An Hour with Hamas leader with Khaled Meshaal

Charlie Rose (2010)
The Hamas chairman, who has been the group's political leader since 2004, discusses his beliefs and opinions, the nature and actions of Hamas, and claims that Hamas would accept a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders if approved by popular referendum. (53:27) Watch >

Israel's Holy Warriors

Eyal Press / The New York Review of Books (April 29, 2010)
Describes the impact of the decreasing trend of secular Israelis voluntarily joining the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who are being replaced by more religious Israelis. Read More >

PLO Security Non-Paper

May 2010
Summary of PLO positions on security in permanent status negotiations, as they were presented in previous negotiation rounds, and consistent with the discussions held with US Special Envoy for Middle East Regional Security (SEMERS) in 2008. Read Document >

APN Weighs in on BDS, Criticism of Israel

APN today released new policy language on the recently increasing growing public criticism of Israel, including the efforts to boycott Israel, divest from it and sanction it (known as the BDS movement).  The purpose of the new document is to clarify the often foggy discussion over this issue in America's pro-Israel community and to make clear what APN supports and opposes.  the full text of the policy is included after the break.

APN on the BDS movement and Criticism of Israel

In the context of surging efforts to promote - and block - boycott/divestment/sanctions efforts, and in the context of a serious debate within Israel and the Jewish community about how to deal with growing international criticism of Israel, we believe it is important to make clear what we do, and do not, support.

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Security for Peace: Setting the Conditions for a Palestinian State

Center for a New American Security (2010)
Examination of what kind of security arrangement would be necessary to serve as a facilitator for a future Palestinian state. Features comparative case studies, expert military and political lessons, and a look at four scenarios that could precede a possible peacekeeping force. Read More >

Israeli Public's Support for Dismantling Most Settlements Has Risen to a Five-Year High

World Public Opinion / Truman Institute (April 2010)
Analysis of a Trumann Institute poll on topics such as support for dismantling settlements, the motives of settlers, and likely reactions to a potential Israeli government decision to remove settlements. Those polled include the Israeli public and Israeli settlers. Read More >

Settlements in Focus: Top 6 Bogus Excuses for East Jerusalem Settlement Expansion

Volume 6; Issue 3
By Lara Friedman, Americans for Peace Now and Daniel Seidemann, Terrestrial Jerusalem
You've heard them from Netanyahu, from Barak, from pundits, and from friends and family.  Here we take on directly the bogus excuses offered to justify East Jerusalem settlement expansion.
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Behind the Settlements

Daniel Kurtzer / The American Interest (March 2010)
Former US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer explores the history of Israeli settlement in the West Bank and Gaza. Kurtzer analyzes the 2005 Sasson report, which detailed the systematic illegal practices of the settlement movement and systemic government complicity in skirting Israeli law. Read More >

Jerusalem: The Battle for Land

France 24 (February 2010)
Settlements and property sales in East Jerusalem are explored in this in-depth news report, with a focus on right-wing real estate broker Arieh King. (17:21) Watch >

Getting to the Territorial Endgame of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Settlement

James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy (2010)
The result of a workshop composed of two teams of experts, each representing Israeli and Palestinian perspectives. Proposes and addresses various land swap scenarios, as well as the effectiveness of a U.S. bridging proposal on the territorial component of peace. PDF >

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