Legislative Round-Up- September 8, 2023

Produced by the Foundation for Middle East Peace in cooperation with Americans for Peace Now, where the Legislative Round-Up was conceived.

1.Bills, Resolutions & Letters
2. Members of Congress’ Most Excellent Recess Adventures in the Middle East
3. Israel & AIPAC in the 2024 Election Cycle (things are heating up)
4. Hearings & Markups
5. Media & Reports
6. Members on the Record

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1. Bills, Resolutions & letters

(THE ANTISEMITISM AWARENESS ACT IS BA-AAAAACK – LEGISLATING THE IHRA) HR XXXX: On 9/7/23, the Jewish News Syndicate published an op-ed by EMET had Sarah Stern, entitled, Why the Antisemitism Awareness Act matters. Buried in the text is the following nugget: “As we witness a disturbing surge in antisemitic incidents within the United States, the Antisemitism Awareness Act of 2023, will be introduced later this week by Reps. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) and Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.). This bill stands as an essential tool in the fight against this ancient hatred. EMET was the first organization to introduce this legislation to these courageous congressmen. And we, as a people, should remain profoundly and eternally grateful to each of them for undauntingly advocating on behalf of our people.” For background on the ASAA – legislation that, as made crystal clear in Stern’s op-ed, has zero to do with raising “awareness” of antisemitism, and everything to do with quashing free speech critical of Israel/Zionism (via legislating the IHRA definition of antisemitism), see my table tracking table (which in the far-right-hand column includes links to relevant analyses in past Round-Ups.


(PUT A HOLD ON ADMITTING ISRAEL INTO VISA WAIVER PROGRAM) Van Hollen et al letter to Blinken: On 9/8/23, Sen. Van Hollen (D-MD) led a letter, co-signed by 14 fellow Senate Democrats, informing SecState Van Hollen that: “the terms of the July 19, 2023 VWP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and Israel raise serious concerns.” The letter goes on to lay out a series of specific concerns that have not yet been adequately assuaged by the Biden Administration. The letter closes: “Mr. Secretary, the State Department has documented the history of disparate treatment that U.S. citizen travelers to Israel have experienced based on their ethnicity, religion, and national origin. That is why it is absolutely critical that you be able to verify and certify Israel’s compliance with the reciprocity and equal treatment requirements prior to admission into the Visa Waiver Program – not at some point in time after the program has been initiated. Those requirements clearly have not been met and the MOU itself indicates that they will not be met by September 30. While we very much hope that Israel will meet all the requirements at some future date, its entry into the program cannot come at the expense of the ‘Blue is Blue’ principle and the requirement of reciprocity for all U.S. citizens. We request a phone call with you to discuss the continued implementation of this MOU as soon as possible.” Also see: Scoop: Senate Dems call on Blinken to stop Israel visa waiver (Axios 9/8/23)

(INVESTIGATE IRANIAN SPEAKER AT NUKE CONFERENCE) Wicker-Rogers letter to STRATCOM:On 8/31/23, Sens. Wicker (R-MS) and Rogers (R-AL) sent a letter to General Anthony J. Cotton, U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), expressing “deep concern regarding the appearance of a notorious Iranian propagandist and former senior regime official, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, as a keynote speaker to the 2023 STRATCOM Deterrence Symposium on August 17, 2023.” The letter closes: “While we appreciate the importance of improving our understanding of adversary perspectives and motivations in formulating deterrence policies, providing Mousavian with an officially sanctioned U.S. Government platform for spreading historical falsehoods and Iranian regime propaganda is profoundly ill-advised. The decision to invite Mousavian to address its Deterrence Symposium calls into question the judgement of any personnel involved in such a decision, and leads us to question whether the command is appropriately focused on meeting the rapidly growing strategic threats to the United States and its allies. We request answers to the following questions by September 29, 2023. 1. Please provide the names and positions of all officials responsible for approving the invitation to Mousavian. 2. Did STRATCOM provide compensation for transportation, lodging or a per diem to Mr. Mousavian? Was Mousavian provided with an honorarium? If so, how much?

