Not asking for money.

As always, I started today with coffee and the news including APN'S News Nosh. This morning, the News Nosh shared a surreal Knesset debate about a bill that would make it possible to dismiss Arab MKs with a simple vote. MK Nissan Slomiansky of Habayit Hayehudi actually said "I wanted to hold a principled discussion" about it.

News Nosh

A principled discussion about such a bill!

Much of what I read in News Nosh is infuriating, but it would be far worse to be uninformed. I - and you - need to know what is going on and we need to know about the good news and the good work being done by so many on both sides of the conflict. News Nosh enables us to do that.

APN offers a unique and necessary daily news aggregator from the Hebrew press, for free! You can surf the web for Israeli news sites, struggle with Hebrew and pop-up ads, or you can let APN do the work for you. All you need to do is sign up.

Thank you,
Geoffrey Lewis
Board member, Americans for Peace Now