Defend Democracy, Both in the US and Israel - Statement on Capitol Hill violence and Trump's incitement

What we saw on Capitol Hill yesterday was horrific: both the violent actions of the hooligan mob, and Donald Trump’s incitement to take such actions.  

As an organization that advocates Israeli-Palestinian peace, the US sister-organization of Israel’s peace movement, we at Americans for Peace Now are well acquainted with political violence and with the incitement that irresponsible politicians use to fuel it.

Alarmed by the ongoing assault on democracy both in the United States and Israel, we call on our fellow Americans to protect our democratic institutions and we stand with our sisters and brothers at Israel’s Peace Now movement as they fight for democracy, peace, and justice. 

We urge both Americans and Israelis to utilize yesterday’s disgrace on Capitol Hill as a teachable moment, to learn and implement the lesson that only the rule of law is the acceptable framework for public interaction in the democratic sphere that we all cherish.