Also see:

(BRIEF CONGRESS ON IRAN ASSASSINATION PLOTS) Green/Pfluger letter to Biden Admin officials: On 8/31/23, Reps. Green (R-TN) and Pfluger (R-TX) sent a letter addressed to three Biden Administration officials — Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, FBI Director Wray, and National Counterterrorism Center Director Abizaid – “to request additional information about the persistent threats posed by Iran’s campaign to direct operations against U.S. persons or other targets in the U.S. homeland.” The letter goes on: “These brazen activities have continued for some time now. We seek information about how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) are working together to stay ahead of these threats and take preventative actions.” The letter goes on to allege: “it is curious that while these egregious activities continue, the Biden administration is not taking actions to impose consequences on the Iranian regime and instead has renewed its push for a nuclear deal with Iran.”  The letter’s ask: “To assist the Committee’s examination of the threats posed by Iran in the U.S. homeland, we request that DHS, the FBI, and NCTC provide Committee staff a classified briefing no later than September 14, 2023 about these ongoing threats, to include but not limited to, information about the number of active plots by Iran or its proxies against U.S. persons living in the United States, as well as information about your respective agencies’ coordination efforts for threat intelligence to counter Iran’s activities. ” Also see: Free Beacon 8/31/23: Lawmakers Press for Classified Briefing on Iran’s Assassination Plots


2. Members’ of Congress’ Most Excellent Recess Adventures in the Middle East

Members on the Record
  • D’Esposito (R-NY) 9/8/23: X-post – It is such an honor to be back in Jerusalem to visit historic & meaningful sites of Judaism and Christianity. I prayed and placed a note in the Western Wall. I then visited and prayed at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Both moving experiences, and each time I travel to Israel, if becomes more and more memorable.”
  • Scott (R-FL) 9/7/23: X-post – “This is HUGE! I have been honored to visit the @cityofdavid on my trips to Israel and meet with @ZeevOrenstein about preserving our shared history. The Holy Land is filled with incredible sites like this and protecting them is important for people of all faiths.”
  • Beatty (D-OH) 9/7/23: X-post – “Enjoyed my time in Israel where I’ve joined my colleagues for meetings as we convene on ways to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship.” [with pic]
  • Hassan (D-NH) 9/6/23: press release – Senator Hassan Visits Israel & Joins Bipartisan Trip to Egypt, Slovenia, Italy, and Ireland; also see Hassan X-post, “I made an official Congressional visit to Israel & joined a bipartisan Congressional Delegation trip to Egypt, Italy, Slovenia & Ireland. We discussed strengthening alliances, standing up to Putin & the Chinese government, & preparing for evolving threats
Israeli officials
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu 9/3/23: X-thread – “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, with an @AIPAC-organized delegation of Democratic members of the US Congress, led by @RepLucyMcBath. PM Netanyahu: ‘Many of you have been here before and some of you perhaps are coming for the first time. It’s an opportunity to cement our relationship which is always based on a bipartisan relationship between Israel and both sides of the House and both sides of the Senate. It’s very important for us, and I view this meeting as an important building block in this relationship. I’d like to have the opportunity to hear you. Perhaps you’ll have an opportunity to hear me. PM Netanyahu: “I think the support that we have received from you for the State of Israel is vitally important. So I want to thank you and I mean that from the heart and the mind.'” [with video & pix]
  • Israeli Minister of Defense Gantz 9/4/23: X-post – “I had the pleasure today to meet a Democratic delegation from the US Congress organised by @AIPAC and led by @RepLucyMcBath. In our meeting, I thanked them for their commitment to advancing Israel-US relations and for their important support for the State of Israel” [with pic]


3. Israel & AIPAC  in the 2024 Election Cycle (things are heating up)


4. Hearings & Markups

Sept. 14, 2023: The House Committee on Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia will hold a hearing entitled, “Iran’s Escalating Threats: Assessing U.S. Policy Toward Iran’s Malign Activities.” Annouced witnesses are: Norman Roule (Former National Intelligence Manager for Iran); Behnam Ben Taleblu (FDD); Masih Alinejad (Author and Activist); and Suzanne Maloney (Brookings). Also see: press release

