Legislative Round-Up- July 29, 2022

 Produced by the Foundation for Middle East Peace in cooperation with Americans for Peace Now, where the Legislative Round-Up was conceived.

1. Bills, Resolutions, Letters
2. Hearings
3. On the Record

FMEP Events:

7/28/22: New edition of FMEP’s Occupied Thoughts podcast: Israeli Supreme Court Opens Door to “Legalized” Ethnic Cleansing Inside the Green Line — FMEP President Lara Friedman speaks with Dr. Lana Tatour about the recent Israeli Supreme Court decision that opens a legal path for the Israeli government to revoke citizenship of Palestinian citizens of Israel, and what this decision both reflects and demonstrates about the fragile status of Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

NOTE: During August, the Round-Up will shift to a flexible schedule – as in, if there is something to report, there will be a Round-Up, but it may not always be on Fridays. And if there is little to report, the Round-Up may take a break. Thanks for your patience!

1. Bills, Resolutions & Letters

(FY23 SFOPS – SENATE) S. 4662: Introduced 7/28/22 by Coons (D-VDE), the “A bill making appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023, and for other purposes.” For full Middle East-related details of the bill (pdf) and the accompanying committee report (pdf), see my analysis here. Of special interest:

  • The Report includes new language, introduced by Senators Van Hollen (D-MD) and Leahy (D-VT), regarding Shireen Abu Akleh (see: Van Hollen’s 7/28/22 press release; Van Hollen Tweet
  • The Report also includes new language giving a green light to the State Department linking military aid to regional security cooperation (in effect, appropriators signifying support for using US aid to promote the DEFEND Act).
  • The Bill text includes a new provision – mirroring a new provision in the House version – to enable the US to at least temporarily/conditionally rejoin UNESCO.

(FY23 DEFENSE APPROPS – SENATE) S. 4663 (pdf): Introduced 7/28/22 by Tester (D-MT), “making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023, and for other purposes.” Also see the Report accompanying the bill. That bill includes $500 million for Israeli Cooperative Programs [$80 million for Iron Dome; $167 million for the Short Range Ballistic Missile Defense (SRBMD) program; $80 million for Arrow 3 Upper Tier systems; $173,000,000 shall be for the Arrow System Improvement Program].

(US-JORDAN MILITARY CYBERSECURITY COOPERATION) S. 4615: Introduced 7/26/22 by Rounds (R-SD) and Rosen (D-NV), “A bill to require the Secretary of Defense to seek to engage with the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Jordan for the purpose of expanding cooperation of military cybersecurity activities, and for other purposes.” Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

(OBSTRUCT IRAN DIPLOMACY) H. Res. 1266: Introduced 7/26/22 by Foxx (R-NC) and Wilson (R-SC), “Requesting the President to transmit certain documents to the House of Representatives relating to any initiative or negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear program.” Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

(REMEMBER MUNICH MASSACRE) H. Res. 1292 (pdf): Introduced 7/28/22 by Owens (R-UT) and 10 bipartisan cosponsors, “Expressing support for the International Olympic Committee to recognize with a minute of silence at every future Olympics Opening Ceremony those who lost their lives at the 1972 Munich Olympics, and for other purposes.”  Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Also see: Owens’ press release & Tweet.


(STOP STALLING ON HOLDING IRAN ACCOUNTABLE) Ernst et al letter to POTUS: On 7/26/22, Sen. Ernst (R-IA) led a letter, cosigned by 11 Senate Republicans colleagues, to Attorney General Garland, suggesting that the Department of Justice is stalling on taking action with respect to the case of a Venezuelan aircraft located in Argentina, and its alleged links to the Iranian government. The letter states: “The laws of the United States and the enforcement of those laws, in particular sanctions laws, are not optional. The uncharacteristic delay and lack of responsiveness by the Department of Justice suggests a prioritization of other parts of this administration’s agenda, such as negotiations over a new Iranian nuclear deal. This is unacceptable, as justice cannot be administered at the expense of political whims or sensitivities. Our laws must be administered equally and enforced at all times. Therefore, we request that you provide assurances that the delivery of vital information requested by the Argentine judiciary is no longer delayed and that DOJ fulfill its proper investigatory and enforcement role with respect to the aircraft, passengers, and crew. In addition, we request that you provide a staff briefing on the reasons behind the delay by August 5, 2022.” Also see: Ernst press release & Tweet; Jewish Insider report; Rubio (R-FL) tweet


2. Hearings

July 29, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee held a markup of various measures, including: HR 6265, CAPTAGON Act; H. Res. 558, Urging the European Union to designate Hizballah in its entirety as a terrorist organization; and H. Res. 744, Condemning the Government of Iran’s state-sponsored persecution of its Baha’i minority and its continued violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Right. Details of debate, amendments and video here.

POSTPONED July 28, 2022: The House Foreign Affairs Committee was scheduled to hold a CLOSED Briefing on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

July 27, 2022: The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a hearing entitled, “Combatting the Threats to U.S. National Security from the Proliferation of Foreign Commercial Spyware.” Witnesses were: Shane Huntley, Director, Threat Analysis Group. Google [testimony]; Carine Kanimba, Target of Foreign Commercial Spyware [testimony detailing her experience being targeted by NSO’s Group’s Pegasus spyware]; and John Scott-Railton, Senior Researcher, The Citizen Lab [testimony]. Microsoft General Manager & Associate General Counsel, Kristin Flynn Goodwin, was unable to attend but submitted testimony for the record. Also see:

