Passover 2020 - Hoping for redemption while praying for a plague to pass

This night WILL be unlike other nights.

On Wed. April 8, we will celebrate the first Passover Seder and re-tell the story of the Jewish people's exodus out of Egypt. Given the COVID-19 pandemic this year, we are faced with an acute challenge to the freedoms we usually enjoy. While our seders may be limited to those physically residing in our households (and perhaps remote feeds for some), the crisis provides the opportunity to make a meaningful connection to the themes of the holiday and our ancestors and their quest for freedom.

APN is pleased to once again provide a supplemental reading for Passover, this time by Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels of Santa Monica, CA.

The new reading centers around the directive that "In every generation, a person is required to see him/herself as if s/he came out from Egypt." We thank Rabbi Neil, who is an indefatigable champion of peace and justice (pictured at a protest against the "Muslim Ban").

Our previous readings are also available to share and include in your seder.

We have also updated our Dayenu message and provide a special reading for this year's particular circumstance. Yes, we have had enough!


APN wishes you and your family health and strength for Passover and moving forward.