Sept. 13, 2023: The House Committee on Oversight’s Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs will hold a hearing entitled, “A Dangerous Strategy: Examining the Biden Administration’s Failures on Iran.” Announced witnesses (so far) are who’s who of opponents of the Biden Administration’s Iran policy: Richard Goldberg (FDD), Michael Makovsky (JINSA), and Victoria Coates (Heritage Foundation). Also see: Chairman Grothman (R-WI) press release, X-post [“Questions abound when it comes to the Biden Admin’s failed policy towards Iran. Appeasement should never be on the table for state sponsors of terrorism.“]

Sept. 13, 2023: The Senate Committee on Homeland Security’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations will hold a hearing entitled, “The PGA Tour-LIV Deal: Examining the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund’s Investments in the United States.” No witnesses have been announced. Also see: Senate to hold second public hearing on PGA Tour’s proposed deal with Saudi Arabia (Golf Digest 9/6/23); Senate panel tees up new hearing on PGA-LIV Golf deal (The Hill 9/6/23)


5. Media & Reports

Jewish Insider 9/8/23: Sen. Menendez: Lew confirmation hearing should be a ‘priority’

The Dispatch/FDD 9/7/23: Nuclear Threat -The Biden administration is too willing to trade sanctions relief for illusory concessions.

Axios 9/7/23: Scoop: Trump privately urged to support Biden’s Saudi mega-deal [“Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Axios he has urged former President Trump to support the mega-deal President Biden is negotiating with Saudi Arabia, which could pave the way for a historic peace agreement between the kingdom and Israel.”]

Haaretz 9/6/23: As 1.2m Palestinians Face Food Crisis, Civil Society Orgs Urge Blinken to Override GOP Aid Block [“Republican lawmakers have placed holds on the State Department from providing appropriate funding for food assistance for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, accusing UN aid agency UNRWA of fomenting anti-Israel sentiment while being explicitly linked to terror organizations”]

Jewish News Syndicate 9/6/23: Bipartisan legislators urge added measures to tackle campus antisemitism [covered in the 8/25/23 edition of the Round-Up]

Washington Post 9/6/23: Inside the saga of the State Department’s missing Iran envoy [“‘The Department’s failure to inform Congress of this matter demonstrates at best a lack of candor, and at worst represents deliberate and potentially unlawful misinformation,’ he [Rep. McCaul, R-TX] wrote to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.“] Also see McCaul’s X-post

Jewish Insider 9/6/23: Israeli Opposition Leader Yair Lapid was in Washington yesterday, where he relayed his firm opposition to the Saudis’ request for a U.S.-backed civilian nuclear program and accused Netanyahu of having ulterior motives…Lapid met withSens. Jon Ossoff (D-GA), Mark Kelly (D-AZ), Tim Kaine (D-VA), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Jacky Rosen (D-NV).”

Tennessee Star 9/5/23: Tennessee Congressman Mark Green Signs on to Letter Demanding Biden Reconsider Jack Lew Nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Jewish Insider 9/5/23: The long road ahead for Jack Lew

Punchbowl News 9/5/23: Senate stares down a mess over Israel, Joint Chiefs nominations

Algemeiner 9/4/23: BDS Supporters Attack Academia, Pro-Israel Democrats, and More


6. Members on the Record

Supporting Lew Nomination

Cardin (D-MD) 9/6/23: X-post – “Jack Lew is respected on both sides of the aisle. He is a great choice to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel, and I believe he is the right person for the job. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to move his nomination swiftly.”

Coons (D-DE) 9/5/23: X-post – “Glad to see @POTUS nominate Jack Lew as the next U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Jack is a great fit for the post at an important moment in U.S.-Israel relations. I look forward to his swift, bipartisan confirmation.

Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) 9/5/23: X-post – “Very encouraged @POTUS tapped a veteran statesman to protect our ironclad partnership with Israel. I am confident Secretary Lew will bring unmatched expertise and energy to the ongoing work of ensuring regional security, prosperity, and peace.”

Sherman (D-CA) 9/5/23: X-post – “I’ve worked with Jack Lew for decades. He has been an excellent public servant & is just the right person to be at the helm of the US’s relationship with one of our most important allies, #Israel. I applaud this fantastic pick by @POTUS & look forward to his swift confirmation.”

Meng (D-NY) 9/5/23: X-post – Congratulations to Jack Lew on being nominated as our next Ambassador to Israel. A graduate of #ForestHills High School & an experienced statesman, I know he will continue to make New York proud as he works to advance the  –   relationship. I urge for his swift confirmation.”

Schumer (D-NY) 9/5/23: X-post – Pres. Biden nominated Jack Lew to be Ambassador to Israel. Pres. Obama’s Treasury Sec. and Chief of Staff—he brings diplomatic skill to ensure our partnership with Israel remains strong. He’s a proud Queens boy, and a grad of Forest Hills HS.

Schneider (D-IL) 9/5/23: X-post – “Congratulations to Jack Lew on being picked by @POTUS to be our next Ambassador to Israel. Jack Lew is a wonderful choice and I am confident that he will continue to strengthen the special relationship between our two countries.

Hoyer (D-MD) 9/5/23: Press release – Hoyer Statement on Nomination of Jack Lew to Serve as Ambassador to Israel; also see X-post

Cardin (D-MD) 9/5/23: Press release – Cardin Statement on President Biden Naming Jack Lew to be the Next U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Opposing Lew Nomination

Miller (R-OH) 9/6/23: X-post – “Great to join @RepTenney & @HouseGOP colleagues urging @POTUS not to nominate Jack Lew to be US ambassador to @Israel. Now, we’ll continue to make the case to the Senate that the U.S. needs an ambassador who will strengthen our countries’ relationship!

Stefanik (R-NY) 9/6/23: X-post – Last week I joined @RepTenney in demanding that the Biden Administration nominate a U.S. Ambassador to Israel who can effectively strengthen the critical relationship between our two great democracies. Sadly, Joe Biden ignored our concerns and decided to nominate one of the chief architects of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, Jack Lew to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel. This is unacceptable.”

Green (R-TN) 9/6/23: X-thread – “The US-Israel friendship spans decades. It is one of my top priorities to see this important relationship continue to grow. But the nomination of Jack Lew as U.S. ambassador to Israel undermines that objective. /1 Lew supported former President Obama’s decision not to stand by Israel in the U.N., and he played a major role in creating the problematic and dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal. /2 If the Biden administration wants global stability, they must show a commitment to our ally Israel. This nomination does the opposite. /3″

Green (R-TN) 9/5/23: X-post – “Israel is one of America’s greatest allies. We need an ambassador to Israel that will enhance this special relationship. That’s why I’m urging President Biden to reconsider his nomination of Mr. Lew.”

Miller (R-OH) 9/5/23: Press release – Congressman Miller Urges President Biden to Reconsider Nomination of Jack Lew to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel [letter reported on in last week’s Round-Up]. also see Miller’s X-post

Tenney (R-NY) 9/5/23: X-post – “At a time when the relationship between the U.S. & Israel is of utmost importance, we need an ambassador that works to reaffirm our nation’s unfailing support for Israel. Jack Lew has proven he is the wrong man for the job and this nomination is reckless. I urge all my colleagues in the Senate to vote NO on his nomination.

Green (R-TN) 9/1/23: X-post – “.@POTUS must rethink his nomination of Jack Lew for U.S. ambassador to Israel, considering his role in crafting the failed Iran nuclear deal & his open criticism of Israel’s prime minister. We need an ambassador that will champion our relationship with Israel, not harm it.