  • Hearing video and full transcript.
  • My real-time Twitter thread (with links to related articles): “It’s going to be fun in this hearing watching contortions members go through to as much as possible avoid mentioning Israel. Already started in opening statement with oblique reference by ranking member Turner to bad behavior by democratic govts, ‘even those we consider allies’// Himes (D-CT) suggests: “if you attack our people with these surveillance tools for nefarious ends or any ends whatsoever…you will not get one red cent from the American taxpayer.” Reminder: Israel targeted US citizen Ubai Aboudi w/ Pegasus.// An hour in, main focus of hearing is clearly NSO, – also Candira has come up a few times – Israeli companies that come out of Israeli mil/intel sector & enjoy strong Israeli govt support/backing. And yet, I don’t think the word “Israel” has come up even once so far. Remarkable.// Also raised – Cytrox (Predator) – another Israeli company// Watching this hearings, one could well walk away with the impression that Congress is worried about Pegasus being used against all Amcits & human rights activists EXCEPT when those Amcits are Palestinian-Americans & the human rights orgs work on Palestinian human rights. // And now, nearly 1.5 hrs into the hearing, the first mention of Israel! // [mentioned only in response to direct question from Rep. Castro].”
  • Jewish Insider 7/28/22: House hearing highlights U.S. concerns about Israeli NSO group spyware [“Lawmakers indicated openness to withholding aid from countries that utilize the commercial spyware.”]
  • AP/Times of Israel 7/28/22: Victims of NSO’s Pegasus spyware warn it could be used to target US [article manages to not use the word “Israel” even once]
  • Castro (D-TX-20) 07/27/2022: Twitter thread – “The Rwandan government was using Pegasus Spyware to monitor @ckanimba’s phone as she worked with my office on her father’s case. Pegasus can be used to spy on US citizens and their communications w/Congress. This software is dangerous and NSO Group must stay on the Entity List. Link to video @ckanimba The use of Pegasus and other spyware is proliferating, endangering the national security of the U.S. and our allies and enabling authoritarian regimes. Entities that create and sell spyware must be blacklisted from working with the U.S. and held accountable by the free world.
  • Castro (D-TX-20) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @jsrailton – “11/ “Your testimony … raises the prospect that communications between congress, you, and your lawyers may have also been wrongfully accessed by the entity that targeted you with #Pegasus.” -@JoaquinCastrotx, who has shown KEY leadership on the mercenary spyware problem. Link to video


3. On the Record

Media & Members – Elections


Jacobin 7/28/22: The Democratic Establishment Is Fighting the Left and Funding the Right

Mondoweiss 7/28/22: AIPAC declares war on any support of Palestinian human rights

Mondoweiss 7/28/22: Unpacking the New Narrative Around AIPAC and the Democrats

JTA 7/28/22: AIPAC’s huge investment in primary campaigns is paying off — but at what price down the road?

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @Harbpeace – “Missing from most mainstream conversation about AIPAC spending in Dem primaries is that the group regularly attacks Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar with blatantly Islamophobic tropes, including comparing them to ISIS.

Wall Street Journal 7/27/22: podcast (audio & transcript) — Pro-Israel Groups Wade Into U.S. Democratic Primaries [“You would never know that the money behind those ads comes from groups that are focused on U.S.- Israel policy“]

The New Republic 7/27/22: AIPAC’s Aggressive Spending Is Bad for the Democratic Party—and Democracy Itself

Jerusalem Post 7/26/22: AIPAC’s new political action is legitimate – analysis

Wall Street Journal 7/26/22: Pro-Israel Groups Wade Into Democratic Primaries to Defeat Progressives

Moment  Magazine 7/26/22: Your Pro-Israel Dollars at Work

Middle East Monitor 7/26/22: AIPAC’s ‘dark money’ could be the death knell to democratic elections, warn US lawmakers

The Forward 7/25/22: AIPAC’s pivot to negative electioneering will fail in the long run

Daily Caller 7/25/22: Pro-Israel Groups Dump Millions Into Dem Primaries Against Progressives

The Forward 7/24/22: ‘AIPAC lost its way’: Bill de Blasio says pro-Israel group has become too partisan


Washington Post 7/29/22: In Michigan, a pro-Israel group works to beat a Jewish Democrat

The Guardian 7/29/22: Pro-Israel group pours millions into primary to defeat Jewish candidate

Democracy Now 7/29/22: Why Is AIPAC Spending Millions in Primary to Defeat Rep. Andy Levin, a Former Synagogue President?

News7H 7/29/22: Levin v Stevens: AIPAC targets prominent Jewish-American lawmaker | Elections News

Verve Times 7/29/22: The Bold Progressive Versus The Loyal Liberal: Inside The Showdown In A Key House Primary

JNS 7/28/22: Levin smears AIPAC to try and save his political skin

Haaretz 7/28/22: Michigan Primary Is Biggest Test Yet for AIPAC’s Political Experiment

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/26/2022: Retweet of @DrShushan – “.@AIPAC glossary: “pro-Israel”: uncritical Israel support, sustaining status quo (galloping de facto annexation), harming Israel’s democratic/Jewish future “anti-Israel”: a slur leveled at @Andy_Levin & most US Jews who care abt Israel’s future & also Palestinian human rights Link to quoted tweet

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @dylanotes – “AIPAC hopes to send an intimidating message to others: Cross our red lines & you could be next. Political space for open & honest debate over foreign policy has opened up considerably in recent years & AIPAC is determined to close it down. – @JeremyBenAmi AIPAC’s Aggressive Spending Is Bad for the Democratic Party—and Democracy Itself… | newrepublic.com

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @IfNotNowOrg – “.@HaleyLive needs to look at the AIPAC in the mirror. All 3.17 million dollars of their out-of-state money Link to image

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @IfNotNowOrg – “Levin wouldn’t need outside $ if it wasn’t for AIPAC pummeling him with millions of dollars in attack ads. This race shouldn’t be about Israel. It should be about the economic, health, and climate issues facing MI-11 voters. AIPAC and Stevens know this. It’s their new playbook.

New York Sun 7/26/22: Democratic Primary in Michigan Finds Liberal Jews Joining Anti-Zionist Pols Against a Pro-Israel Centrist

The Forward 7/25/22: The AIPAC attack on Andy Levin is an attack on the future of peace in IsraelLevin (D-MI-9) 07/25/2022: Retweet of @EliStokols – “AIPAC trying to take out Jewish Dem ⁦@Andy_Levin⁩ in primary because he backs a two-state solution — while supporting pro-Israel Rs who wouldn’t certify the 2020 election. Levin to @ec_schneider: they’ve “gone off the rails.” Battles over Israel divide Democratic primaries… | politico.com

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/25/2022: Retweet of @dylanotes – “AIPAC has “worked to impugn Levin [&] his progressive Jewish supporters… covering its ears & closing its eyes to progressive Jews — the majority of the American Jewish community. This is not how you grow support for Israel. This is how you tear it down.” The AIPAC attack on Andy Levin is an attack on the future of peace in Israel… | forward.com

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/26/2022: Retweet of @ec_schneider – “NEWS – AIPAC dropped $22M on Dem primaries so far & now w/ eye on New York next. Primary btw Reps. Haley Stevens & Andy Levin could turn on that $$, but it’s even more personal & emotional here. Levin’s family lineage is “definitely extra threatening.” Battles over Israel divide Democratic primaries… | politico.com

Washington Examiner 7/26/22: Democratic divisions on Israel loom large in Michigan House primary

The New Arab 7/26/22: AIPAC seeks to oust popular Jewish US congressman

Middle East Eye 7/25/22: US Democrats mobilise against pro-Israel spending in primary election

JTA 7/25/22: AIPAC giving major force in Michigan House primary that could end Jewish Democratic political dynasty

Jewish Insider 7/25/22: Israel emerges as flashpoint in Detroit-area race [“Pro-Israel groups are backing state Sen. Adam Hollier amid concerns about state Rep. Shri Thanedar, who is self-funding his campaign”]

Daily Tribune 7/25/22: Levin and Stevens make their cases for re-election in key primary [“Stevens, who is not Jewish unlike Levin, said she is proud of her ‘unequivocal’ support of Israel and proud of her AIPAC support…”]

Politico 7/25/22: Battles over Israel divide Democratic primaries [“AIPAC’s super PAC has been the top spender in Democratic primaries this year. Its latest target: Rep. Andy Levin, a prominent Jewish congressman.”’

