The Road to Dispossession

Yesh Din (2013)
Graphic illustration of "The Case of Adei Ad" report and a summary of its content. The mini-site also features text of the full report with a complete set of data and analyses. Read More >

Recording of APN's briefing call with "The Gatekeepers" director Dror Moreh

Americans for Peace Now (2013)
Moreh discusses his Oscar-nominated documentary and reaction to the film. He also shares his views on the dearth of leadership among Israelis and Palestinians and lack of contact between them. (36:41) Listen >

The Voice of the People: Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2012

The Institute for National Security Studies (April 2013)
Finds that support among Israelis for a two-state solution remains high despite skepticism regarding prospects for peace, while "support for the ideal of Greater Israel" has dropped. Concludes that "it seems certain that a 'package deal' on a complete and permanent agreement with the Palestinians presented by the government would be approved in a public referendum." PDF >

Passover letter: I've long believed that being Jewish is a calling - a vocation....

Leonard Fein

Dear Friend,

Soon, Passover. I've long believed that being Jewish is a calling-a vocation, if you will-and if that is so, then Pesach is surely an extraordinary contribution to the vocational education of the Jews.

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Open Zion: APN's Aaron Mann - America Can Want Peace More


When President Obama visits Israel this week, he will attempt neither to unmoor the old peace process nor outfit a new one. But with new leverage in hand, a determined Secretary of State John Kerry at the helm, and riding a wave of domestic and worldwide popularity, the president may never have stronger winds at his back in the search for Israeli-Palestinian peace. To take advantage of them, he will soon need to open his sails. If the president hopes to ever make any real headway, however, he should first rid his outlook of an old trope that has become an excuse for inaction: the idea that "The U.S. cannot want peace more than the parties themselves."

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Conflict Zone: Israel Defense Forces

National Geographic (2013)
For most Israelis, military service is mandatory. Aziz Abu Sarah meets with some of the young people who form the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces, and rides along as they encounter protesters from the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh. (8:23) Watch >

Re-Engaging the Israelis and Palestinians: Why an American Role in Initiating Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations is Necessary and How It Can be Accomplished

James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy (March 14, 2013)
Lays out specific recommendations for the U.S. administration to advance prospects for a two-state solution and addresses the prospects for negotiations under current political, economic and security considerations in the region. Special attention is paid to the environment for negotiations in Israel and Palestine, respectively. PDF >

Checkpoints, Physical Obstructions, and Forbidden Roads

B'Tselem (March 2013)
Part of a comprehensive report on restriction of movement of Palestinians in the West Bank. Includes up-to-date lists of Israeli checkpoints and restricted roads, as well as sections on other occupation practices and their effects. Read More >

APN Weighs in on BDS, Criticism of Israel [Updated 2013]

In the context of surging efforts to promote -- and block -- boycott/divestment/sanctions efforts, and in the context of a serious debate within Israel and the Jewish community about how to deal with growing international criticism of Israel, we believe it is important to make clear what APN does, and does not, support.


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Danny Seidemann: Why E-1 Matters

Americans for Peace Now (February 2013)
Jerusalem expert Danny Seidemann explains why settlement construction in E-1 makes a viable two-state solution virtually impossible. (4:45) Watch >

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