Slamming Abbas’s [absolutely appalling] Speech

[Notably, few if any members of Congress ever speak out with respect to open expressions of anti-Palestinian racism and incitement by Israeli officials — it’s almost like there is a double standard in place when it comes to calling out hate speech…]

Green (R-TN) 9/8/23: X-post – “This kind of rhetoric has no place on the world stage, or anywhere else. Israel has every right to exist and defend itself.

Stevens (D-MI) 9/8/23: X-post – “I condemn President Abbas’ hateful antisemitic lies. They are an attack on the survivors of the Holocaust, the people of Israel, and the Jewish diaspora. Furthermore, they undermine attempts to build trust & peace in the region. We cannot stand by and let antisemitism happen.

Schneider (D-IL) 9/8/23: X-thread – “I join with U.S. Ambassadors @StateSEAS and @USAmbUN, as well as the Diplomatic Service of the European Union, and leaders around the world in wholeheartedly condemning President Abbas’s deplorable comments deliberately distorting the Holocaust and demeaning the Jewish people. His grotesque remarks add fuel to the rise of global antisemitism and undermine his own legitimacy as leader of the Palestinian Authority, the PLO and Fatah. Abbas’s repeated ahistorical, antisemitic, delusional comments fail to advance the aspirations of his people and diminish the prospects for peace between Palestinians and Israelis. Those seeking peace must engage in mutual understanding and respect; they must fight against, rather than promote, bigotry and hate.

Torres (D-NY) 9/7 –  9/8/23: X-thread & X-battle with Peter Beinart –

  • Torres – The so-called ‘moderate’ Mahmoud Abbas denies the antisemitism of Adolf Hitler, falsely claiming that Hitler ‘fought the Jews because they were dealing with usury and money.’ With ‘moderates’ like these, who needs extremists? There is and has long been a deep rot of antisemitism at the core of Mahmoud Abbas, whose Jew-hatred and corruption have only served to perpetuate the suffering of his own people while lining his own pockets. Abbas is a moral disgrace. One reason the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is nowhere near a resolution: The bar is so low that a Holocaust-denying antisemite like Mahmoud Abbas is considered a ‘moderate’ when measured against the genocidal antisemites of Hamas, whose founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel.”
  • Peter Beinart response: “Yes, @RitchieTorres, the comments are antisemitic + Abbas is a corrupt autocrat. Do you support elections so Palestinians can choose leaders who enjoy democratic legitimacy? Or do you think Israelis can choose their leaders (including reprehensible ones) but Palestinians can’t?“;
  • Torres re-post with comment (not tagging Peter): “Peter Beinart sees Hamas and sees ‘democratic legitimacy.’ Does it matter to you, Peter, that Hamas openly calls for the destruction of Israel? Does it matter to you that Hamas indiscriminately fires thousands of rockets against civilian populations in Israel? Terrorists organizations that govern their people at gunpoint have no democratic legitimacy. But Peter, if you’re so convinced of the ‘democratic legitimacy’ of Hamas, try living under its ‘democracy.’ Or are you nothing more than an ivory-towered intellectual who would prefer to have others, with far less power and privilege, live with the consequences of your dangerous delusions?”
  • Peter’s response: “Richie-No lectures please: Hamas murdered a friend of mine. Fatah has killed innocents too. In the W Bank, the IDF enforces apartheid. But you’re evading my question: If Palestinians don’t have the right to vote for Hamas, why do Israelis have the right to vote for Ben-Gvir?
  • Torres’s re-post with comment: “Peter: No lectures? You are quick to lecture others, so I find it striking that the pot is suddenly calling the kettle black. The fact that you are ascribing ‘democratic legitimacy’ to the very terrorist organization, Hamas, that murdered your friend makes your comments more shameful, not less. As for your question about the odious Ben Gvir: Do I think Ben Gvir is the moral equivalent of Hamas, which fires thousands of rockets against civilians in Israel, uses Palestinians as human shields, and throws gay people off of roofs? No. Do I think Ben Gvir is a despicable disgusting dangerous demagogue who has no business being anywhere near public office? Yes. Ben Gvir is a racist who despises people who look like me (not like you), so I do not need a holier-than-thou lecture on racism from the sainted Peter Beinart.”

