Jerusalem Burning: Latest Information

Contemporary Jerusalem is an "undivided" city only in slogans. On the ground, it is a visibly divided city. It is a city where one-third of the population is Palestinian, in addition to large Palestinian urban areas lying just beyond the municipal border. It is a city where the patterns of life reflect two distinct populations - Israelis and Palestinians - living separate and rarely overlapping existences. It is a city that has deep political, historical, economic, and cultural significance to Palestinians, and deep religious meaning not only for Jews, but also for Christians and Muslims everywhere. (Excerpt from APN’s “They Say, We Say” entry on this topic.)

Jerusalem Burning: Briefing call with Lara Friedman & Danny Seidemann
Reclaiming Israel's Future: Jerusalem
The Jerusalem chapter from APN’s publication, “They Say, We Say”.

APN Articles

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Lara Friedman on the APN Blog:  Sacrificing Israel’s Friendships – and Future— at the Altar of Elad (October 15, 2014)


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