RECORDING: APN's Briefing Call on Trump's "Peace Plan" with Akiva Eldar, Israeli Political Analyst

Trump’s Plan Between Policy and Politics

Listen to APN's briefing call from Thursday, January 30th with veteran Israeli political analyst Akiva Eldar.

Akiva addressed the Trump administration’s so-called “Deal of the Century,” Trump’s proposal for a permanent status settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. He discussed both the goals of the Trump administration’s policy on Israel and the Palestinians and the politics behind it, and the impact that unveiling the plan has and will have on Israeli politics.

One of Israel’s leading political analysts, Akiva Eldar is a senior political columnist for Al-Monitor news service’s Israel Pulse. Formerly, he was a senior columnist and editorial writer for Haaretz and served as Haaretz’s US bureau chief and diplomatic correspondent. Among other books, he is the co-author of Lords of the Land, a defining study of Israeli West Bank settlements, which was a best-seller in Israel and has been translated into English, French, German and Arabic. An award-winning journalist, Akiva has been named by the Financial Times among the world’s most influential commentators.