Modern Plagues for Passover

The holiday of Passover celebrates the redemption of a people from slavery- a story of redemption not only for Jews, but for many people who yearn for justice and freedom. Yet, there are still injustices to be overturned. A full glass of wine symbolizes complete joy, and during the Seder, we spill wine from our cup to remember the suffering of others that accompanied our redemption. Traditionally, we then recite the ten plagues; this year, we list ten modern plagues (starting with settlement expansion)- those that we have yet to overcome.

Our wish for this year at Passover is that, together, we will overcome Israel's ‪#‎ModernDayPlagues‬ ( you can find them on Facebook as well).



plague2 anti-semitism-in-europe Plague3-continued occupation
plague4 illegal outposts plague5 delegitimize Israel plague7 -price-tags
plague10- racism