Detroit Free Press 7/24/22: Big money pumped into Michigan 13th Congressional District race is part of tangled tale

The Forward 7/24/22: Under attack by AIPAC, Jewish congressman turns to progressive allies [“AIPAC’s Super PAC, United Democracy Project, has spent $3.3 million against Rep. Andy Levin in recent weeks”]

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/22/2022: Retweet of @danielmarans – “Falick says that aipac going after a self-described Zionist who led his reconstructionist synagogue is a “shanda” or shame. Link to video

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Retweet of @danielmarans – “New: Rep. Andy Levin wants Rep. Haley Stevens to reject the support of AIPAC’s super PAC. I briefly asked Speaker Pelosi yesterday if she had a reaction to that appeal and the spending in the race more generally: Speaker Pelosi Declines To Comment On Super PAC Spending In Michigan Primary | HuffPost Latest News via @HuffPostPol

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Tweet – “Tonight I’ll join @mehdirhasan on @MSNBC to talk about the influx of Republican billionaires’ money in my Democratic primary for #MI11. Tune in at 8 PM ET. Link to quoted tweet

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Tweet – “.@AIPAC and their dark money super PAC has spent $3M+ to defeat me in my primary in #MI11—all because I stand up for human rights. I’ll be live with @mehdihasan on @MSNBC soon to discuss.

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Retweet of @jacobkornbluh – “My latest on #MI11: Rep. @Andy_Levin, two-term Jewish congressman, is getting help from his progressive allies — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mark Pocan — as he pushes back against mass spending by @AIPAC Under attack by AIPAC, Jewish congressman turns to progressive allies – The Forward | forward.com

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Retweet of @mikalforpontiac – “BREAKING NEWS: @HaleyLive declined to go on The @MehdiHasanShow to speak to the MILLIONS of dollars of Dark Money AIPAC has spent on her behalf to attack Congressman @Andy_Levin.

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Retweet of @mehdirhasan – ““I’m not just Jewish, I’m one of 2 former synagogue presidents in Congress… I’m really Jewish. But AIPAC can’t stand the idea that I am the strongest Jewish voice in Congress standing for… human rights for the Palestinian people.” @RepAndyLevin to me: Link to video” Also retweeted by Newman (D-IL-3)

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Retweet of @mehdirhasan – ““AIPAC’s completely gone off the rails and they are trying to end my career because I won’t fall in line with their view of what it means to be pro-Israel.” @RepAndyLevin to me on @MSNBC tonight: Link to video

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/24/2022: Retweet of @jacobkornbluh – “Levin says, “AIPAC has completely gone off the rails and they are trying to end my career because I won’t fall in line with their view of what it means to be pro-Israel.” Under attack by AIPAC, Jewish congressman turns to progressive allies – The Forward | forward.com

Levin (D-MI-9) 07/25/2022: Retweet of @jstreetdotorg – ““Think what this means if the Democratic party allows Republican billionaires to come in here and dominate Dem primaries… Every right-wing cause can come in and spend money to curate who they want running the Democratic party.” – @Andy_Levin on @MehdiHasanShow w/ @mehdirhasan Link to quoted tweet



Jewish Insider 7/29/22: In Arizona Democratic primary, Daniel Hernandez hopes to pull ahead

Jewish Insider 7/28/22: In surprise announcement, Milwaukee Bucks exec Alex Lasry ends Senate bid in Wisconsin [“Lasry addressed concerns about Barnes’ support for Israel. In a December interview with JI, Barnes expressed openness to conditioning aid to the Jewish state, a statement he has since walked back. ‘[Barnes] is going to go to the Senate and be a strong supporter of Israel,’ Lasry told JI, adding, ‘He’s gonna go in and fight to make sure that the Israelis and the Palestinian people are able to finally come together and live in peace.’”]
New York
Torres (D-NY-15) 07/28/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@DemMaj4Israel The endorsement is much appreciated!


Beatty (D-OH-3) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @DemMaj4Israel – “DMFI PAC is proud to endorse @TheBlackCaucus Chairwoman Rep. @JoyceBeatty in November! She’s dedicated her life to fighting for equality for all Americans and is a strong supporter of the U.S.-Israel relationship. #OH03 Link to image



Jewish Insider 7/26/22: Fort Lauderdale vice mayor makes a bid for Rep. Ted Deutch’s seat

Media/Report – General

FDD 7/26/22: How Congress Can Keep Biden From Caving to Iran’s Demands

Members on the Record

Shireen Abu Akleh

Brown (D-OH) 07/29/2022: Tweet – “I support Shireen Abu Akleh’s family as they call for accountability and an independent investigation into her death.   I will always stand for freedom of the press and condemn attacks on journalists, wherever they occur. Link to quoted tweet

Carper (D-DE) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “American citizen and journalist Shireen Abu Akleh spent 25 years as a member of the free press. And over two months ago, she was shot to death while doing her job. We need an independent, transparent US investigation to deliver accountability for her killing. #JusticeforShireen Link to quoted tweet

Carson (D-IN-7) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “I was honored to join the Abu Akleh family and my colleagues today, fighting for #JusticeForShireen Here’s my full statement. Rep. Carson Announces Justice For Shireen Act… | carson.house.gov

Johnson (D-GA-4) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “I was proud to sign a letter echoing the Abu Akleh family’s call for a US investigation that leads to accountability for Shireen’s killing. Watch their press conference today on Capitol Hill. @POTUS should meet with the family & make sure justice is served. #JusticeForShireen Link to quoted tweet

McCollum (D-MN-4) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “I appreciated the opportunity to join the Abu Akleh family today, reemphasizing the need for a thorough U.S. investigation into Shireen’s killing by the IDF in occupied Palestine. We need justice & accountability. #JusticeforShireen Watch the press conference below  Link to quoted tweet

