pulse from the commentators. That requires not only knowledge of the local languages, but also time, a limited commodity for all.

Eight years ago, APN approached me while I was on maternity leave and asked me if I would be interested in writing a daily review of the four main Hebrew newspapers, with a focus on the the conflict, settlers, Arab-Israelis, diplomacy and security. I was thrilled at the opportunity to continue working in the news and at the same time stay at home with my child.

And so began News Nosh.

For the first time since arriving in Israel, I began reading four newspapers a day and sharing the essence, the intriguing, the important, the significant news, Op-Eds and analyses. I discovered so much more than the sum of their articles. I saw patterns and difference in what they emphasized and what they left out. And with time I began to add my own observations on how they portray the news and what’s missing. As someone who knows this story well, I added context or background, when needed. The process takes hours, but the final product each day is a quick read/skim with links where possible to more information.

Today, I can honestly say that News Nosh is the best daily source of news information from the Hebrew media that is available to the public.

People who care about Israel, people who care about Palestine, NGO employees, diplomats, Jews, Arabs, Americans, Europeans, Brazilians, Emiratis - thousands of people subscribe to the review that I send out each day by email. And it’s free. FREE!

Americans for Peace Now commissions it - but is not involved at all in its daily creation. I can’t recommend it enough - sign up for the Nosh if you want to get a richer picture!

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