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Dear Friend of APN,

Like all of you, I woke up this morning into a nightmare. After a quick glimpse at the headlines from Israel, I called my youngest child, who is there, to make sure that they are safe, spoke to my brother, whose son is currently serving in the IDF, and checked in with my niece who lives in Tel Aviv. 

They are all safe. As are family members of other staff who are currently in Israel. 

For us, like so many of you, war in Israel is not just international news. It is personal. Yes, I care deeply about the political issues that arise from this. And yes, there will be a time to talk about those. And you know that I will do so. But today, now, I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Israel who have lost more of their brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters than on any other single day in Israel’s history.

What is unfolding before us is an Israeli national nightmare.

Not since Israel’s 1948 War of Independence have its enemies held entire Israeli communities at gunpoint. Tragically, Hamas guerillas did that early this morning in seven Israeli southern towns and kibbutzim. They broke the Gaza border wall and fences, stormed into Israel, entered several communities across the border, killed civilians and soldiers, injured others, and captured dozens of civilians, soldiers, and police officers, who are now held hostage in the Gaza Strip.

As I write to you, there still are Hamas terrorists in Israeli southern towns and kibbutzim, exchanging fire with Israeli security forces, and in at least two cases, barricaded in apartments, holding civilian hostages. As I write, firefights are still ongoing in no less than 22 Israeli southern communities. The toll is very high. According to Israeli media reports, more than 150 Israelis have been killed and some 1,100 are injured, many of them badly. 

We don’t know how this war – and it is war – will unfold. Israel is already bombing Gaza. There is a serious risk that Hezbollah will join the fighting from Lebanon. There is also a risk of security deterioration in the West Bank. 

Earlier today, we issued this statement, and we and our partners at Shalom Achshav will continue to follow the events in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank and will provide you with information and analysis.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to us today to share your care and concern. We will continue standing in solidarity with the people of Israel and advocating for peace.

In solidarity,


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