McCollum (D-MN-4) 07/28/2022: Twitter thread – “Tune in to watch myself and other leaders discuss how we can find #JusticeForShireen  Al Jazeera English | Live We must have a thorough investigation. We must have accountability. “Shireen, a 51 year old US citizen doing her job as an Al Jazeera reporter on May 11 When IDF forces occupying the West Bank shot and killed her. As a Palestinian American, as a journalist, as a human being her most fundamental rights were just taken away from her.” Rep. McCollum “There must be accountability for your loved one’s death. A free press is essential to a global democracy…that has to be protected. And that’s why I stand with the family today in support of their request for a thorough transparent US investigation…” “As an American she deserves no less. As a journalist she must be protected…So we must live up to these ideals by providing Shireen and her family and all of our fellow Americans the answers about what happened…”

McCollum (D-MN-4) 07/28/2022: Tweet – ““As an American she deserves no less. As a journalist she must be protected…So we must live up to these ideals by providing Shireen and her family and all of our fellow Americans the answers about what happened…” – Betty McCollum Family of slain Palestine journalist calls for US investigation into killing… | thehill.com

McCollum (D-MN-4) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @SamiBanatMN – “Members of Congress gather to demand #JusticeForShireen and full U.S. investigation with family of Shireen Abu Akleh today. @BettyMcCollum04 @RepRashida @RepAOC @RepPressley @LinaAbuAkleh Link to image

McCollum (D-MN-4) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Today I stood with the Abu Akleh family and called once again for a thorough U.S. investigation into the death of Shireen Abu Akleh. See the full conference below. Link to quoted tweet

McCollum (D-MN-4) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @SamiBanatMN – “.@RashidaTlaib represents many Palestinian-Americans in her warm words about @BettyMcCollum04 Betty has fought for #PalestinianHumanRights for years, from when she was virtually the only Member of Congress with the bravery to stand up, to today with the coalition she helped build Link to video

Merkley (D-OR) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Powerful to meet with Anton Abu Akleh and hear directly from him about the impact of his family’s loss. I urge the Biden administration to pursue a thorough investigation that leads to accountability for the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh. #JusticeForShireen Link to image

Newman (D-IL-3) 07/29/2022: Tweet – “I was honored to stand with the family of Shireen Abu Akleh and echo their demands for #JusticeforShireen. I am outraged that there still has not been an independent, US-led investigation of her death. I joined my colleagues to demand immediate action. Link to image

Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “The Abu Akleh family deserves accountability. CNN, NYT, etc found Shireen was shot by an Israeli sniper while wearing a press vest. Yet, the U.S. has done nothing. We didn’t even conduct a thorough investigation in this murder of an American reporter. President Biden must act. Link to video

Omar (D-MN-5) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Shireen Abu Akleh should be alive. Proud to join her family and my colleagues in the call for an independent U.S. investigation into her murder. We must keep speaking out until we get justice and accountability. #JusticeforShireen Link to image

Pressley (D-MA-7) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “I was proud to stand in solidarity with the family of Shireen Abu Akleh to demand a thorough, transparent, and US-led investigation into her killing. We’ll never have true #JusticeForShireen, for in a just world, she’d still be with us today. But we must have accountability. Link to image

Beyer (D-VA-8) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @SecBlinken – “Today I met with the family of slain Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, whose fearless journalism earned her the respect of audiences around the world. I expressed my deepest condolences and commitment to pursue accountability for her tragic killing. Link to image

Jayapal (D-WA-7) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “I was glad to meet with members of Shireen Abu Akleh’s family yesterday. Myself and @USProgressives will continue to advocate for an investigation into Shireen’s tragic death. In the name of free press. In the name of human rights. Link to image

McGovern (D-MA-2) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “Grateful to meet with the Abu Akleh family today. We are urging @SecBlinken & @POTUS to launch an investigation to get truth and accountability for slain Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh #JusticeforShireen Link to image

Van Hollen (D-MD) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “We cannot bring Shireen Abu Akleh back but, as I told her family, we must do everything in our power to get the truth & ensure there is accountability for her killing. I’m committed to ensuring the Biden Administration pursues the “independent” investigation it called for. Link to image” Also see: 7/27/22: Van Hollen Statement Following Meeting with Family of American Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

McCollum (D-MN-4) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “Today I welcomed the family of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh to offer my condolences, hear about Shireen’s life & work, and join them in urging @SecBlinken to launch a thorough U.S. investigation to ensure accountability for her death. #JusticeforShireen Link to imageNewman (D-IL-3) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “I continue to be outraged by the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh. I was proud to sign a letter echoing the Abu Akleh family’s call for accountability for Shireen’s killing. We must keep up the pressure for a complete, transparent investigation. #JusticeForShireen Link to quoted tweet

Israel – Palestine

Cline (R-VA-6) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “I was pleased to meet with constituent members of Christians United for Israel recently and join them in our support for Israel, one of America’s strongest allies. Link to image

Deutch (D-FL-22) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Our Ambassador is quite right. I look forward to working with her to address these outrageous comments. This is yet another piece of evidence that this open-ended COI process was unprecedented, biased, and unjustifiable from the start. Link to quoted tweet

Frankel (D-FL-21) 07/29/2022: Retweet of @AmbHerzog – “I had another productive week of bipartisan meetings on the Hill with @amyklobuchar, @cathymcmoriss, @repdlamborn, @rosadelauro, @RepJerryNadler & @RepLoisFrankel. We discussed @POTUS’s visit to Israel, the threat posed by Iran & opportunities for bilateral & regional cooperation Link to image

McMorris Rodgers (R-WA-5) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “I had the pleasure to meet with @AmbHerzog to discuss ways I can further support Israel’s regional security as co-chair of the Abraham Accords Caucus. I’m excited for our continued work together to strengthen the Abraham Accords as we strive for peace in the Middle East. Link to image

Meng (D-NY-6) 07/29/2022: Twitter thread – “It was great to meet @StateSEAS Amb. Deborah Lipstadt and hear about her recent trip to the Middle East. As Co-Chair of the House Antisemitism Task Force, I am excited to work with her to bring about real progress addressing the rise of antisemitism worldwide! (1/2) Link to image Glad to see Amb. Lipstadt speak out strongly against the outrageous antisemitic and anti-Israel remarks made by a COI commissioner at @UN_HRC. We must address the HRC’s biased treatment of Israel. (2/2)

Schneider (D-IL-10) 07/28/2022: Twitter thread – “Miloon Kothari’s outrageous comments, reflecting both an abhorrent, deep-seated antisemitism and a rejection of the very legitimacy of the state of Israel, deserve universal condemnation. Link to quoted tweet Kothari’s prejudicial rhetoric not only disqualifies him personally, but shows the imbalance and prejudgment of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry, which has been apparent since it’s formation. The commission should be disbanded before they can further sully the reputation of the United Nations.  At the very least, Mr. Kothari should be immediately removed from the commission.

