Fareed Zakaria and I recommend Michael Walzer's "Foreign Policy for The Left"

from Aviva Meyer, APN Interim CEO and Board Vice Chair:

A few months ago I was watching Fareed Zakaria's show GPS on CNN when I heard him mention the name, Michael Walzer. Okay, when I say "watching" the show I had it on while I was trying to do a myriad of other things. But upon hearing the name Walzer I stopped what I was doing and paid attention. You see, both Michael and I serve on the board of Americans for Peace Now, where I am also the interim CEO. Fareed was paying homage to Michael's new book, "A Foreign Policy for the Left".

The Yiddish word - Naches - means pride or gratification. It is usually reserved for one’s children or grandchildren if we are so blessed. But I have to admit, that is what I was feeling when Fareed was recommending Michael’s new book as his "book of the week" -- a real sense of pride. In fact, I went to Amazon to purchase the book, and it was sold-out.

Michael's new book asks how leftists should think about what is happening internationally. I have since read it and it is a must read. Fareed and I agree!

I am writing to ask you to do two things: support APN and read this book, and you can do both at the same time.

If you make a donation of $90 or more and put "Walzer" in the comments section, we will send you this book. Simple as that and let’s hope it gets sold-out again. I also have to note that all but $20 is tax-deductible, and I hope to hear back from you what you think!