RECORDING - "West Bank Annexation: A View from Europe" - Briefing Call with John Lyndon, May 14, 2020


The European Union and its members have been following with great trepidation the Israeli government’s statements and plans to annex parts of the West Bank. The EU is strongly committed to the two-state solution, and n the past has warned that it will not recognize Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank and will “act accordingly” if Israel extends its sovereignty to the West Bank.

John Lyndon, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP), who is headquartered in Paris, provides excellent information and insight to better understand Europe’s concerns and possible actions about the prospects of West Bank annexation


John Lyndon is the executive director of ALLMEP, an organization that secures and scales up funding to expand trust-building interactions between Palestinians and Israelis.

Based in Paris, France, John was ALLMEP’s first European Director, founding its new office in Paris in 2018. He closely monitors the policy of the European Union and its member states – as well as the policy of other European countries – on Israeli-Palestinian affairs.

A regular contributor and commentator on events in the Middle East, his writing has featured in numerous international publications, and he is a frequent analyst on television and radio shows on this topic.