Young (R-IN) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Congress just passed a key pro-Israel provision in the CHIPS Act. US-Israel binational foundations are eligible recipients for billions of $ in new funding to promote US security & innovation. Thanks @SenToddYoung & @michaelgwaltz for leading this important bipartisan effort.

Curtis (R-UT-3) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “Comments and actions like this are why I cosponsored the COI Elliminiatin Act and defund the Commission of Inquiry. The UN has an ongoing problem exhibiting anti-Semitic behavior and it must be addressed. H.R.7223 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): COI Elimination Act   Link to quoted tweet

Frankel (D-FL-21) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “It was great to meet with @AmbHerzog, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. today. I’m proud to support the strong and deep-rooted relationship between our two nations. Link to image

Lamborn (R-CO-5) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “I was pleased to meet with @AmbHerzog, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. We discussed our shared national security challenges, the importance of advancing Israel’s Iron Dome and Iron Beam, and furthering U.S. – Israeli cooperation. Link to image

McCarthy (R-CA-23) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @AmbHerzog – “I had a very good meeting today with @GOPLeader, a strong supporter of Israel and the Israel – U.S. relationship. We discussed critical national security challenges facing our two countries. Thank you for your enduring friendship and unwavering support! Link to image

Menendez (D-NJ) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “Falsely labeling Israel as an “apartheid state” belies history & the facts. Instead of fueling fringe members within the @UN_HRC who relentlessly promote a clear bias against Israel, the @UN needs to address this prejudice undermining its critical work. Link to quoted tweet

Nadler (D-NY-10) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “It was a pleasure meeting today with @AmbHerzog to discuss the US-Israel relationship and some of the most pressing issues facing the global Jewish community. Link to image

Norcross (D-NJ-1) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Last month, I went on a bipartisan congressional visit to Israel. The U.S. Israel relationship is critical to protecting and strengthening democracy and our shared interests in the region. U.S.-Israel relationship is critical – Jewish Community Voice

Norcross (D-NJ-1) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @MSpevakNJ – “Thank you, Congressman @DonaldNorcross, for always being a steadfast ally of the State of Israel. Link to quoted tweet

Portman (R-OH) 07/27/2022: Twitter thread – “These blatantly anti-Israel comments from a member of the UN’s Commission of Inquiry reflect that the commission has been biased against Israel since its inception. This year I sent a letter to @SecBlinken urging him to prioritize ending this one-sided “investigation.” UN official: Social media largely controlled by Jewish lobby, NGOs… | jpost.com

Scott (R-FL) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “The @UNHumanRights & COI’s anti-semitic attacks against our only democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel, are disgusting. No American taxpayer $$ should be used to fund this sham of a “human rights” organization. Link to quoted tweet

Guthrie (R-KY-2) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “I recently had a great discussion on supporting Israel with Kentuckians involved in Christians United for Israel. Israel is an important ally and the only democracy in the Middle East. I shared my support for the Iron Dome and other assistance to enhance Israel’s defense. Link to image

Raskin (D-MD-8) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “To mark the departure of two excellent summer interns, I hosted four young people—two Israeli, two Palestinian—for a discussion about peace-building in the Mideast and realizing their vision of a future of mutual security, prosperity and progress. Going live with inspiring young… – Rep. Jamie Raskin | By Rep….

Weber (R-TX-14) 07/27/2022: In reply to Tweet – “@IDF What is this? Link to reply @IDF Rocket launcher?

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/25/2022: Tweet – “Thank you to John Sieler for inviting me to speak at the Pachyderm luncheon today! I heard from #NE02 voters on inflation, gas prices, the border crisis, the threats from Russia and China, defending Israel, and the funding I helped secure to modernize Eppley Airfield. Link to image

Cherfilus-McCormick (D-FL-20) 07/25/2022: Tweet – “What a delight! It was a pleasure to discuss strengthening our alliance. Link to quoted tweet

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/24/2022: Retweet of @DrFrankTurek – ““No serious historian of any religious or nonreligious stripe doubts that Jesus of Nazareth really lived in the first century and was executed under the authority of Pontius Pilate, the governor of Judea and Samaria.” — Professor Craig Evans

Kustoff (R-TN-8) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “It was great to visit with @CUFI advocate Pastor @StovallJp from Madison County. Thank you for meeting with me to discuss ways we can continue bolstering the U.S.- Israel relationship. My strong support for the State of Israel will never waver. Link to image

Mast (R-FL-18) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “Any person, group or government who supports Hamas is complicit in the murder of Americans and Israelis. They must be held accountable. Anti-Hamas support amendment offered by Mast approved as part of FY 2023 NDAA – Ripon Advance


Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @NBCNews – “Renowned female commander of the Kurdish opposition forces in Syria, credited by the U.S. with saving American lives in the battle against ISIS, has been killed by a Turkish drone strike, defense officials say. Female Kurdish commander who ‘saved American lives’ killed by Turkish drone strike… | nbcnews.to

Hill (R-AR-2) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “NOW: Joining @Heritage, @CarolineRose8, and @BGhbeis for a discussion on What’s Next in Syria: Captagon and Assad’s Booming Drug Empire. What’s Next in Syria: Captagon and Assad’s Booming Drug Empire | The Heritage Foundation

Risch (R-ID) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “It’s no surprise that #Assad is working against implementation of UNSCR2254 by refusing to send a delegation to #Geneva for the 9th meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee. Assad’s disregard for rule of law, coupled w/ Biden’s weak #Syria policy, only freezes this crisis.

