March 18, 2014: Lara Friedman at UNC Chapel Hill - Hosted by J Street U

On March 18, 2014, J Street U hosted Lara Friedman (Director of Policy and Government Relations, Americans for Peace Now) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a talk on the APN's work and the current status of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.


See photos and quotes from the event below:

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News Nosh 03.18.14

APN's daily news review from Israel
Tuesday March 18, 2014

Number of the day:
--Percentage of the 100,000 settlers living in areas likely to become part of a Palestinian state who would voluntarily evacuate after a peace agreement.**

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APN/Peace Now in the News: March 7-March 14, 2014

San Diego Jewish World - March 11, 2014
APN urges Israeli government to stop Hebron settlement (reprint of APN press release)

JTA - March 11, 2014
APN mourns the death of Samuel Lewis

Haaretz - March 12, 2014
Peace Now criticizes right wing pre-army program that excludes progressive Israeli perspective

Haaretz (JTA story) - March 12, 2014
APN mourns the death of Samuel Lewis

Hard Questions, Tough Answers with Yossi Alpher: March 17, 2014


This week, Alpher discusses how critical Monday's meeting between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and US President Barack Obama is likely to be; why it took Obama and Kerry all this time to recognize just how far apart the two sides are; what the strategic ramifications of last week's firing of more than 70 rockets into Israel Islamic Jihad are;  and what it means at the national level that last week, Israel's parliamentary opposition boycotted three key Knesset debates and votes regarding highly controversial measures of national importance.

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News Nosh 03.16.14

APN's daily news review from Israel
Sunday March 16, 2014

Note: News Nosh will be off tomorrow for Purim!

Quote of the day:
“His father’s a drunk, and his mother has cancer. They don’t have 700 shekels to release their boy, so he’ll remain in custody until the end of the legal process. It’s a farce.”
--Lawyer of a Palestinian minor who was caught in Israel without a permit. The boy is one of 60 minors held in Israeli custody during legal proceedings, despite not being a danger to the public.**

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March 14, 2014: A Breakfast Conversation with Ori Nir and Ghaith al-Omari - Brandeis University

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Peace Now presents: Right Wing!

Purim, which starts this Saturday night,  is the holiday when everything is topsy-turvy. In this new video from Peace Now, see what happens when our courageous Peace Now staff (and special guests!) decide to see what it's like to be right wing extremists for a day...

News Nosh 03.13.14

APN's daily news review from Israel
Thursday March 13, 2014

Quote of the day:
"This is a chance of a lifetime to make a difference and strengthen Jewish life in the heart of Jerusalem!”
-- A far right-wing organization calls for donations to help renovate its newest acquisition: a large portion of a landmark building in the heart of Arab East Jerusalem's downtown.**

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I KNOW where you live: A Purim message from Sara Ehrman, APN Board member

Image of Purim holiday graphics

I know where you live: A Purim message from Sara Ehrman, APN Board member


Our Jewish tradition assigns meaning to many milestones in life. At 12 or 13 we have a bat/bar mitzvah. At 15, it’s time to start studying Talmud. Forty is when you can study kabbalah.

But when you turn 95? Bupkas. Judaism has nothing to say.

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March 12, 2014: Ori Nir and Ghaith al-Omari at Brown University - Hosted by J Street U

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