The Perils of Polling in East Jerusalem

Daniel Seidemann / Foreign Policy (February 23, 2012)
Expert analysis of recent polling that purports to show plurality support among East Jerusalem Palestinians for becoming Israeli citizens. Provides detailed explanation of the challenges involved in this polling and the reasons behind its likely inaccuracy. Read More >

Peace Now: Migron Aerial Photos and Legal Docs Revealed


Peace Now today released the 'Migron File' - a comprehensive dossier containing all the facts and figures, aerial photos and copies of legal documents related to the illegal outpost of Migron (which the Netanyahu government is working frantically to find a way to legalize).

The "Migron File" can be viewed online or downloaded here.

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Is Peace Possible?

New America Foundation / Arab-American Institute (2012)
Panel featuring Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now and Yousef Munayyer of the Palestine Center, moderated by Peter Beinart, and presented by James Zogby. The event marked the public release of a comprehensive Zogby poll of Israeli Jews and Arabs, Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, and the American Jewish community. (1:36:54) Watch >

Palestinian & Jews from Arab Countries in U.S. Legislation: 101st‐112th Congresses

Americans for Peace Now (2012)
Comprehensive list of US legislation, from 1998 to 2012, pertaining to Palestinian and Jewish Mizrahi refugees, including relevant quotes from individual bills. PDF >

Palestinian Refugees: Different Generations, but One Identity

The Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (2012)
Diverse and concise booklet on Palestinian refugees' lives, projected futures, and the contemporary methodologies applied to refugee study. Includes chapters on intergenerational differences in refugees' experiences, identity, and psychological and spatial dimensions of refugee life (PDF).

Violence by Settlers

B'Tselem (2012)
Background and analysis on settler "price tag" attacks that generally follow actions by Israeli authorities perceived as harming the settlement enterprise, or follow Palestinian violence against settlers. Aimed at Palestinians and Israeli security forces, the attacks include incursions into Palestinian villages and land, torching fields, uprooting trees, and other property damage. Read More >

The Jerusalem Post: "Tenders issued for 1,028 units beyond Green Line"

According to information published by the Construction and Housing Ministry on Sunday, 500 of the units will be located in Har Homa, a Jewish neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Left-wing activists see Har Homa as one of the most controversial Jewish neighborhoods in the capital, because it was started after the Oslo Accords were signed and because it creates a barrier of Jewish homes between east Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods and Bethlehem.

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The 2011 Arab Public Opinion Poll

Shibley Telhami / The Brookings Institution (November 2011)
Survey of 3,000 people in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates in October 2011, assessing attitudes toward the United States and the Obama administration, prospects for Arab-Israeli peace, the impact of the Arab awakening, the outlook for the Egyptian elections, and opinions on where the region is headed politically. Read More >

Twenty Years After Madrid: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward for Arab-Israeli Peacemaking

James Baker III Institute for Public Policy (November 2011)
Summary of results of a conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Madrid Peace Conference which included Arab, Israeli, American and European diplomats, policymakers, business people, academics and civil society activists. The goal was to reflect on the key achievements of the Madrid conference and to draw lessons learned from that period- and from the intervening years- that might be instructive in the current context. PDF >

Most Muslim Americans See No Justification for Violence

Gallup (November 2011)
Reveals that a large majority of Muslim Americans are most likely (89%) to reject violent attacks by individuals or small groups on civilians versus any other U.S. religious group. Also finds that 81% of Muslim Americans and 78% of Jewish Americans support a future in which an independent Palestinian state would coexist alongside of Israel. Read More >

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