Schiff (D-CA) 9/7/23: X-post – “I strongly condemn Palestinian President Abbas’s recent comments, which egregiously distort the horrors of the Holocaust and repeat false tropes about Jews. His remarks add fuel to the fire at a time when antisemitism and violence against the community are so alarmingly on the rise.

Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) 9/7/23: X-post – “It is unconscionable that President Abbas is spreading a distorted and blatantly false history of the Holocaust while employing vile antisemitic tropes. I condemn this rhetoric and join @StateSEAS in demanding an apology.

Gottheimer (D-NJ) 9/7/23: X-post – “Palestinian President Abbas‘ antisemitic comments are outrageous & dangerous. He distorted the reality of the Holocaust, blamed Jews for the murder of millions of innocent men, women, & children during the Shoah, & defended Hitler. Abbas cannot be a trusted partner in peace.

Miller (R-OH) 9/7/23: X-post – “.@giladerdan1 is right. Mahmoud Abbas spouts heresy and hatred. It is disgusting that Abbas will be allowed to defile the @UN General Assembly. Coddling a terrorist sympathizer is not a path toward peace.” Linked to 9/6/23 X-post by Israel’s ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, “Nearly two years ago the UN adopted a resolution I initiated to combat Holocaust denial and distortion. Yet shamefully, in two weeks, President Abbas, a man who publicly blames the Jews for the Holocaust – the ultimate form of Holocaust denial – will take the stage in the very same room this resolution was adopted. What a disgrace! Where is the outcry?! Where are the UN condemnations?! Where is the media?! The hypocrisy and double standards truly know no bounds. Abbas’ dangerous hate and lies must be condemned!

Crane (R-AZ) 9/7/23: X-post – “Mahmoud Abbas is an antisemite. His toxic views have poisoned the minds of millions of Palestinians. This is the largest obstacle to peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Torres (D-NY) 9/7/23: X-post – “The so-called ‘moderate’ Mahmoud Abbas denies the antisemitism of Adolf Hitler, falsely claiming that Hitler ‘fought the Jews because they were dealing with usury and money.’ With ‘moderates’ like these, who needs extremists? There is and has long been a deep rot of antisemitism at the core of Mahmoud Abbas, whose Jew-hatred and corruption have only served to perpetuate the suffering of his own people while lining his own pockets. Abbas is a moral disgrace.

Moskowitz (D-FL) 9/7/23: X-post – “From the guy who can’t hold an election (been 17 years) in his own territory as he would lose to a terrorist organization. Part of the PA that turned down several peace deals. Yet now, he is a Hitler expert? Instead of rewriting the Holocaust, he should be helping his people.

Rosen (D-NV) 9/7/23: X-post – “I strongly condemn Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ dangerous lies and antisemitic rhetoric. These offensive comments are not only wrong and contribute to Holocaust distortion, but they also incite violence and undermine the prospects for peace.


Molinaro (R-NY) 9/8/23: X-post – “We must continue calling out antisemitism because there are those with international platforms like the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas who STILL promote Holocaust denialism and disgusting antisemitic tropes. This is absolutely shameful.

Trone (D-MD) 9/8/23: X-post – “Vile anti-Semitism and Holocaust distortion from anyone—much less those in leadership—must be condemned. As we seek peace and diplomacy in the Middle East, these comments will only stoke violence, hatred, and fear. I join @StateSEAS in demanding an apology from President Abbas.

Ricketts (R-NE) 9/8/23: X-post – “Wonderful to meet with @AmbHerzog in Washington earlier this week to discuss the essential alliance between Israel and the U.S.

Rosen (D-NV) 9/7/23: X-post – “The U.S.-Israel relationship is ironclad. I was glad to meet with @AmbHerzog and discuss ways to strengthen the relationship between our two nations, and to build on the historic Abraham Accords to expand the circle of peace and normalization.

