APN Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - REGISTER TO ATTEND

APN Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - REGISTER TO ATTEND

Governing Palestinian Refugee Camps in the Arab East

Issam Fares Institute (2010)
Study that seeks to clarify the relationship between power, sovereignty, and space in Palestinian refugee camps. Examines how a camp is managed in terms of its relationship with the legal authorities and local municipalities of the host country, as well as the internal relationships between the groups within the camps (PDF).

APN Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - REGISTER TO ATTEND

APN Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - REGISTER TO ATTEND

Israeli Settlers and Palestinians

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (September 2010)
PBS examines how Palestinians and Israeli settlers share water resources- just one of the contentious issues in the fierce debate over Israeli settlements in the West Bank. (7:30) Watch >

APN Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Settlements 101

What is a settlement?

"Settlement" is the term used to denote Israeli civilian communities built in territory conquered by Israel in the Six Day War (June 1967). This territory is comprised of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula. These neighborhoods have been a major issue in the peace process since 1967 and remain highly controversial.

Settlements in the Sinai were evacuated and destroyed in 1979, following Israel's historic peace agreement with Egypt and the return of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.

Settlements in the Gaza Strip were evacuated and destroyed as part of Israel's unilateral "disengagement" from Gaza in 2005.

Therefore, today settlements only exist in the Golan Heights and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem).

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The Jordanian-Israeli Relationship: The Reality of "Cooperation"

Farooq Mitha / Middle East Policy Council (2010)
Analysis of the Jordanian-Israeli relationship in the context of comprehensive regional peace. Also pinpoints critical issues that created roadblocks to a warm peace, suggests methods for overcoming these obstacles, and considers how this relationship can influence the search for comprehensive peace in the region. (read more)

By Hook and By Crook: Israeli Settlement Policy in the West Bank

B'tselem (July 2010)
Comprehensive report, based on official state data and documents, that analyzes the means employed by Israel to gain control of land for building the settlements. The report is an update to B'telem's "Land Grab" (2002). Read More >

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