Risch (R-ID) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “#Algeria’s advocacy for #Assad’s return to the Arab League is a slap in the face to victims of the #Syrian regime. Instead of seeking empty concessions, Algeria and the Arab League would be better served focusing on accountability for Assad’s crimes. Algeria’s top diplomat backs Syria’s return to Arab League… | apnews.com

Hill (R-AR-2) 07/26/2022: Retweet of @NRobinson1297 – “Tune in at 2:00pm for a fascinating conversation on Captagon with keynote remarks from @RepFrenchHill and a discussion with @CarolineRose8 @BGhbeis What’s Next in Syria: Captagon and Assad’s Booming Drug Empire via @Heritage What’s Next in Syria: Captagon and Assad’s Booming Drug Empire | The Heritage Foundation

Hill (R-AR-2) 07/22/2022: Retweet of @RiponAdvance – “U.S. @RepFrenchHill joined a #bipartisan, #bicameral group of his colleagues in urging the Biden administration to determine if Syria is a major drug transit country or a major illicit drug-producing country under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 Hill continues efforts to deem Syria a ‘narco-state’ – Ripon Advance   Link to image

Risch (R-ID) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “The fact that a mandated @StateDept report failed to address the #Assad regime’s role in narco-trafficking of Captagon in the #MiddleEast shows this admin needs to wake up and start paying attention. Today @RepMcCaul & I sent a letter to address this. Risch, McCaul Send Letter on Assad Regime’s Role in Drug Trafficking | United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations


Sherman (D-CA-30) 07/28/2022: Twitter thread – “Today I voted for @RepTedDeutch’s bill calling on the EU to recognize all of #Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Hezbollah’s own Deputy Secretary General has said “in Lebanon there is one Hezbollah… we don’t have a military wing and a political wing.” (1/2) I hope our partners in the EU will recognize what #Hezbollah itself proclaims – that there’s no distinction between its military & political wings. Hezbollah must be recognized in whole as what it is – a terrorist organization responsible for the loss of thousands of lives. (2/2)


McCaul (R-TX-10) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “LR @RepMcCaul “Iran’s transfer of sophisticated drones to terrorist proxies & malign actors from Lebanon to Yemen undermines US nat’l security & destabilizes the Middle East. My Stop Iranian Drones Act counters the proliferation of Iran’s dangerous UAVs.” Iran Ramps Up Drone Exports, Signaling Global Ambitions… | nytimes.com

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @peymaneh123 – “@RepDonBacon Dear Congressman thank you for keeping us safe  A strong policy vis-a-vis #Iran’s regime is necessary as money from any sanctions relief will end in the IRGC coffers and fuel further terrorism.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @kasraNejat1 – “@RepDonBacon Thank you .@RepDonBacon for standing up to the mullah’s terrorist regime of #Iran. Regime terrorist activities is by the full knowledge & carried out by #IRGC.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @IACMN – “@RepDonBacon Thank you Congressman Bacon for your steadfast stance on this. We support you in your actions to ensure IRGC remains in the FTO list and #Iranian regime not be able to receive any concessions.

Tuberville (R-AL) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “Our nation faces all kinds of national security issues—China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, terrorists. The #FY23NDAA can’t wait on the politics. Call the vote, @SenSchumer.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/27/2022: Twitter thread – “Congress must block removal of the Foreign Terrorist Organization designation for the IRGC and circumvention of its consequences. I introduced HR 8438 to ensure oversight and close loopholes that allow the Administration to make concessions to Iran. How Congress Can Keep Biden From Caving to Iran’s Demands… | bit.ly   Link to reply @RanchMontgomery Putting your head in the ground regarding Iran’s terrorism won’t make world safer.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @IAC_NJ – “Our community commends Congressman Don Bacon for his strong policy vis-a-vis #Iran’s regime that is very much necessary as money from any sanctions relief will end in the IRGC coffers and fuel further terrorism. Link to quoted tweet

Bacon (R-NE-2) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @IAC_NJ – “Our community commends Congressman Don Bacon for his stand on a strong policy vis-a-vis #Iran’s regime that is necessary as money from any sanctions relief’ll end in the IRGC coffers and fuel further terrorism! Furthermore, we call on our dear representatives to join his efforts! Link to quoted tweet

Cramer (R-ND) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “Agreed! The National Defense Authorization Act fulfills our most foundational obligation to provide for the common defense of the United States. @SenSchumer it’s time to bring the #FY23NDAA to the floor. Link to quoted tweet

Deutch (D-FL-22) 07/27/2022: Retweet of @RepTedDeutch – “Iran’s announcement today that it will not turn on the IAEA’s monitoring cameras until a nuclear deal is revived is extremely worrying & underscores my deep concern about how any nuclear deal with Iran can be verifiable and enforceable.

Ernst (R-IA) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “Pres Biden’s DOJ might be purposefully slow walking an investigation into Iranians who are linked to terror groups. Why? One reason could be the president’s continued, desperate pursuit for a new Iran nuclear deal… I’m demanding an explanation. MORE⬇️ Biden is stalling an investigation of Iranians linked to terrorism. Ernst wants to know: is his push for a nuclear deal the reason? | U.S. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

Long (R-MO-7) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “Former Spanish Socialist leader turned globalist, @JosepBorrellF, is urging @JoeBiden to finalize a nuclear deal with Iran. Iran has openly called for the demise of the U.S. @iaeaorg caught Iran lying about its #NuclearEnrichment program Why is Biden endangering the U.S.?

Murphy (D-CT) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “I’m glad that Morad, a dual U.S.-British citizen – is out on furlough, but he remains a political hostage. Britain inexcusably left him behind when they cut a deal to get other Brits freed. It’s long past time for Morad to be released. Link to quoted tweet

Wicker (R-MS) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “President Biden has said it – Iran cannot be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon. If he is serious about this commitment, then pursuing an already dead #IranDeal is not sustainable. Opinion | The Iran Nuclear Deal’s Convulsive Death

Deutch (D-FL-22) 07/25/2022: Twitter thread – “Iran’s announcement today that it will not turn on the IAEA’s monitoring cameras until a nuclear deal is revived is extremely worrying & underscores my deep concern about how any nuclear deal with Iran can be verifiable and enforceable. This decision is particularly egregious after DG Grossi described Iran’s nuclear program as “galloping ahead” & said in June that the IAEA would lose its understanding of the state of Iran’s program if the cameras weren’t restored in 3 or 4 weeks, a window that has since passed. Moreover, Iran also just declared that it will not answer the IAEA’s outstanding questions about uranium particles found at undeclared nuclear sites in Iran, directly contradicting the censure resolution that was overwhelmingly passed by the IAEA Board of Governors last month. These announcements reflect Iran’s dangerously escalatory nuclear behavior. I’m glad the US commitment to ensure that Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon was strengthened by the Jerusalem Declaration & I urge continued action w/partners to ensure this commitment is realized.