Cruz (R-TX) 9/7/23: X-post – “Deeply worrying read. Simply outrageous…” Linked to article, Biden Backdoors Israel in the U.N., Rescinding Trump’s Recognition of Sovereignty over the Golan (Tablet 9/6/23)

Ernst (R-IA) 9/7/23: X-post – “As we mark the third anniversary of the Abraham Accords, I sat down with @AJCGlobal to discuss the progress we’ve made and my work to bring peace and stability to the Middle East. Listen below” Linked to: Sen. Joni Ernst Reflects on the Abraham Accords and the Future of Arab-Israeli Engagement (American Jewish Committee 9/7/23)

Murphy (D-CT) 9/6/23: X-post – “I was glad to meet with Israeli Opposition Leader Yair Lapid yesterday when he visited Congress. We had a very candid talk and I reaffirmed to him my commitment to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship.”

Carl (R-AL) 9/6/23: X-post – “It was an honor to speak at the U.S. Israel Education Association Reception. I’ve always been a strong supporter of Israel and believe they are our strongest and most important regional ally. Special thanks to @coachbrucepearl for his leadership on U.S./Israeli issues.

Casey (D-PA) 9/5/23: X-post – “Israel is taking encouraging steps towards participation in the Visa Waiver Program. I’ll be watching closely to ensure this momentum achieves full reciprocity for all Americans regardless of race, religion, or national origin, including those traveling to the West Bank & Gaza.

Crane (R-AZ) 9/5/23: X-post – On Sept. 15, 2020, President Trump ushered in a new era of peace and collaboration in the Middle East among Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco without a single bullet fired.’ Awesome piece…” Linked to article, Three Years Later, Trump Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize For The Abraham Accords  (The Federalist 9/5/23)

Grothman (R-WI) 9/5/23: X-post – It was great to meet and sit down with Israeli Consul General @YinamCohen to discuss maintaining and strengthening the U.S.-Israel partnership. Israel is the United States’ greatest ally in the Middle East!” [re-posting X-post from Yinam Cohen, “It was a pleasure to meet today with @repgrothman at his district office in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We discussed the historic, strong alliance between the US and Israel and business partnerships between Wisconsin and Israel. Thank you, Congressman, for the warm welcome and for being a steadfast supporter of the US-Israel alliance!”

Targeting Rob Malley

Cotton (R-AR) 9/7/23: X-post – “Not only did the State Department take weeks to disclose Rob Malley was under investigation, but sensitive documents about the investigation were leaked to Iranian media. Congress and the American people deserve an explanation…


Weber (R-TX) 9/8/23: X-post – “It was an honor to meet with @Maryam_Rajavi, Senator @gerryhorkan from Ireland & Mr. Jim Higgins, former Minister & VP of the Irish Delegation to @Europarl_EN on the anniversary of Iran’s Uprising for a #FreeIran. We discussed their pursuit of a democratic and republic Iran.

Cruz (R-TX) 9/8/23: X-post – The Biden State Department is giving a pass to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner from corruption sanctions. She’s a convicted kleptocrat who has been indicted for obstructing investigations into Iranian terrorism. The Kirchner criminal family has looted Argentina’s coffers. She may have immunity in Argentina but that doesn’t make her exempt from sanctions laws passed by Congress.

Cruz (R-TX) 9/8/23: X-post – “Lula da Silva’s corrupt embrace of China, Iran, and Russia is a threat to America and our allies in the region. The Biden administration has allowed him to violate what are supposed to be powerful sanctions meant to counter those threats.”

Sullivan (R-AK) 9/8/23: X-post – “We need energy. Since President Biden keeps blocking responsible development in America, he instead goes on bended knee to Saudi Arabia, the dictators in Venezuela, and other places with the worst environmental standards on the planet.”

