Press Release: APN Welcomes Announcement of New Israeli Governing Coalition 

Washington, DC – Americans for Peace Now (APN) welcomes the announcement of a new governing coalition in Israel.

While we recognize that the proposed new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, is no more interested in the pursuit of peace than his predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu, we are pleased that Bennett will share power in his cabinet with progressive Israeli politicians.

Beyond that, an end to Netanyahu's rule provides a much-needed opportunity for Israeli society to address its many challenges. 

Under this new government, Israel can undergo a healing process. Such a healing process has the potential, perhaps even the promise, of shifting the public discourse in Israel to focus on crucial challenges facing Israel today, including the need to end the occupation and to pursue peace with the Palestinians. We look forward to seeing our allies in the next cabinet undertake this mission, and we know that our partners at Israel's Peace Now movement will work with them to stimulate change.

We hope this government will usher in a new era in Israeli politics, a path toward bolstering the democracy and tolerance necessary for the pursuit of peace.