Mast (R-FL-18) 07/24/2022: Tweet – “Biden promised he would “repair” our alliances abroad. But the only alliance Biden strengthened is the one between Russia and Iran. Link to video

Tenney (R-NY-22) 07/23/2022: Tweet – “The regime in Iran is continuing its plot to kill Americans on our soil. This planning likely goes to the highest levels of the regime, including President Raisi. There’s no question: President Biden must deny Raisi and his henchman visas to enter the US. #UNGA


Meeks (D-NY-5) 07/27/2022: Twitter thread – “Chair @RepGregoryMeeks and Ranking Member @RepMcCaul today issued the following statement regarding Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Egypt, Uganda, Ethiopia, and the Republic of Congo: Link to image You can view the press release here: Meeks, McCaul Issue Statement on Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Tour in Africa… | foreignaffairs.house.gov

Green (R-TN-7) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “Today in 1956, the Suez Canal was seized by Egyptian President Nasser. England was sending troops in until the U.S. threatened to call its loans. England backed down. Even nations are, as Solomon said, “slaves to their lenders.” A lesson the U.S. needs to heed.

Saudi Arabia

Blumenthal (D-CT) 07/29/2022: Tweet – “At Bedminster today the 9/11 families are right: No amount of Saudi sportswashing can wipe away the stain from this event.

Kinzinger (R-IL-16) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “What a sweaty dumb man Link to quoted tweet

Malinowski (D-NJ-7) 07/29/2022: Tweet – “This is in my district. And I don’t think it’s right for anyone to be taking the Saudi monarchy’s money to help them whitewash their image, while undermining an American sports league Let’s see if the @NJGOP or @KeanForCongress have anything to say to the 9/11 families. Link to quoted tweet

Nadler (D-NY-10) 07/29/2022: Tweet – “His depravity knows no bounds. Trump continues to do anything to line his pockets, now resorting to insulting 9/11 families and all New Yorkers with this filth. Trump says ‘nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11′ as he shills for Saudi golf tour… | nydailynews.com

Stauber (R-MN-8) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Jodi & I are happy to see servicemembers from the @148FW have returned safely from their deployment to Saudi Arabia & are reuniting with family. We are so blessed to have such courageous & selfless men & women dedicated to our country. God bless the 148th. Link to image

Swalwell (D-CA-15) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Actually we did get to the bottom of 9/11. Obama ordered the operation that killed the guy responsible. [END] Link to quoted tweet

Wild (D-PA-7) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @FCNL – “A big thank you to @RepSusanWild! At a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing this week, she asked how the Biden administration is planning on using its leverage to lessen the suffering caused by the ongoing Saudi blockade! #YemenCantWait Link to video

Roy (R-TX-21) 07/27/2022: Tweet – ““I have a real problem with [LIV golf] coming after a 100 year-old institution, coming after an American institution, with a billion dollars of unlimited Saudi money that’s connected to terrorism. ” More from Rep. Roy on his push for a FARA investigation on @varneyco: Link to video

Roy (R-TX-21) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “.@TheJusticeDept must investigate @LIVGolfInv & who among its representatives (lobbyist, PR agents, players) are registered as foreign agents (under FARA) given blatant promotion of Saudi Arabia via $1BB spent from its Public Investment Fund targeting @PGATour’s members. Link to video

Roy (R-TX-21) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “And it’s’ also a massive Saudi PR campaign targeting the @PGATour in the process – deserving of review by the Department of Justice regarding the apparent failure to properly register as Foreign Agents under FARA… not to mention a slap to 9/11 families. But yeah… $$$. Link to quoted tweet

Cruz (R-TX) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “Joe Biden flew to Saudi Arabia to try to lower gas prices, but instead he brought back COVID. #YAFCON Link to video

Omar (D-MN-5) 07/26/2022: Retweet of @ramlaali – “History will be made on the 20th August as we enter the ring as the first female’s to professionally fight in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Alhamdulillah. The goal remains the same. Keep striving for equality and through change we will continue to inspire our daughters of tomorrow Link to image

Roy (R-TX-21) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “The ⁦@TheJusticeDept⁩ should investigate LIV Golf as its lack of registration under FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act) given it’s very clear promoting Saudi Arabia in the United States. 9/11 Justice – “Never Forgive”

Walorski (R-IN-2) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “While gas prices continue to surge, @POTUS is making America look like a laughing stock to the rest of the globe while buddying up with Saudi Arabia. Hoosiers deserve better, and I won’t stop fighting in Congress until we get it! Link to quoted tweet

Gaetz (R-FL-1) 07/25/2022: Tweet – “Globalists get rich brokering deals with Ferrari Bedouins in Arabian kingdoms where the hatred and murder of Americans is not just condoned, it is frequently state-sponsored. Then, we see Joe Biden go and beg them like a pathetic dog. Link to video” Also on GETTR

Hill (R-AR-2) 07/25/2022: Tweet – “First, the Biden admin sent oil from our reserves to China. Then, Biden burned more oil begging Saudi Arabia for oil than he got out of the trip. He needs to get serious about reopening energy facilities in the U.S. instead of coddling dictators. GOP Rep. Hill: Biden Should Have Pushed to Reopen LNG Facilities Instead of Burning More Oil Going to Saudi Arabia Than He Got… | breitbart.com

Reschenthaler (R-PA-14) 07/25/2022: Tweet – “Saudi Arabia is one of our strongest and most important allies in the Middle East. Thankfully, despite President Biden’s grave missteps, better relations appear to lie ahead. Read more in my op-ed below US-Saudi relations can still be restored in spite of Biden… | washex.am

Kim (R-CA-39) 07/23/2022: Tweet – “The Biden administration is actively begging Saudi Arabia for oil while cutting off U.S. leases. This is bad for our economy, national security & environment. We need energy security.

Bice (R-OK-5) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “Biden’s trip to the Middle East was yet another failed policy decision. There’s no reason to travel 6,700 miles from DC to Saudi Arabia to beg the country for oil when we can produce in states like Oklahoma. Link to quoted tweet

Franklin (R-FL-15) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “Saudi Arabia burns Russian fuel to free up crude for exports. Our president should NOT be negotiating with any country enabling Russia’s war on Ukraine. Exclusive: Saudi Arabia doubles second-quarter Russian fuel oil imports for power generation… | reuters.com

Markey (D-MA) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “I am a proud co-sponsor of S.J. Res. 56, a joint resolution to remove U.S. Armed Forces from unauthorized hostilities in Yemen. The U.S. must not support for the Saudi-led coalition as they engage in airstrikes on civilians and a despicable humanitarian blockade.