Ernst (R-IA) 9/7/23: X-post – “This is only the tip of the iceberg for Iran’s illicit oil sales. The IRGC’s over billion-dollar increase is a direct result of Biden’s appeasement. @POTUS must enforce our existing laws and stop greenlighting the funds that fuel the IRGC’s terrorism.” Linked to article, Greek shipper pleads guilty to smuggling Iranian crude oil and will pay $2.4 million fine (Washington Post)

Blackburn (R-TN) 9/7/23: X-post – We must ensure that every captured American returns home safely. But, Biden’s policies are allowing Iran to take advantage of American citizens to further Tehran’s terrorist activities.” Linked to article, Iran’s $6 Billion Hostage Business (Wall Street Journal/Elliott Abrams 9/6/23)

Blackburn (R-TN) 9/6/23: X-post – “Kim Jong Un could meet with Vladimir Putin in the next few weeks. The New Axis of Evil — Communist China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran — is plotting to destroy America. What is Biden doing to stop them?

Gottheimer (D-NY) 9/6/23: X-post – “Iran’s arsenal of killer drones continues to grow and attacks across the Middle East have killed and wounded Americans and our partners.” Linked to 7/28/23 article in Jewish Insider, Bipartisan bill pushes for increased U.S.-Israel counter-drone cooperation

Lawler (R-NY) 9/5/23: X-post – “Discussions of military cooperation between North Korea and Russia are deeply disturbing and something we should take very seriously. There’s no question that a new axis of evil exists between North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran. We must be vigilant.”

Hagerty (R-TN) 9/5/23: X-post – “Iran continues to expand its nuclear program & stonewall investigators. As long as the Admin is willing to pay for Iran’s nuclear program through sanctions relief, Iran’s terrorist regime will continue to take advantage of Biden’s weakness.” Linked to article: UN nuclear watchdog says ‘no progress’ has been made in monitoring Iranian nuclear program: report  (FoxNews 9/5/23)

Blackburn (R-TN) 9/1/23: X-post – “The Taliban announced they have signed 7 mining contracts totaling $6.5 billion with locally-based companies, many of which have foreign partners in countries including China and Iran. The New Axis of Evil is benefiting from Biden’s disastrous withdrawal.

Capito (R-WV) 9/1/23: press release – Capito, Colleagues Demand Answers After Biden Administration Releases $6 Billion to Iran in Secret Negotiation [letter covered in the 8/25/23 edition of the Round-Up]

Ernst (R-IA) 8/31/23: X-post – “Even worse – the Biden administration knew they were hiring an IRGC propagandist to speak to @US_STRATCOM. Their appeasement is showing. Our senior military officials do NOT need advice from Iran’s mouthpiece.” Linked to article, US Strategic Command Hosts Former Iranian Official Who Bragged About Efforts To Assassinate US Leaders (Free Beacon 8/29/23)


Garcia (D-CA) 9/3/23: X-post – “Jared Kushner spent 4 years in the Trump White House directing foreign policy. Right after leaving office, he collects $2 billion from Saudi Arabia. Why? The American people deserve answers. Thx @DeadlineWH for having us on.”

Gallego (D-AZ) 9/1/23: X-post – “People in La Paz County are being left out to dry by water-sucking foreign farms. My new bill would put an end to it.


Murphy (D-CT) 9/5/23: X-post – I am deeply concerned by the sentencing of Mohamed Adel in Egypt to four years in prison on spurious charges. Mohamed has been imprisoned for exercising his basic human rights—I call on the government of Egypt to release him and Egypt’s other prisoners of conscience immediately.”

Phillips (D-MN) 9/1/23: X-post – “Bad look for the land of freedom, liberty, and equality to be included with countries like Russia, Uganda, and Egypt. ALL are welcome here, and we must ensure safety, security, and hospitality for the LGBTQ community from sea to shining sea.

Meeks (D-NY) 9/1/23: X-post – “RM @RepGregoryMeeks: I call on Egypt to release civil society leader and journalist Hisham Kassem after being unjustly detained on politicized charges. I met with Hisham years ago and respect his leadership in advocating for basic rights and free speech.


Durbin (D-IL) 9/5/23: X-post – “The UAE could easily improve its public image by releasing jailed human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor and by not harboring Russian oligarchs.”