United Arab Emirates

Connolly (D-VA-11) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Thanks to @RepWexton for her leadership on this. I join in calling on the UAE govt to immediately allow Asim Ghafoor access to his attorneys and release him on bail. Link to quoted tweet

Wexton (D-VA-10) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “I hosted a press conference today advocating for #VA10 resident Asim Ghafoor—currently detained in the UAE. We’re calling on the UAE govt to immediately allow him access to his attorneys & release him on bail. Thank you @RepDonBeyer, @RepSwalwell, & @RepLloydDoggett for joining. Link to image

Beyer (D-VA-8) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Just now: standing with my colleagues @RepWexton @RepLloydDoggett @RepSwalwell to bring attention to the case of Asim Ghafoor, an American citizen, Virginia resident, and former legal counsel to Jamal Khashoggi, who was arrested by the United Arab Emirates earlier this month. Link to image

Beyer (D-VA-8) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “In case you missed it: my remarks from today’s press conference here Beyer Remarks At Press Conference to Advocate for U.S. Citizen Asim Ghafoor Following His Arrest in the UAE… | beyer.house.gov We called for humane treatment and due process for Northern Virginian human rights lawyer Asim Ghafoor, Jamal Khashoggi’s counsel who was recently arrested in the United Arab Emirates. Link to quoted tweet

Bourdeaux (D-GA-7) 07/29/2022: Tweet – “I am deeply concerned about the arrest of Asim Ghafoor—a US citizen & Jamal Khashoggi’s lawyer. I’ve been in conversations with my colleagues. We must make sure we have full transparency in the investigation that led to his arrest & a fair trial with due process.

Doggett (D-TX-35) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “Spoke out with @Repwexton, @RepDonBeyer, and @RepSwalwell about the concerning UAE detention and closed trial of fellow Longhorn Asim Ghafoor—who served as attorney to murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. We will keep standing up for Asim’s rights and pressing for his release. Link to imageWexton (D-VA-10) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “I am continuing to press the UAE government for answers following the arrest of Asim Ghafoor, a U.S. citizen and Virginia resident. It’s been 13 days and Asim has still not met with his lawyers or talked to his family. Link to image

Beyer (D-VA-8) 07/25/2022: Retweet of @bluevirginia – “Senators Warner and Kaine; Reps. Wexton, Beyer and Connolly Call on President Biden to Raise the Detention of Virginian Asim Ghafoor with the Emirati Government Senators Warner and Kaine; Reps. Wexton, Beyer and Connolly Call on President Biden to Raise the Detention of Virginian Asim Ghafoor with the Emirati Government… | bluevirginia.us cc: @AtifQarni

Warner (D-VA) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “The circumstances surrounding the detention of Virginian Asim Ghafoor in the UAE raise serious concerns. I’m continuing to engage with the State Dept and am pressing @POTUS to raise his detention with the Emirati government and advocate for his fair and humane treatment.



Meeks (D-NY-5) 07/26/2022: Twitter thread – “Chairs @RepGregoryMeeks, @SenatorMenendez and Ranking Members @RepMcCaul, @SenatorRisch released the below statement following yesterday’s referendum on a new Tunisian constitution: Link to image You can view the press release here: Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Statement on Tunisia’s Constitutional Referendum… | foreignaffairs.house.gov

Risch (R-ID) 07/26/2022: Tweet – “Yesterday’s referendum on a new #Tunisian constitution was another worrying step in President #Saied’s erosion of Tunisia’s democratic institutions. We urge Saied to work constructively with all Tunisians, end the state of emergency, & restore #democracy. Risch, Menendez, Meeks, McCaul Statement on Tunisia’s Constitutional Referendum | United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations


Titus (D-NV-1) 07/27/2022: Tweet – “Spoke @TheAHIinDC on the annual Commemoration of the 48th Anniversary of Turkey’s Illegal Invasion of Cyprus. As a proud Greek American, I abhor Turkey’s actions in the region. The U.S. must stand strong against selling them F16s.

Pallone (D-NJ-6) 07/24/2022: Tweet – “It’s clear that the U.S. and NATO cannot trust Erdogan to consistently act in the best interests of the alliance. This is exactly why I led House passage of an amendment to block the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey. It’s past time Erdogan take NATO membership seriously. Link to quoted tweet

Graham (R-SC) 07/22/2022: Twitter thread – “As I have repeatedly said, Turkey has legitimate national security concerns regarding northeastern Syria. I support a buffer zone between Turkey and Kurdish elements who helped us in the fight against ISIS in Syria. Erdogan’s threats of invading Syria could lead to Islamic State resurgence… | foxnews.com However, I strongly oppose another military incursion by Turkey into northeastern Syria as it will create a military conflict that benefits ISIS. America’s counter-ISIS strategy relies upon working with the Syrian Democratic Forces to keep ISIS suppressed. We’re not advancing Turkey’s national security interests by creating conditions for ISIS 2.0. As to American forces in northeastern Syria, their continued presence is vital to ensure ISIS does not reemerge and threaten America’s homeland yet again. This small contingent of American forces gives our coalition partners the advantage over ISIS and it is an insurance policy to protect the American homeland from future attacks. This American presence must remain as long as the threat is real.

Krishnamoorthi (D-IL-8) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “The world stands on the edge of a global food crisis which would throw tens of millions of people into food insecurity. News that talks between Russia and Turkey on grain exports are progressing is welcome news, as we seek to ease a global food crisis. Ukraine live briefing: E.U. braces for ‘likely’ Russia gas cut-off; Putin suggests progress in grain talks… | washingtonpost.com

Maloney (D-NY-12) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “This is great news! While we continue placing absolute pressure on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, we must ensure grain can reach world markets. Turkey, U.N. Officials Say Deal Reached With Russia, Ukraine on Grain Exports… | wsj.com

Meeks (D-NY-5) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “CM @RepGregoryMeeks: An encouraging diplomatic step led by Turkey and the @UN toward relieving our growing global food security crisis stemming from Russia’s war. We must continue to work to ensure grain exports from Ukraine are able to feed the world. Deal for Ukraine grain exports due to be sealed in Istanbul… | apnews.com

Quigley (D-IL-5) 07/22/2022: Tweet – “In May, I stood before Congress to warn of the looming food crisis that Russia’s war against Ukraine would cause. I am hopeful this agreement will help avoid further devastation not only in Ukraine, but around the world. Link to video   Link to quoted tweet


McGovern (D-MA-2) 07/24/2022: Tweet – “The travel ban imposed by #Bahrain on @NabeelRajab has been lifted. Long overdue, but still welcome news. Link to quoted tweet


Correa (D-CA-46) 07/28/2022: Retweet of @OmanEmbassyUSA – “Ambassador Moosa Al Tai met with Congressman Lou Correa @RepLouCorrea They discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the Sultanate of Oman and the United States of America in various fields. Link to image

Correa (D-CA-46) 07/28/2022: Tweet – “It was a pleasure to meet with the Ambassador Moosa Al Tai, to discuss ways in which Oman and the United States can expand our collaborations. Link to image